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Chapter 404: Forming An Alliance With Drizzle Court

Chapter 404: Forming An Alliance With Drizzle Court

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This acting was just way too exaggerated.

Lu Li could hear the crunching sounds through the voice comms. How busy could she really be if she was eating a Spirit Fruit while doing something?

Spirit Fruits were one of the best fruits in Dawn, and combined the best aspects of all the other fruits. Many players really liked the virtual taste that it created.

Players who took up Herbalism could make quite a bit of money this way because of the large demand. Many players wanted them and Lu Li had even tried his hand at it in his past life. However, because there were so many other people collecting them too, he didn’t make much money.

"I have something to discuss with you. When are you free?" Lu Li asked, playing along.

"What do you want to discuss? Do you finally want to sell the strategy?" Water Fairy responded incredulously, pretending to be surprised.

"Haha…" Lu Li laughed dryly, "I hadn’t finished preparing it yesterday but after thinking about it, I have organized the strategy for Herod. Oh, and I also have the strategy for Vishas. We had gotten wiped quite a few times before we could beat him."

"Lu Li," Water Fairy said, then paused for a long time and ominously continued, "Where is your integrity?"

"Aren’t we friends? Have you forgotten that if it weren’t for you, I might not have won the championship?" Lu Li was sucking up to her, acting shamelessly for this Synthetic Stone.

After all, the purpose of this Synthetic Stone was to enable the usage of level 40 or higher equipment.

This could increase his strength further than if he upgraded from Gold to Dark Gold equipment.

However, the critical point was that you couldn’t acquire this item even if you had money. Square Root 3 had inquired with countless Mercenary Groups and only one of them had it. They had sold it to Water Fairy.

The transaction totaled $150,000 in real money.

Spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to get a piece of equipment seemed ridiculous to an ordinary player.

However, a club that won a competition would receive at least a million dollars in prize money. It was estimated that some of the top clubs had an even higher income.

"You’ve refused me twice and you haven’t even Forged the equipment that you promised."

Water Fairy felt like she had been hurt. There weren’t many people who could be her friend, and Lu Li had the audacity to play that card.

"Sorry, I’ve been quite busy lately. When I finish the Scarlet Instance Dungeons in two days, I will compensate you for all the equipment that I’ve promised." Lu Li also felt like he had crossed the line.

Of course, due to this upbringing, he wasn’t really affected by the allure of a woman.

"Let’s form an alliance," Water Fairy said after some silence.

With regards to forming an alliance, there was currently no such system for it. Later when the game company optimized the guild system, guilds in alliances would be able to share a part of their warehouse. Even so, most guild alliances would choose not to do this.

"An alliance? Between Drizzle Court and Ruling Sword?" Lu Li frowned.

The commitment of forming an Alliance was too large. In Lu Li’s eyes, an alliance meant becoming total and complete allies.

His ideal alliance partner would be Peerless City, as both Ruling Sword and Peerless City were young guilds that had a strong momentum and were being targeted by the bigger guilds.

The members of Peerless City weren’t necessarily as strong as Blood Red War Flag, but they had the enthusiasm to make up for it.

As for Drizzle Court, Lu Li hadn’t have much of an impression with them other than the fact that they were all women. They hadn’t done anything particularly notable and definitely weren’t as strong as Peerless City.

"What, do you not like Drizzle Court?" Water Fairy sounded a little shy.

He didn’t know how many guilds had tried to form an alliance with Drizzle Court, but guilds like Blood Red War Flag definitely would have. She had never taken the initiative to make the offer and she also didn’t expect the answer that she was going to receive.

"Of course that’s not it," Lu Li quickly responded as he remembered that Drizzle Court was quite rich.

He never thought that he would dominate the gaming circle as this wasn’t something that could be done overnight. Players had been trying to do so for 200 hundred years. His only purpose in this game was to make money.

He then had second thoughts about Drizzle Court. They didn’t just recruit female players as the strength of their elite group was not that bad.

"If we form an alliance, we want to have a part in the Instance Dungeon Strategy for our elite group." This was Water Fairy’s goal. If she could achieve this, she could show that she was not to be messed around with.

"Okay, but you have to pay for the strategies," Lu Li said bluntly.

"That’s so stingy; I’m already giving you the Synthetic Stone," Water Fairy complained, but she didn’t push it. A single stone wasn’t enough to form an alliance.

She just wanted Lu Li to understand its value.

"Alright then. If you want to know the strategy, talk to Square Root 3," Lu Li said with a sigh of relief before disconnecting from the call.

This alliance wasn’t the result of coercion. In the future, when everyone had settled and there were outbreaks of war over territories, there would be countless alliances between guilds, big and small. It was simply unavoidable.

As Lu Li put the equipment that they had recently received into the guild warehouse, he considered some other means of income, as the one with Shen Wansan had come to an end.

Recently, he had decided that he wanted to buy a house and have a real home of his own.

The money that they would make from the strategies didn’t belong to the whole guild, but to the Xin Xin Mercenary Group players.

As for the contribution points, Lu Li wasn’t taking them for himself. The strategies were all formulated by him after all. As such, no one would dare to ask for a split. Besides, they wouldn’t agree in the first place.

He didn’t go to get the Synthetic Stone, as even if he had it, he wouldn’t be able to use it.

If a level 40 equipment had its level requirement reduced by 20%, it would be level 32. He still needed more than 80% EXP to get there.

Now that they had defeated Vishas, they needed to advance. There were a dense group of mobs ahead and they needed to clear a path through them.

It wasn’t long before news of the alliance with Drizzle Court spread through the guild.

Most players couldn’t believe it. If it weren’t the guild president Square Root 3 giving the news, the players would have thought that it was a joke.

Ordinary players thought that Drizzle Court were group of beautiful ladies; this was the common observation.

However, they were also a super guild. They ranked seventh on the national rankings, and this wasn’t acquired by a popular vote. This position was acquired by a variety of measures and a guild was unlikely to make this list even after a year of rapid growth.

And what did Ruling Sword have? They had won a championship, but they didn’t even have 10,000 players. Most of them weren’t even ranked and didn’t have much equipment. These kinds of players wouldn’t necessarily be accepted to the other guilds, even as cannon fodder.

The group that was most capable of representing their strength was the Elite Group. Even so, there were only 100 players in that. Without mentioning Glory Capital or Blood Red War Flag, even the Imperial Secret Service had seven to eight Elite Groups which were made up of a dozen parties each.

Drizzle Court had 26 Elite Groups and two core groups, which meant that they almost had 3000 elite players.

"Boss Lu Li must have given himself up."

The idea was heard and soon, it was copied all across the channel.

Lu Li had given himself up so that Drizzle Court would accept them.

How touching~