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Chapter 392: Instantly Completing a Quest

Chapter 392: Instantly Completing a Quest

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50,000 EXP in addition to the EXP he had received earlier meant that he was only 20% away from getting to level 31. There weren’t even ten other players who were level 30 and most of them were in the Xin Xin Mercenary Group.

"Young man, calm down. That’s just a small reward," Duke Jorach said while squinting at the sun.

You didn’t need to explain the EXP, but the two Skill Points already made this trip worth it.

Lu Li added all 30 attribute points to Agility, which was something he couldn’t do even after levelling 6 times. Of course, levelling up also yielded other benefits, so this wasn’t something directly comparable.

As for the Assassin League prestige, this was what Lu Li currently treasured the most.

When he joined the Assassin League, most of the quests would be tasks that the alliance wanted to do. These mysterious quests had abundant rewards and all kinds of different content.

However, you couldn’t just accept any quest. You needed a certain amount of prestige to accept quests.

There were rewards for succeeding in those quests, but if you failed, not only would you not receive any rewards, but you would also lose a portion of your prestige. Without any prestige, you could only do the difficult ‘thankless’ quests.

Lu Li had 500 Prestige, so he could attempt some of the more difficult quests.

"Can I look at the quests that I can currently accept?" He couldn’t to wait to see how much he needed to accept the quest that would reward him with the Shard of the Defiler.

"Of course, but before that, you need to open up the Assassin’s quest system. There are many people in the Assassin League, but not many can open up the Assassin’s quest system," the Duke of Ravenhold’t said with a smile.

It wasn’t that he was optimistic about Lu Li – the smile was actually one of slight disapproval.

"Can a regular member open up the Assassin’s quest system?" Lu Li asked. Many members of the Assassin League that he knew of from his previous life were only peripheral members because they couldn’t complete the trial quest.

"I think you misunderstand. The Assassin League has no formal or informal members. The entry trial and the trial quest have nothing to do with entry to the Assassin League. All members are official members of Ravenholdt Manor."

"Then, what is my trial quest?" Lu Li didn’t want to listen to this old man anymore and got straight to the point.

"It is located where you came from. The Hillsbrad Hills have a snow monster that has ravaged the lands over the years. The decision to guve this snow monster free reign has led to some unusual consequences! Snow King Yetimus’ strength has grown to new heights as the incompetent guards there are unable to deal with them.

"Some parts of the Assassin League in the Hillsbrad Hills are threatened. I hope you can help us kill the beast and bring its horns back to me."

"As a member of the Assassin League I am happy to accept this quest." Lu Li didn’t have to consider the matter.

Apparently, this sentiment didn’t please the Duke of ravenholdt. He frowned as he raised his voice and warned, "For the sake of your life, I must let you know how powerful Yetimus is."

"Yes, your excellency," Lu Li nodded.

"He naturally has an earthshattering skill that cannot be resisted by those who are weak. I had previously sent a Druid to investigate. He was a little stronger than you and the snow monster was still weak then. The Druid was sent flying, but his skills allowed him to land mostly unharmed. However, when I sent people to kill the monster, they suffered heavy casualties. I can only imagine the monster is now stronger."

"That is unfortunate," Lu Li commented, displaying a proper performance of sympathy.

"It would be best if you prepared yourself before you provoked the monster. I don’t want the first person who joined to die," the Duke of Ravenholdt said earnestly.

"I am grateful for your concern, but what I was going to say was that I already have the Twisted Horn of Yetimus."

Lu Li took the item out from his bag and placed it gently on the table.

"How is this possible…" the old man muttered.

"Please have a look and make sure this is the item you wanted," Lu Li offered, hiding his satisfaction. Having an escort with him to fight the monster had turned out well. This was something that others could only hope to achieve.

"This is it; I had acquired a similar item when I was younger." The Duke of Ravenholdt studied the Horns for a moment with a magnifying glass to determine their authenticity

"So what is my reward?" Lu Li asked eagerly.


The Duke of Ravenholdt frowned and sighed before saying, "This is my first time facing a situation like this. You are the fastest new recruit to have completed this quest."

"So…. Does that mean my reward will be particularly good?" Lu Li’s eyes lit up. He had completed the quest the moment he got it, without a second of delay. In terms of speed in completing the quest, there would be no one would could complete it any faster.

"No, no," the Duke of Ravenholdt laughed. "I didn’t specify a time limit so the speed of your completion doesn’t affect the quest’s reward."

"Dammit," Lu Li cursed. He had gotten excited for nothing.

System: Quest Trial completed. The exclusive interface, the Assassin’s Quest Interface, is now available.

Lu Li opened the interface which showed all the quest that were available to him.

Most of the Assassin League quests were assassinations. Even some of the quests from the Mercenary Quest system had been imported into the Assassin League quests.

Of course, as the body that was issuing the quest was different, the rewards were also different.

"Esteemed elder, are there any other rewards for completing that quest?" Lu Li wasn’t satisfied; he wasn’t really interested in this.

The Shard of the Defiler was his ultimate goal and he was obsessed about it. It was Dawn’s fastest weapon and was basically created specifically for him.

Lu Li’s tactics were complicated, but they could be summarized as quick, reactive and masterful.

Reactive referred to his hand eye coordination and reaction speed and masterful referred to his high skill completion, whle quick referred to his general speed. The hostess had left a very deep impression about these things in him.

"Oh, sorry. It’s been so long since I gave this quest that I have forgotten some things," the old man spluttered as he apologized. Lu Li almost coughed up blood; this old man’s bad memory had almost cost him.

Subsequently, Lu Li received a prompt that he had received a total of 50 Prestige.

A big guild wouldn’t have given such a difficult quest with only a 50 Prestige point reward. Lu Li finally understood when the strategy guide said that it was harder to get prestige in the smaller factions.

When he was looking at the interface which gave the conditions for doing quests. They required at least 10 Prestige points and some were even in the millions.

Lu Li just stared at the Duke of Ravenholdt, waiting quietly.

"Oh yes, and EXP…"

A little over 10,000 EXP was awarded. Lu Li’s EXP bar moved just a little bit.