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Chapter 407: The Couple (2)

Chapter 407: The Couple (2)

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"Rise, my Warrior!"

"For you, my lady!"

Lu Li and the others had a sleeping effect on them which prevented them from moving, but they could still see and hear.

They had just witnessed the beginning to the most classic line in Dawn. Now, with their lives as a medium, the couple demonstrated their love to the world.

Footsteps steady, Whitemane stood behind her lover, knowing that there was no turning back. She was willing to give up everything for love. Mograine rose from the ground, blocking anyone who attempted to harm Whitemane.

The former displayed a trust and loyalty to her lover, like a young girl who relied on her Warrior.

The latter demonstrated how a knight protected his loved one; they lived and died together.

Whitemane’s fate was very tragic. She had already witnessed a horrible scene at a young age of her family being infected by the frightful Scourge while they passed by North Lordaeron. When her family members became a part of the Scourge, she was forced to kill her parents and siblings with her own hands. From that day onwards, only one thing could bring joy and satisfaction to this fearful Priest — destroying the Undead.

She was always the weak and submissive character. A big part of why Renault killed had his father was because of her.

But how can you ask a woman to change the justice that she had upheld for so long? Not to mention, her eyes were blinded by love, and all she could see was Renault Mograine.

Suddenly, the death of their father didn’t seem so unforgivable anymore.

Unfortunately, Alsace had too many fans. As for Renault, because he was with the Goddess that many male players admired, they were referred to as ‘the ruthless couple’ by many jealous players.

Whitemane lived up to her Goddess title – she was pretty and it was easy to tell that the designers had spent a lot of time on her. She was a holy Priest in a red dress that was nowhere near conservative.

In the offline world, there were still many would choose Whitemane.

In fact, characters like Meisnera and Carolina were rarer. The former had an irreplaceable voice, while the latter had an amazing temperament, but neither of them possessed the simplicity and sexiness that Whitemane had.

"Pay attention, Breeze. Hold onto Renault Mograine – his wife’s here, so he might be a little excited," Lu Li reminded his team members loudly. The sleep effect ended as soon as he finished speaking.

Azure Sea Breeze swung his shield across Renault Mograine’s face.

Renault immediately became enraged and slammed his hammer on Azure Sea Breeze’s head five times.

If Azure Sea Breeze didn’t react fast enough and use his damage reduction skill, he probably would have died. Instead of Lay on Hands, Mograine received another skill — a mutated version of the Crusader Strike.

To follow up, he casted Divine Storm. This was a group spell with an eight-yard cast range. The ranged classes were able to avoid it by standing far away, but the close-combat classes weren’t so lucky. They all lost about half of their health bars.

"Paladins are too scary! Wandering, aren’t you ashamed of yourself?" Azure Sea Breeze complained.

Wandering was also a Paladin, but his performance seemed rather weak in comparison.

"Maybe Paladins will be really strong in the future," Lu Li comforted without much sincerity.

There wasn’t a ‘best class’, only the best player.

This was the absolute truth in Dawn – as long as players put in enough effort and time, there was really no need for them to care too much about their class.

Wandering was doing his best to hold onto Whitemane; the damage dealt by the female Priest wasn’t as weak as Lu Li had described. She had two main damage skills – Shadow Word, which dealt consistent damage over time and Holy Smite.

The damage over time from Shadow Word built up if it didn’t get dispelled quickly.

As for Holy Smite, there was no way around it; Wandering just had to take the damage. Whitemane’s critical strike chance on Holy Smite was incredibly high, and Wandering’s health was constantly going up and down like a roller coaster. All that Hachi Chan could do was to keep healing.

"Team one, you guys are in charge of Whitemane. Memories and Wandering, you two are both responsible for interrupting her healing skills and group resurrections. Group Resurrections have to be interrupted, or else it’ll be a team wipe..." Lu Li was giving instructions but he suddenly noticed the one or two dozen Scarlet Paladins who had stood up from the pile of corpses at the entrance. As he helplessly shook his head he said, "I told you guys to pay attention and interrupt her skills. Why didn’t anyone interrupt the group resurrection?"

"There was a healing skill; I interrupted that," Sakura Memories replied innocently.

"We didn’t discuss our order, so I used my interruption skill too…" Wandering added.

"Reset. March, Hachi Chan, find a place to Shadowmeld and leave battle. Everyone else, take damage first." Lu Li counted the resurrected monsters. There were eighteen of them, which was almost the maximum limit for the group resurrection skill. Eighteen elites and two bosses – there was no way that they were going to make it.

After thirty seconds, the battle ended.

March Rain and Hachi Chan, who had used Shadowmeld to leave battle, came back and resurrected everyone who had died.

Since they were prepared for the wipe, Lu Li and Lonesome Flower didn’t die either. The Night Elves’ Shadowmeld skill was indeed quite powerful, in spite of it not doing anything for the team.

"I’m going to adjust the teams. Team one consists of me, Sakura Memories, Wandering and Hachi Chan. Everyone else is on team two. Wandering and Memories, have a talk about your timings for skill interruption; I’ll be responsible for the group resurrections. The rules remain the same – we’ll kill Mograine first..."

"Can we pull them further apart?" Wandering suddenly suggested. "For example, can we drag one of them outside of the Cathedral?"

"They’re a couple who live and die together. Don’t you feel bad for separating them?" Lu Li joked. To be fair, Wandering’s idea didn’t work at all – Whitemane appeared wherever Mograine did.

Since this was their second run, it was easier for them to reach stage two.

Lu Li was now in team one, and was responsible for interrupting Whitemane’s group resurrection. There were corpses everywhere, so it would be easy for her to revive a swarm of level 32 elites.

Wandering and Sakura Memories were in charge of other skill interruptions. Since they had discussed who was interrupting first, they should be able to accurately interrupt Whitemane’s healing skills.

Besides her healing skills, Whitemane also had Power Word: Shield. March Rain also learnt this skill which applied a shield on an ally that absorbed a certain amount of damage.

Without a doubt, the effect of this skill would be amplified in the hands of a Boss.

Whitemane’s Power Word: Shield could absorb 10,000 points of damage for her husband.

This skill was an instant cast and cannot be interrupted, so everyone had to break the shield first in order to deal damage. Fortunately, there was a cooldown time, so they were able to manage the fight with Lu Li’s instructions.