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Chapter 410: Rolling For An Equip

Chapter 410: Rolling For An Equip

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Water Fairy turned to Falling Star and suspiciously asked him, "He said he has to organise the guide; I knew he wouldn’t hand it over so easily. Should we offer more money?"

Although the alliance between her and Lu Li had been agreed upon verbally, the details had yet to be discussed.

According to Square Root Three, each exclusive guide sold for an absurd amount of real life money. However, in order to earn their trust and establish the peace treaty, the guide was only sold for $300,000.

$300,000 did seem a little overboard, however, the value that Drizzle Court could gain for obtaining the guide was nearly unlimited.

Since Drizzle Court was a large guild and had over 3000 players, they could run the dungeon multiple times for each party.

If every small group chipped in for the guide, it was merely $1000 per team.

Spending $1000 to speed up their progression instead of wasting time was more than worth it. If other players were selling guides like this in Dawn, they would become millionaires.

Although there were many advantages for buying a guide, there were several downsides as well.

For a guild grow, its members needed to develop the chemistry, loyalty, friendship and trust in one another. All these qualities were gained from fighting side by side in dungeons and PVP.

If this were to occur once in a while then it would be fine. However, if Drizzle Court continued to pay their way through the game, not only would their reputation fall, but their growth would also be stunted.

Water Fairy wanted the guide to push Drizzle Court’s name above the other guilds on the dungeon completion rankings. This would promote their reputation so that casual players would recognize Drizzle Court as one of the top guilds.

"It’s not about the amount of money," Falling Star said as he shook his head.

"Of course it’s about the money! Do you know how much Lu Li loves money?" Water Fairy laughed.

"If money could solve everything, then why would we bother setting up an alliance with them? It’s not like Synthetic Stones are useless for us – you could’ve used it for the level 45 equip…"

"Even with the stone, a level 45 equip can’t be used until level 36," Water Fairy emphasized once again.

As a very independent and prideful woman, she felt uncomfortable with Falling Star’s choice of words and attitude.

"Anyway, since we’re in an alliance now, you should go and interact with them more," Falling Star said.

"How am I supposed to interact with them? Train together?" Water Fairy asked coldly.

She was used to training alone. Since she had very powerful spells and equips, she could easily train solo, just like Lu Li.

"I thought you needed help for one of the quests?" Falling Star reminded her.

"I have thousands of men at my disposal. Why would I need help from others outside the guild?" Water Fairy retorted before sighing, "Fine, after the dungeon I’ll contact him… maybe I’ll be able to learn a thing or two from him."

"Charm him with your charisma and make him sing a love song for you while on his knees. The future of Drizzle Court’s dungeon runs lies in your hands." No one dared to joke around with Water Fairy besides Falling Star and other star players that had fought alongside her.

Lu Li wasn’t messing around with Water Fairy at all. However, he needed to make sure that his own guild benefited from his guide first before handing it over.

The last two bosses from Scarlet Cathedral were very difficult to defeat. There were many details that required attention and the team composition was also very important.

There needed to be enough classes with skills that could interrupt or dispel their magic attacks. Additionally, the team members needed to have enough DPS to complete the dungeon.

When both bosses casted their ultimate skills, teams could not rely solely on their healers. Even March Rain had run out of mana during the boss fight – causal healers would struggle even more.

That being said, Lu Li and the others had completed the dungeon on Nightmare level.

"Leather armour," Remnant Dream announced as she held up a piece of equipment. From the animation and the glow, it was obvious that it was Gold grade.

Lu Li and Hachi Chan looked at her expectantly.

"Hachi Chan, it’s yours. I’m so nice to you."

Although both of them wore leather armor, Hachi Chan needed more intelligence and stats to boost her healing, whereas Lu Li needed agility and stats that increased his DPS.

"Aegis of the Scarlet Commander. This is for…" Remnant Dream wasn’t sure who to distribute this to since there were two tank classes that wielded a shield.

"Roll for it then." The shield added HP and strength, and its special effect increased aggro as well as damage reduction. It was Gold grade and could be used by either of them.

"I’m the main tank. I’ll give him the one that I’m currently wearing," Azure Sea Breeze said.

It was true that Main Tanks should have the priority in obtaining new gear. However, his current shield was distributed to him last time and it was already very powerful.

"Are you scared?" Wandering chuckled.

"Why would I be scared of you? Let’s go then. Roll for it." Azure Sea Breeze was easily provoked and everyone watched as the two argued.

Wandering was first and rolled 45. The roll numbers were randomly generated by the system and ranged anywhere from 1 to 100.

"Haha, you’re a dumbass. How dare you challenge me? I’ve never rolled lower than a… uh…" Azure Sea Breeze laughed out loud.

1 point.


Wandering raised his new shield, extremely satisfied with it.

"Wtf?!? How is that possible?" Azure Sea Breeze swore as the two began to argue again.

Apart from the two Gold drops, Morgaine also dropped an Enhancement Stone and a rare material.

Now, it was Whitemane’s turn to be searched. Although players had to fight both bosses at the same time, the loot that was dropped was also doubled.

"Justice Staff. Big sister March Rain, it’s time for an upgrade again. This is exquisite as well." Remnant Dream had been very lucky this haul.

The stats on the staff was godly, however, the cherry on top was the Mana Regen special effect that March Rain desperately needed.

Special Effect: Active, restore 68 MP per second in battle, lasts for 15 seconds. Cooldown 300 seconds.

A mana regen effect that restored more than 1000 MP every 5 minutes would be very beneficial for March Rain during tough Boss battles. In reality, March Rain had more than enough mana, however, because Lu Li liked to complete dungeons on Nightmare difficulty, she had to constantly heal her teammates.

The second piece was also for March Rain. Since Whitemane was a priest, she had a higher chance of dropping priest equips.

Whitemane’s Embroidered Chapeau: Level 30 Silver grade mold.

This needed to be crafted because Lu Li knew that it had a very useful special effect which could be used to decrease aggro. In Dawn, healing teammates also drew aggro from the Boss. As such, a special effect that decreased aggro was very important in keeping the healer alive.

The bonus effect also decreased the probability of her being targeted by a Boss’s special attack during fights. Both of these effects greatly increased March Rain’s survivability in dungeon runs.

The third item was a Priest skill book.

Prayer of Healing: Heals a target with a prayer to restore 300 HP. After this, the healing Prayer will be transferred to another team member within a radius of 20 yards. Can be transferred up to 5 times, each time in the new target radius, for 30 seconds.

This skill could heal up to 5 players and was activated when the target receives damage. Additionally, it was very mana-efficient and would become a key skill in future boss battles.