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Chapter 400: Scarlet Instance Dungeon Quest

Chapter 400: Scarlet Instance Dungeon Quest

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While the other players were distracted, Lu Li quickly ran out and refreshed their Scarlet Halo. This time, he didn’t bump into any enemies. No one even saw him.

Most guilds were clearing the Scarlet Instance Dungeons and some of them were finding success.

At this point, anyone that could was doing these Instance Dungeons.

Even if they couldn’t enter the Instance Dungeon directly, they could easily pay some copper to be teleported into the Instance Dungeon.

Before the start of the Instance Dungeon, there was a short animation, similar to that of Southshore’s.

There were a group of children playing pretend, acting like they were a family.

Sally Whiteman: Did you think you could break into this Temple of Light and leave unharmed with its secrets? Vishas, begin the interrogation!

Little Jimmy Vishas: With pleasure, my lady!

Little Jimmy Vishas: Haha, tell me! Tell me everything! Otherwise, I’ll have to force the secrets out of you!

Little Jimmy Vishas: He refused to speak, my lady, but I know of his secret and its useless!

Sally Whitemane: My brave warriors, destroy this monster!

Renault Mograine: We must purify this pagan, my lady!

Renault Mograine: Ah! I have been struck with a fatal blow! I have disappointed you…

Renault Mograine then pretended to fall over as if he had been struck with a fatal blow.

Sally Whitemane saidDid Mograine die? You will now pay the price! Revive, my Warrior!

Sally Whitemane then pretended to revive Renault.

Renault Mograine: I will fight for you once again, my lady!

Sally Whitemane: We will fight together!!

The children cheered.

Sally Whitemane: We are victorious!!!

"These are the three Bosses we will have to fight, with the first being Interrogator Vishas. He is a cruel executioner, so put away your compassion." The girls of the party were vulnerable to this as they were quite emotional.

"But they were so cute when they were young!" Sakura Memories protested; she clearly didn’t believe him.

Lu Li ignored them and brought the team forwards to clear the mobs. They slowly approached a dark red barracks.

"There is a lot of blood on the ground; the air smells very metallic," Azure Sea Breeze said as he wrinkled his nose.

"This is the Interrogation Hall. There may be many mobs as we move through these rooms. Breezy, get your damage reduction skills ready," Lu Li reminded.

If there were too many mobs, there was a real possibility of being wiped. It all depended on the tank’s ability to react quickly and appropriately.

However, with Lu Li’s reminder, Azure Sea Breeze was probably going to be fine. He really was an expert at being a tank and they soon cleared the room.

"Let’s go!" Remnant Dream turned and shouted.

"These guys aren’t dead yet."

Lu Li stayed in a room they had already cleared, looking at a greenish gray corpse which had the typical characteristics of an Undead.

Its body was chained up and there were gashes in its skin. It had been whipped, burned and poisoned…

On first inspection, it didn’t seem that different from the other corpses around. However, its chest was still moving up and down, which proved that this being was still alive.

"Is there a quest here?’ Hachi Chan covered her nose and sympathetically looked at the corpses in the pool of blood.


Lu Li knew that there was a quest, but he couldn’t directly admit to it.

After a while, the corpse woke up and glanced around the room. It saw Lu Li and the others and weakly said, "So the ones who will finally grant me passing are a group of the Alliance…"

"Is there any way to save you? We are all very strong," Hachi Chan squatted down so the Undead didn’t need to speak any louder.

"There is no use anymore, kind child."

A hint of pain could be heard in its voice before it continued, "Although we belong to different factions, I can no longer serve Queen Sylvanas because my life force has been drained."

"It must be because of Vishas, that bastard," Hachi Chan quickly concluded, sympathizing with the weaker party.

Even though Sakura Memories thought that Vishas was cute in childhood, murdering and torturing a living thing like this was too much.

"Yes, all of this is because of Interrogator Vishas. He tortured me for several weeks, but it felt like a few hundred years. I had planned to just die, but I haven’t been able to," the Undead confirmed.

"What is your wish?" Hachi Chan asked tearfully.

"Vishas took my wedding ring and gave it to his wife Nancy. That conceited fool always boasted about his baby and how beautiful his wife was. She lives in the area near Lake Lodomir. Kill her and give my wedding ring back to my wife Monica."

"We need to kill someone’s wife…" Hachi Chan was suddenly put in an awkward situation.

If she needed to kill Vishas, she wouldn’t have had a problem with it, but this quest was for Vishas’ wife.

"That woman is Vishas’ assistant and is even crueler than him. Half of the people were killed by her," the Undead smiled bitterly and explained.

"Oh, we will definitely help you get your wedding ring back," Hachi Chan accepted as she patted her chest.

"Thank you, may Queen Sylvanas Bless you. By the way, tell my wife that I will always love her," the Undead uttered as the light in his eyes began to fade.

"Wait, where is Monica?" Hachi Chan held on to the Undead, refusing to let him die yet.

"In the vicinity of the Tarren Mill. If you have the ring, she will not attack you," the Undead said as he finally faded away.

This was a party quest, so everyone would receive a reward after completing it. The quest didn’t seem that complicated, so they didn’t anticipate to receive a particularly good reward.

"How touching. In order to complete his wish, he continued surviving, even after all the torture.’ Remnant Dream and Hachi Chan took the story to heart and were quite sad about it.

As they continued to clear out the mobs, they soon received a second quest.

This time, it wasn’t someone from the Horde or the Alliance, rather it was someone who had realized the truth of the Scarlet Crusade.

To the Scarlet Crusade, someone like this was basically a traitor.

"My name is Joseph."

This person hadn’t been tortured to the same point as the Undead, but he had still suffered some serious injuries and was being kept in a cage.

"I received a message that my mentor Fairbanks is still alive and is being kept somewhere in this Cathedral, but I don’t know where…"

His story wasn’t complicated. Despite being a Mage of the original Scarlet Crusade, he didn’t know that Fairbanks had not died and was instead locked up.

As Fairbank’s apprentice, he and several other apprentices had quietly broken into the Cathedral.

However, the current Inquisitor Sally Whitemane had found and subdued them. She then handed them over to Interrogator Vishas.

Fortunately, Vishas had been unwell for the past few days and hadn’t had to time to torture them. Otherwise, they may have died a long time ago.

"I hope you can find my mentor. He is a brave and wise elder; he wouldn’t have been beaten by the infection."

The man also said a prayer which gave Lu Li and the others a small buff.

All Attributes +5 – this was quite a nice buff to have and it was certainly better than nothing.