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Chapter 406: The Couple (1)

Chapter 406: The Couple (1)

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All the monsters were cleared after a few minutes and those who were dead were resurrected.

Lu Li and the others entered the cathedral and began their journey towards Renault Mograine.

"Isn’t it supposed to be Whitemane?" Wandering asked in confusion.

Based on the background history that Lu Li had described, Whitemane and Mograine were a couple whoch controlled the Scarlet Crusade together. In terms of authority, Whitemane, the attorney general, had less power than this Scarlet Crusade Commander that currently stood before them.

"Congratulations everyone! We’re going to try a challenge; we’ll be facing two bosses at once," Lu Li announced as he clapped his hands, trying to lighten the atmosphere.


Azure Sea Breeze was stunned; his weapon had dropped onto the floor.

He wasn’t the only one who was shocked – no one was able to remain calm after they heard the news. Lu Li was the only exception since he already knew.

"After Renault killed his father, he felt quite mentally unstable, but Whitemane was the only person who knew of this. They stayed together in this cathedral and comforted each other, so the system also made sure that they would battle together," Lu Li explained, laying out his hands to demonstrate his innocence.

Blame the system – this was all the system’s fault.

"Lu Li, do you realize you’re playing with fire?" Even Lonesome Flower, who was always stone cold, couldn’t resist the urge to complain at Lu Li. The dungeon was hard enough already and they had to choose Nightmare mode. It was as if they had a death wish.

"Don’t worry, we can do it," Lu Li encouraged.

Everyone felt like he was making these claims with no backup, but he was actually stating the truth. Indeed, in Nightmare mode, Vishas had caused them quite a bit of trouble. They had wiped three times before they finally cleared the stage on the fourth trial.

However, Lu Li never fought a losing battle; he wouldn’t have chosen Nightmare mode if they had no chance at all.

"Tell us what to do."

Eventually, they stopped worrying. After all, they had already killed the first boss, so they can’t reset the dungeon mode anymore for this week.

"I’ll tell you guys the basic rules first. Firstly, we’ll be facing this commander Mograine. We kill him first..." Lu Li began to strategize with his team.

"Wait, you’re telling us that Whitemane won’t do anything before we kill the commander? How does this count as facing two bosses?" Wandering was confused by Lu Li’s explanation.

"You can think of it that way as well. Before we kill the commander, Whitemane won’t appear. After we kill the commander, she’ll walk out from behind the halls and resurrect Renault..."

"Can we interrupt the resurrection?" Azure Sea Breeze asked hopelessly.

"What do you think?" Lu Li shook his head and continued, "From then on, it’ll be two bosses."

"Which one am I responsible over? Is it a lot of pressure?" Wandering asked.

"You’re in charge of Whitemane. She’s a Priest, so her damage is lower. What you need to watch out for is her Shadow Word. That’s a spell effect and you need to dispel the effect in time. The other skills you need to watch out for are her healing skills; you have to interrupt them in time..."

"That’s a lot of pressure," Wandering said, his head aching.

"Which one do we kill first?" Moonlight asked for all the damage dealing classes.

"You can’t kill one of them first. If Whitemane dies first, Renault will go berserk. If Renault dies first, Whitemane will resurrect him. We have to make sure they die together," Lu Li said seriously.

This dungeon was already hard enough and now they even had to pace themselves to make sure that the two bosses died together.

"Don’t be so disheartened. As long as you guys follow my instructions, we’ll definitely get through this," Lu Li encouraged. They really needed to improve on their mentality.

"Does Renault have any special skills?" Azure Sea Breeze asked, as he tightened his grip on his axe.

"Not sure yet, but definitely don’t look down on him. After all, he’s the current commander of the Scarlet Crusade and he’s also a Paladin, so we’ll have to watch out for his Paladin skills," Lu Li replied as he signaled for the battle to begin.

Azure Sea Breeze initiated the fight.

"I’ll become a hero, dad."

The Paladin kneeled in the middle of the hall, then he stood up and waved the long sword in his hands. The sword slashed onto Azure Sea Breeze’s shield and sent him flying.

Azure Sea Breeze quickly got back up and charged into the Boss again.

"Don’t attack yet; let the boss focus fully on Breeze first."

This was a very wise decision. After Azure Sea Breeze was stunned for six seconds by Hammer of Justice, Renault didn’t turn around and aim for the others because he was so focused on him.

The Paladin’s Consecration skill set the floor ablaze, and just because the team didn’t attack didn’t mean that they wouldn’t take damage.

Even if they only touched the flames briefly, their health would still constantly drop, so everyone had to deal damage as they moved around.

This part of the fight was tough for close-combat classes. Azure Sea Breeze was requested to drag the Boss around to the spots without fire so that his team members would have a chance to deal damage.

"Healers, pay attention to how you use your mana. Everyone else, make sure to drink your potions whenever you can instead of waiting to be healed."

Lu Li noticed that March Rain was being too generous with her healing and had to remind her to conserve her resources.

The two bosses of the Scarlet Cathedral were hard indeed.

The long duration of the fight was often the cause for teams wiping.

After all, the mana bars of healers weren’t infinite.

"Memories, don’t use Bloodthirst yet. Use it later when I tell you to," Lu Li said as he watched the health bar of the boss closely.

Within ten minutes, Renault Mograine had already lost around half of his health. He had high defense, but his attacks didn’t deal much damage. As such, he wasn’t too challenging after everyone understood his few skills.

This was not to mention that he only had around 120,000 HP, which was much lower compared to the average health of other bosses around his level.

"My ****, this guy is too shameless. Paladins have this skill too?" Wandering cursed loudly.

After they dropped Renault Mograine’s health to 30%, he raised his hand and casted a skill that topped up his health bar.

Lay on Hands!

This was the strongest healing skill for Paladins.

To learn Lay on Hands, a Paladin needed to have a certain amount of intelligence attributes, which would require them to use their attribute points on intelligence. Paladins with Protection and Retribution specializations would not be able to learn the skill. Only healer Paladins would place so many points into intelligence.

However, NPCs weren’t restricted by these system rules. As long as the skill belonged in the Paladin skill tree and the system stated that he had learned it, he could use it.

Fortunately, after both bosses joined the same fight, Lay on Hands wasn’t used again, or else there was no way that this dungeon could be cleared.

"Memories, use Bloodthirst. Everyone else, deal as much damage as you can. We have to kill the boss within fifteen minutes or we’ll be dealing with another Lay on Hands." Lu Li was already prepared, which was why he didn’t let anyone use skills beforehand. He was waiting for this exact moment.

The system had everything calculated. Only teams up to a certain standard would be able to reach the benchmark to pass this dungeon, and a majority of teams were filtered out by this.

As for Lu Li’s team, they were currently the strongest team around.

Bloodlust was a powerful skill and everyone had their own specialties to contribute to the fight. After a wave of burst damage, they easily completed Lu Li’s goal for this stage of the battle.

Renault Mograine didn’t make it past the cooldown time for his Lay on Hands and knelt on the floor in defeat.

"Mograine has fallen? You’ll all be paying for this!" A voice echoed in the empty halls, followed by a group control skill that placed everyone in Xin Xin Mercenary Group to sleep.

Of course, this skill didn’t really make the players go to sleep – it was only restricted them.

Everyone could only watch as a beautiful woman with long legs and red clothes walked out from the halls.