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Chapter 395: Killing You Was An Accident

Chapter 395: Killing You Was An Accident

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If Lu Li was by himself, things would be much easier. Almost no one could track him down.

Even if they found him, it wouldn’t be possible to stop him without a certain amount of people. In one-on-one battles, only celebrity players would be able to pose a threat to Lu Li.

What were the chances of running into celebrity players outside of the Scarlet Monastery?

When the silly Warrior, Elevenless, charged towards him, Lu Li immediately knew that he was in trouble, although he still couldn’t decide how troublesome this might be.

However, one thing was certain: Elevenless was definitely not alone.

No matter how silly he might be, there was no way that he would charge in by himself. The golden trio that had won the championship were all present in Lu Li’s team.

"Everyone else, enter the dungeon. Sea Breeze, charge in and open the gate."

Lu Li ignored Elevenless and instead ran towards the direction that Elevenless had appeared from.

Elevenless was blocked by Moonlight and the two Warriors engaged each other in battle.

Faker than Wind, who had also charged forward, was caught by surprise when he saw Lu Li appear in front of him.

In this brief moment, a Sap already landed on his head.

The first thing that Lu Li did was to check and select his target. The second was to leave combat with Shadowmeld and the third was the Sap that landed on Faker than Wind’s head.

"****, fast reaction."

Faker than Wind didn’t have any equips or skills to dispel the crowd-control effects that were on him.

Fortunately, this wasn’t on the competition grounds. Marks, the Hunter who stood behind him, reacted just in time. He switched his mode, left the team and began attacking Faker than Wind.

As long as damage was dealt, the Sap effect would be removed.

Marks was strong indeed. Among PVP Hunters, he would at least be in the top five, or even the top 3. After he saved his team member, he even had the time to toss a Flare under his foot.

Flare was a rare skill for Hunters which would expose Stealthed enemy units within a 10 yard radius of a selected area. It lasted for 20 seconds and had a cooldown of 30 seconds.

This meant that any Stealthed Thieves that were near him would be exposed.

After being exposed, a Hunter’s arrow and pet would destroy a Thief who had lost their advantage. Even Lu Li would be in trouble.

However, what Faker than Wind and Marks couldn’t figure out was that Lu Li had not attacked them. Was Lu Li really so patient that he was going to wait until the effects of Flare disappeared?

They thought about Lu Li’s previous records, and a serious look began to appear on their faces.

It would be nice if the other players from their guild arrived. In this situation where a Stealth unit was hiding near them, the Hunter and Paladin felt cold hands gripping their hearts.

"****, why? Why aren’t you guys helping me?" The crying sound of Elevenless came through his team’s voice channel.

"Huh? Didn’t you say that they weren’t going to fight us and that they would go straight for the dungeon? And plus, Lu Li is here with us… Faker than Wind was surprised by his voice; he didn’t dare let down his guard.

"You two were definitely sent here by monkeys... ahhh!" Then, there was no sound.

"Why aren’t you talking? Did you go offline?"

Faker than Wind had a confused expression on his face; it was hard to break the truth to him when his eyes looked so innocent.

However, Marks still decided to explain to him. "If my assumptions are right, after Lu Li Sapped you, he turned around and aimed for Elevenless, so... hmph, you know."

"My, that’s too sneaky. How can he do that? Doesn’t that mean we got played?" Faker than Wind had a cool name, but he was still quite innocent.

"Nope, the one who got played was Elevenless. He died again, but we’re both still alive," Marks laughed. Not a single bit of disappointment appeared on his face.

"Feels bad for Elevenless – I feel like he’s always dying. He died on the match grounds and he can’t even survive in the wild. What if this left a scar on him mentally? Did you hear his scream from before?" Faker than Wind felt quite sorry for his teammate.

"Say, why did you think Lu Li left us two here, but turned around and aimed for Elevenless?" Marks asked.

"Why did you need to ask? He didn’t seem like a good person anyway."

Faker than Wind was angry too; he almost applauded for the death of Elevenless.

They had only just received information from the guild that Lu Li and the others had appeared. Their original plan was to surprise and deal some damage to the Xin Xin Mercenary Group. Ideally, they would wipe the team.

Even if the three of them weren’t able to fight against their entire team, they would still be able to hold a few people back.

All guilds, regardless of their faction, probably wanted to keep Xin Xin Mercenary Group outside of the dungeon. It couldn’t be helped since they were always taking the First Clear.

Lu Li and Moonlight killed Elevenless, then picked up the weapon that he dropped and quickly entered the dungeon.

In all honesty, they were quite shocked.

PVP players had appeared outside of the Scarlet Monastery. Did that mean these big guilds were finally going to lay hands on them?

"So shameless," Lu Li thought as he gritted his teeth.

If the players outside were all average players, he wouldn’t worry at all, no matter how many of them there were. He was a Thief after all, and only appeared upon entering or exiting the dungeon. An average player wouldn’t even be able catch him.

However, the situation was vastly different with the participation of celebrity players.

There was no way Lu Li would drag around a bunch of players to fight for him. Ruling Sword had only just been established and didn’t have a strong foundation like the other big guilds. They simply couldn’t afford to do such thing.

He already has a plan in mind – if they were really being targeted, they might as well enter the dungeon from the cities. Although the Scarlet Halo was quite beneficial, it wasn’t a necessity for the dungeon.

"You guys got blocked. Was it by Elevenless and his team?" Square Root 3 was quick with his information. As soon as Lu Li and the others gathered inside the dungeon, he had already received the news on the other side.

"It seems like you’re right; we’re getting too much attention. We’re too good at dungeons and now we have enemies everywhere," Lu Li sighed.

"No way. Did someone die?" They were caught by surprise and judging from Lu Li’s tone, Square Root 3 thought that someone had died.

"No, we killed Elevenless. His body is still outside," Lu Li said.

"You guys killed Elevenless? Is he that easy to kill?" Square Root 3 thought the world of master gamers was quite strange. He thought that Elevenless wouldn’t be able to kill anyone from the Xin Xin Mercenary Group, but he didn’t expect Lu Li to turn around and kill him.

According to the scouts that he placed outside of the dungeons, there was more than one player who aimed at Lu Li and his team.

"We couldn’t help it; he charged towards us. Moonlight and I hacked him to death."

Lu Li felt like something was wrong and continued, "Are there a lot of players waiting around the dungeon? Are all the top thirty guilds waiting outside?"


Square Root 3 had a headache. Was the stupidity of Elevenless contagious by any chance?