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Chapter 387: Using Their Own Strength Against Them

Chapter 387: Using Their Own Strength Against Them

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Yetimus was as tall as three or four people; Lu Li looked like a child standing before him.

With one swipe, he knocked Lu Li away with great force. There was a huge difference in strength between the two parties – Lu Li was being knocked around like a ping pong ball.

Fortunately, the hostess started moving.

Her seemingly weak body rushed towards Yetimus with disproportionate speed, and he retracted his giant hands as she let out a shrill scream.

However, this pain didn’t serve to scare the beast; it actually provoked it even further.

He howled as he rushed over, holding his hands together and bringing them down like a hammer.

The hostess didn’t hesitate to turn and run, pulling Lu Li behind her. If she had not done this, it was likely that Lu Li would have been knocked up hundreds of meters into the sky.

The whole canyon seemed to shake, demonstrating the strength of that attack.

"Is this really your first time at Hillsbrad?" the hostess asked coldly.

As a Thief, she felt like she wasn’t supposed to directly face her opponents. Moreover, this was the kind of opponent she would normally just avoid.

"I swear on the Moon Goddess that this is my first time here. Are all the monsters here so powerful?" Lu Li’s voice had a hint of sadness. This truly was his first time in the Hillsbrad Hills.

"You shouldn’t have provoked the big guy," the hostess said and frowned as she looked at Yetimus sighing.

"Sorry, I must have drank too much wine before and lost my calmness," Lu Li apologized then paused before adding, "Before a woman such as yourself, any man would want an opportunity show his heroism."

Lu Li’s language was phrased similarly to that of the NPC.

He didn’t have much knowledge about other things, but in his previous life, he had been playing Dawn and talking for NPCs for over two years. He had also done a lot of research and reading into Dawn’s races, geography, history and even about this female character in front of him. He had a deep understanding of it all.

His flattery wasn’t too much that it was unbearable, but it was also enough to affect her.

"It’s not heroism, it’s just stupidity," the hostess responded harshly, but then quickly forgave Lu Li and said, "Since you’ve already provoked it, let’s kill it together."

"I’m willing to fight for you, esteemed hostess," Lu Li shamelessly said as he licked his lips.

Everything looked like it had been settled.

Now all they needed to worry about was whether the two of them had enough strength to kill this monster.

Both of them were Thieves and they had no healer. As such, Lu Li didn’t dare to directly fight Yetimus. Instead, he ran around to the monster’s back and stabbed it with his dagger.


This wasn’t ideal, but Yetimus’ attacks dealt more than 300 damage, so it wasn’t unacceptable either.

Had there been no special story quest, it would be like the time when Lu Li and Paladin Delgren had killed the Wolf Rider together at Maestra’s Post. When the players and an NPC teamed up to fight a monster, the total damage dealt by the players had to exceed 10% for equipment to drop.

Otherwise, they would receive nothing.

However, these were different circumstances – Lu Li was in an escort quest. He had joked around, but they never initially planned to fight this Boss as part of the schedule.

Lu Li couldn’t see the hostess’ damage to the Boss, but based on his observations, he could estimate that it was around 500.

Yetimus had a total HP of over 300,000!

Unfortunately, Lu Li quickly realized that there was a fatal flaw in his calculations.

The hostess was equipped with the Shard of the Defiler, a weapon with one of the highest attack speeds in the game. For everyone one of his regular attacks, she could complete three. Before someone could even attack once, she would already have been one and a half attacks in.

After calculating, Lu Li started becoming a little anxious and he increased the speed of his attacks.

All of a sudden, Yetimus hammered his fists down again but Lu Li reacted a little too late. A great shockwave formed under his feet and sent him flying into the air.

He was at least 300 meters up in the air!

At this height, any person who fell and hit the ground would be killed.

The hostess’ expression changed; she wanted to save him but she couldn’t. Because he wanted to avoid a frontal assault, Lu Li had hid behind the monster and now, they were too far apart.

Just as she thought Lu Li was already dead, his body transformed into a leopard right before her eyes.

This transformation gave her a bit of a shock; she had thought that Lu Li was just a thief.

She was the one responsible for leading the Alliance to Ravenholdt Manor, so she had strong observational skills. However, she now began to think that she must have been mistaken.

When Lu Li hit the ground, a large -1487 appeared which resulted in a significant loss of HP.

However, that couldn’t be helped. Even if he transformed with Child of the Forest which gave him a more significant buffer when landing, the laws of gravity still applied and the buffer wasn’t enough to completely nullify the damage.

He quickly drank an Intermediate Health Potion and returned to the fight.

The hostess’ expression changed again. After a moment of hesitation, she resumed attacking Yetimus.

Some players would retreat after taking a hit like that, but Lu Li had gotten used to its fighting rhythm, so the monster was no longer able to threaten his life.

Moreover, the hostess was very strong and was attacking the Boss like a warrior. As such, there was obviously nothing too dangerous about the situation.

Occasionally, a blood mist would appear around Yetimus which would then get sucked into the hostess. It looked a little like she was absorbing its chi.


Lu Li couldn’t help but think about his Supreme Ring. It used to have a similar property, but when he last upgraded the item, the Vampirism attribute vanished.

He wondered if the Shard of the Defiler granted that attribute as well?

Lu Li was lost in thought…

Not many people would come into contact with Ravenholdt; Lu Li only knew about the tip of the iceberg from his previous life. As it was a closely guarded secret, he naturally didn’t know much.

After watching the way that the hostess fought, Lu Li swallowed the question that he was going to ask.

He knew the issue might be a little offensive so the best solution for him was not to ask. Lu Li was afraid of offending the hostess as they were not that close yet.

After 25 minutes, Yetimus was considerably weakened.

However, Lu Li wasn’t happy. He couldn’t reach the 10% damage threshold and the several critical hits that the hostess had achieved made his hope even slimmer.

If he couldn’t deal 10% of the damage, he wouldn’t be able to pick up Yetimus’ Twisted Horn.

Did he really need to get the whole guild here to fight this monster just to get it?

Even if he rallied the entire guild, he couldn’t guarantee it, as no one could withstand attacks from a level 40 monster. Azure Sea Breeze could, but he still needed to be more than level 40.

Moreover, the other guilds would receive the news and wouldn’t just simply allow Ruling Sword to attack this Boss alone.

"Quickly attack it; I’ll give you ten minutes."

Lu Li was a little stunned as he saw the scene that was before him.

The hostess was standing still and drawing the Boss’ aggro, but she had completely stopped her attacks.