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Chapter 409: Scarlet Monastery Series Complete

Chapter 409: Scarlet Monastery Series Complete

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Surviving a whole minute without healing from their main healer…

Every player in Dawn would think of this statement as a joke because it was pretty much impossible. However, the core group of Ruling Swords had survived through many impossible situations under the guidance and leadership of Lu Li.

Besides, it wasn’t as if they had no healing at all.

Although Hachi Chan’s healing and mechanics were lacking, she was very obedient to Lu Li’s orders. With the right shot-calling, she would be able to compensate for March Rain.

Most of her equips were from quests rewards and gave her a lot of mana regeneration. Her mana pool was still over 50% even though she had been casting spells the whole fight.

It was obvious that there were no weak links in the Xin Xin Mercenary group. Remnant Dream’s damage output along with her pet ranked her among the best – in some battles she could even keep up with Lu Li and Lonesome Flower’s DPS. Although Hachi Chan’s healing wasn’t as powerful as March Rain’s healing abilities, her heals were more consistent and sustainable due to her large mana pool.

"Cast Regrowth on Wandering for constant healing and Iron Bark on Breeze. Breeze, pull the Boss while moving, otherwise, the fire from his Consecration will continue to tick on you," Lu Li reminded.

Although Mograine’s Consecration didn’t do that much damage instantly, it still dealt a considerable amount over time. Kiting the boss around relieved the pressure off both the tanks and the healers.

"Hachi Chan, you’re doing great." Remnant Dream was impressed that her little friend was able to control herself the whole fight. At the same time, Remnant Dream felt sad because she became the weakest link.

Hachi Chan was too focused on Lu Li’s voice and accidentally ignored Remnant’s praise.

Whatever Lu Li told her to do, she quickly executed it accordingly.

Without a second thought or hesitation, she followed Lu Li’s orders and was able to keep all three players alive.

"Shadowfiend is up." March Rain’s mana regeneration skill had finally come off cooldown. Although it was only for about a minute, it felt as if time went by extremely slowly for Hachi Chan.

"March Rain, take note of where you cast Shadowfiend. Last time you casted it, it only regenerated your mana twice. It would be better to stand directly behind Mograine and summon Shadowfiend to ensure that it can attack the boss multiple times in the shortest amount of time possible. Theoretically, with Shadowfiend, you could recover 30% or even up to 40% mana. Make sure that you practise this skill more in dungeons."

Shadowfiend’s mana regeneration ability was very unique. Every successful attack on a target would regenerate 10% of the caster’s max MP.

The amount of mana regenerated was dependent on the number of successive attacks. If Shadowfiend missed the target, then it didn’t count. Shadowfiend also heavily drew aggro and the Boss would often aggro onto the caster after a few attacks.

Most bosses could one shot the Shadowfiend.

Additionally, Shadowfiend lasted for a maximum of 15 seconds and took around 3 seconds to complete. It was impossible for this skill to restore the entire MP bar of the caster, otherwise, it would be extremely broken and imbalanced.

Casting Shadowfiend directly behind Mograine decreased the distance and thus maximized its potential.

Azure Sea Breeze handled the aggro very well and Mograine did not switch aggro onto the Shadowfiend until he was hit 3 times.

Mograine received 1 damage as the Shadowfiend disappeared into a puff of black smoke.

Lu Li looked at March Rain’s stats and was very pleased when he saw that she had 43% mana.

This was enough for them to survive the next wave of ultimate skills from the boss.

"Heal everyone back to full HP. Drink HP potions whenever it’s off cooldown," Lu Li said, letting out a sigh of relief.

Everyone activated their damage reduction skills and braced for the ultimate skill. March Rain had to heal the incoming damage from the AOE skill and keep the Main Tank alive at the same time.

"Uh oh."

Sakura Memories had been instantly killed.

Besides Sakura Memories, Remnant Dream also died in the final moments of the fight.

Mograine was now on 9% HP while Whitemane was on 6%.

"Everyone, be careful. Hachi Chan revive… Sakura Memories."

Lu Li hesitated, but chose to revive Sakura Memories. Her death was unavoidable, whereas Remnant Dream had simply forgotten to activate her damage reduction skill.

"Revive Remnant Dream – she’s a lower level than me and has school tomorrow," Sakura Memories insisted.

The EXP from two level 32 bosses would raise her EXP bar by quite a considerable amount. Obviously, anyone that was dead while the bosses were killed wouldn’t receive anything.

If a member missed out on EXP, they could catch up by grinding alone or entering dungeons. However, because Hachi Chan and Remnant Dream had school during the day, they were always behind in levels.

Hachi Chan revived Remnant Dream.

It appeared as if the two bosses knew they were about to be killed.

When their HP dropped to less than 5%, neither of them went into berserker mode. Neither of them feared death because dying together would probably be the most fitting ending for them.

Lu Li and the others finally prevailed, marking the end of the Scarlet Monastery Dungeon series.

System: Ruling Sword members Azure Sea Breeze, March Rain, Lonesome Flower, Sesame Rice Balls…. have completed the First Clear for Scarlet Cathedral on Nightmare difficulty under Lu Li’s leadership.

Elevenless: "Cheaters."

Lucky Southern Persian: "Eleven, I thought you said you blocked them off in the dungeon."

Elevenless: "Shut up. I don’t talk to shameless people."

Lucky Southern Persian: "Why are you so petty? Just because they beat you?"

Elevenless: "…"

Old Man Power: "Persian, stop teasing Eleven. He’s mine."

Elevenless: "Sorry Old Man, I don’t like men. You might be gay, but I’m not."

Jade Flower Love: "Wanting to buy your strategy guide, money isn’t a problem."

Water Fairy: "Hehe"

Jade Flower Lover: "Are you mocking us? Sorry we’re not as rich as you people, but I still have my dignity. Don’t mock me."

Water Fairy: "Sorry, I’m going to be the one that buys it first."

Jade Flower Lover: "How can you be so confident…?"

Marks: "Woah, my Goddess must have a deal already set up."

Water Fairy: "Marks, you better not leave your house anymore. I sold the cloak that you dropped for 200 gold yesterday."

Marks: "Godamn, I bought it back for 600 gold. Which bastard did you sell it to?"

Water Fairy: "None of your business."

As the star players yapped at each other, the casual players watched for entertainment. Many other players joined in and gossiped about other people.

Lu Li watched as their EXP bars increased by a chunk. Moonlight and Lonesome Flower both received an SP as a reward.

"Congratulations! You just defeated the Scarlet Cathedral and now you’ve finished the Scarlet Monastery as well?" Lu Li couldn’t tell whether Water Fairy was being condescending or envious.

"Thanks, it’s just a lot of good luck," Lu Li said humbly.

"You’ve always been really lucky. When are you going to sell the guide to me?" Water Fairy asked.

"I need to organise it a bit more. I think with the guide, you might even be able to complete Nightmare difficulty." Since they were in an alliance now, Lu Li didn’t have to act so cold towards her.