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Chapter 388: Durnholde Keep

Chapter 388: Durnholde Keep

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Lu Li was very aware of who he was, to the point that harbored a bit of an inferiority complex.

He never felt like he had ever received favor from anyone, especially from those around him. When the hostess said those words, he felt a little moved.

Of course, not a hint of emotion could be seen on Lu Li’s face.

With the hospitality extended by the hostess, Lu Li no longer needed to worry about dealing enough damage.

From the start of the fight until now, most of the damage had been done by the hostess. As such, the aggro of Yetimus was firmly locked onto her; it was trying its hardest to pound her into pulp.

There was no way for Lu Li to take aggro, even if he continually attacked.

After 6 or 7 minutes, Yetimus let out a loud roar and fell onto the ground, raising a cloud of dust.

"Thank you."

Lu Li saw that his EXP had significantly increased and sincerely thanked her.

The hostess didn’t care much for him at first and had let him fend for himself, but she still allowed him to deal the necessary amount of damage.

"How can a Thief use a Druid’s skills? Can you tell me?" the hostess asked.

She got straight to the point and didn’t beat around the bush.

"I have acquired some special items that have allowed me to use some of the Druid’s auxiliary skills." Lu Li didn’t pour out everything he knew, but he didn’t stay silent either.

"A special item…" the hostess muttered as she put her dagger away absentmindedly.

Azeroth was a big continent and everyone always wanted more power. This hostess worked at the Ravenholdt Manor, so he wasn’t sure if she was satisfied with that answer. She was definitely hoping to grow even stronger.

Being a level-45, especially one who had been stagnant for so long, she was always looking for ways to increase her strength.

As such, it was shocking for her when Lu Li transformed into a Leopard.

This was such a weak Thief (compared to her) and yet, he had mastered such a powerful skill.

Lu Li knelt down to loot the body, not knowing what this hostess was thinking. He wasn’t even sure if she was planning to kill him. After all, she looked really excited.

It wasn’t that he unworried – it was that his worries couldn’t achieve anything anyway.

In addition to the Yetimus’ Twisted Horns that Lu Li wanted, it also dropped a Silver grade level 40 Hammer for a Damage Paladin, but it wasn’t that good. It was no wonder why not many people were willing to kill this level 40 beast.

Killing Yetimus really was a thankless job, as Yetimus’ Twisted Horns were almost worthless for those who weren’t informed.

Lu Li carefully put Yetimus’ Twisted Horns into his backpack. They were so big that they took up three spots. He then raised his head and looked at the hostess.

She was just staring at him.

When she saw Lu Li look at her, she nodded her head and said, "Let’s go. Hopefully, we’ll get there before dark… Oh, it’s already dark. If you still want to go, I guess you’ll need to stay at the Southshore Hotel."

"I really want to get to the Manor as soon as possible." Lu Li knew that he still had 40 minutes left and could make it in time.

The reason why most adventurers insisted on logging off in the hotels were because they could get an hour of double EXP the next day.

However, Lu Li insisted that the two of them rest for a little bit before continuing on their trip.

At night, the biggest threats other than Yetimus were Ogres. Lu Li had run into two of them during their trip; they were trying to steal some deer from a group of mountain lions.

These Ogres moved around all day and were stronger at night. They were level 35 elites.

However, they didn’t stand a chance against a few rotations of the level 45 Hostess’ skills. Lu Li didn’t even get a chance to attack, so naturally, he didn’t get any EXP or equipment.

He planned to eventually come and farm these Ogres as they could drop the recipe for Advanced Healing Potions.

The Advanced Healing Potion Recipe wasn’t as difficult to acquire as the Intermediate one, but that didn’t mean it was bad. Once they had it, it would significantly help them in doing Instance Dungeons or in PVP battles.

After about 20 minutes, they reached their destination.

With regards to Ravenholdt Manor, Lu Li only knew that it was within the vicinity of Durnholde Keep; he didn’t know about the specific location. Even those who had been brought into the manor couldn’t determine the strange route to get there.

As for Durnholde Keep, this place was closely linked to some great characters in history.

There was a Sergeant named Aedelas Blackmoore who had discovered an abandoned Orc baby in the wild. Although most members of the Alliance would have killed it, he didn’t.

Cheap Orc slaves could be acquired anywhere, so no one wanted an Orc baby.

Blackmoore named this Orc baby Saar, which meant slave in a different language, and brought him back to the prison in Durnholde Keep.

There, not only did Blackmoore raise him as part of the family, but he also hired a teacher to train him in warfare, strategy and various fighting skills.

Blackmoore wanted to make Saar a cultured leader so he could take over the Orc Horde and use the Orc army to rule the world.

After 19 years, Saar became a strong Orc with high agility.

He later become a hero, standing in opposition to the Alliance. Lu Li had a deep respect for the tribal leader despite his upbringing.

It was undeniable that Saar’s success was because of Blackmoore. Without him, Saar likely would have just starved in the wilderness.

Durnholde Keep was the place where Saar had grown up, but even someone like him wouldn’t have realized that there was a secret organization behind the hill where he lived.

Some say that when Saar left Durnholde Keep, he had the help of the Assassin League and that his growth had been closely monitored by them.

Today, Durnholde Keep was a ghost town and only housed the deceased. Only when completing a certain plotline could players go back in time and see what Durnholde Keep was like.

That plotline belonged to a difficult quest called ‘Escape from Dunholde’ where you would rescue Saar.

Both Horde and Alliance players could do this quest. It was a little absurd for Alliance players to do this quest, but the rewards were lucrative. Lu Li planned to do it one day as well.

They passed Durnholde Keep and found themselves before a mountain range.

"Stay close, or you’ll get lost in this labyrinth," the hostess reminded.

"I’ll follow your footsteps; thanks for taking care of me all this way." Lu Li couldn’t be too polite; many people failed here. As long as he hadn’t yet seen Ravenholdt Manor, it wasn’t really a victory.