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Chapter 396: Scarlet Arsenal

Chapter 396: Scarlet Arsenal

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"I know what you mean; we can’t always take the First Clears, but it can’t be helped that they can’t catch up. I mean, do I really have to hold back so that they have a chance?" Lu Li was still absorbed in his own world.

When Azure Sea Breeze had previously mentioned this to him, he didn’t really care, but he wasn’t too sure about the whole situation either.

Looking at this from another perspective, if another guild was constantly taking all the First Clears, he would give everything to destroy them.

"It’s not that bad," Square Root 3 explained. "There was no ambush around the outside. Elevenless probably ran into you guys by accident and thought that this was his chance, but he died. Although the big guilds don’t like us, you underestimated how much they value their reputation. The more important they are, the more they care about their reputation. If others found out that they attempted to group up and kill all of you because they couldn’t beat you in dungeons, do you really think that they’d still be able to stay in this industry?"

Lu Li wasn’t a big figure yet, had been born a peasant and was more realistic than anyone else, so it was hard for him to figure out how those famous figures thought.

"However, we can’t exclude their possibility of them targeting us. As long as they keep a low profile, it will be hard for anyone to say anything," Square Root 3 continued. "Next time you guys run into something like that, make sure to be careful. There’s always a chance that accidents can happen."

Lu Li gave a short reply and ended the meaningless conversation.

He ran out first to kill some Scarlet Paladins so that the whole team would have the Scarlet Halo buff.

Then, the Scarlet Arsenal begun.

The Arsenal was slightly higher-leveled than the two previous dungeons. The monsters were at least level 30, and there were also some level 32 elites around. If the average level of the team wasn’t level 30, the dungeon would become quite difficult.

"Observe your surroundings for a bit. Any findings?" Lu Li asked as he pointed at the long corridor.

He wanted to train the observation and thought process of his team members. Although he had the guides, Lu Li never gave up on training his team members to improve their individual strength.

"There are five in a group. One of them is a big one; it looks tough," Azure Sea Breeze said.

"What else?" Lu Li shook his head.

Who asked him to count the numbers? Anyone could tell such a simple thing by looking.

"The class structure seems interesting; there’s a Priest." Of course, Azure Sea Breeze wasn’t entirely stupid. Although he had no talent in PVP, he definitely lived up to his number one main tank title in PVE.

"It’s normal to have a Priest. Who made a rule that monsters can’t have a class structure like players?" Lu Li responded then helplessly asked, "Didn’t you guys notice the 110?"

‘110’ was a set of digits borrowed from a particular organization. It referred to patrolling monsters.

These type of monsters usually had a particular route that they followed. They either patrolled on the route or would walk anywhere randomly if they weren’t assigned to one. If the setting was slightly harder, these monsters could even act as scouts.

When they discovered enemies, they would report this back to their comrades.

The 110 in the Scarlet Arsenal had this kind of setting.

While they battled against players, there was a chance that these 110 would blow their whistles. Following this, 3-5 teams of monsters would charge over to support them. The number of monsters that came over would depend on the surrounding environment.

"There’s too many 110s." Azure Sea Breeze looked around and his expression became serious.

"Some monsters at set positions might also randomly become a 110, so these monsters aren’t easy. Not only do we have to clear them out, but we also have to be quick at killing 110s. As soon as a 110 appears, I’ll flash over to control it. Flower and Rice Ball, focus your fire on it as quickly as possible; the three of us should be able to manage. If a second 110 appears, Moonlight can charge in to control it while the others help him. Understood?"

With Lu Li’s guidance, they wouldn’t have to wipe a few times to discover the secret of the Arsenal guards.

Azure Sea Breeze charged forward to attract all the damage, while the others followed behind to attack. When they ran into a 110, everyone managed to react in time. The most dangerous moment was when they accidentally attracted 3 waves of monster and a dozen monsters pounced on them. Luckily, only Lonesome Flower died and the whole team didn’t wipe.

During this time, Lu Li made himself extremely useful. His crowd-control was always timed perfectly so that that the 110 didn’t run around or make any alerts.

After they entered the building, they ran into another problem – cannons.

Four cannons were placed in a row with four Scarlet Elites controlling them. They would attack any unit that entered their shooting range.

These cannons were quite different in that all of their artillery shells were solid. Although these shells didn’t deal group damage, they did a lot of damage to single units. They also applied debuffs such as Heavily Injured, Burned, Stunned, etc.

If an attack landed, half of a health bar would be gone in an instant. It only took one or two hits to kill someone.

"When the artillery shells land, they will shake the ground and apply a heat effect. It takes around five seconds for the effect to disappear," Lu Li explained. "What we need to do is simple – we need to walk on those black marks that appear following the heat effect. If you pay attention, you’ll find that after the artillery shells land at one location, there will be at least another 20 seconds until the second one lands at the same location. 20 seconds is enough for us to find the next landing point."

"Wow, sounds like adventuring a tomb in the movies!" Remnant Dream’s eyes were sparkling.

In battles, her reaction time was often a problem. She often had to follow other people’s positioning, but when it came to these mini games, she was very good.

Girls were strange animals, and little girls were no exception.

"Don’t panic if you get bombed; the stun only lasts for three seconds. As long as you don’t panic and find the landing spot with my instructions, you won’t be hit by the artillery shells a second time," Lu Li reassured then asked uncertainly, "Anyone have any questions?"

Lu Li first demonstrated to everyone how to position themselves.

"Fun! This is so fun!" The two little girls were very interested.

They were the ones that people worried about the most. If they had no problems, the others probably wouldn’t have any problems either.

Remnant Dream and Hachi Chan were only average high school students. It was just by chance that they had entered the Xin Xin Mercenary Group which had carried them through the game.

If someone had to say that there were things holding the team back, these two girls would definitely be one of them.

Once they passed the cannon stage and managed to get close to those Elite Gunners, that would be the end of the threat they posed. No matter how good they were with ranged weapons, once the fight became close-combat, they were a piece of cake to deal with.

The Xin Xin Mercenary Group continued on their path and soon arrived outside the Warrior Hall.