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Chapter 412: Underwater Treasure Chest

Chapter 412: Underwater Treasure Chest

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"Joseph?" Fairbanks had to take a moment to recall that he really did have a disciple with such a name.

"He tried to come here and rescue you, but he fell into the clutches of Vishas. Mograine, with his authority to judge, sentenced him to the torture chambers," Lu Li continued as per the quest.

After conversing a little more, Fairbanks was finally satisfied. He stood up and put away the book he had in his hand.

When he sat back into the chair, a flash of sadness appeared in his eyes. "Thank you all. The Scarlet Crusade would one day have come to an end, but I didn’t think I would see it. If you ever meet Darion, Darion Mograine, please give him this book. I have written something about the truth in it."

Darion Mograine was Renault’s brother who should have been the leader of the Silver Dawn Organisation at this point in time.

"I am willing to serve," Lu Li said as he took the book and put it in his backpack.

This was a group quest, so as long as Lu Li completed it, the others would be rewarded too. It would work, given that everyone had met the pre-requisites.

"I have been imprisoned for too long, so I have nothing to give you. Here are a few bloodied shirts; you can take them," Fairbanks said as he handed over a few pieces of equipment.

There were three pieces of bloodied equipment.

Because this was on Nightmare Difficulty, the reward was different.

On Elite Difficulty, there was only a small chance of receiving one shirt, let alone three.

Scarlet Wargown, Guild Shirt and Undershirt – these were all special equips that could be worn in addition to regular equipment.

They didn’t have particularly strong attributes as they only increased HP. However, they each provided an extra 300 HP.

In terms of Constitution, a Warrior needed to spend over 20 points on to gain 300 HP. Other occupations like Paladins would need to spend 40 points for that amount.

At the end of this quest, Fairbanks would no longer interact with the players.

He would just continue sitting there with a book in hand, occasionally writing some things down. If you ignored his rotten face, he was no different to a teacher.

"There are three pieces of equipment – two for the Main Tank and one for the healer. You guys get one each, and you can lend them to the players during the tournaments."

Lu Li divided up the shirts from a perspective of maximizing their long-term benefits.

Poor Hachi Chan was completely neglected. She was so short that Lu Li didn’t see her at all.

The Scarlet Instance Dungeon had come an end, and until it refreshed next week, there was no reason for them to come here again.

The grounds outside of the Instance Dungeon were filled with bloodthirsty Horde players. They were lurking about, killing any hostile players and instilling fear into the hearts of the Alliance players.

The group of players near the Scarlet Instance Dungeons were filled with malice for the Alliance.

Everyone in the party dispersed and went back to the city. When Lu Li got back, he spent several dozen gold coins repairing the equipment on his body.

He didn’t have a choice. The drawback to having good equipment was that it was rather expensive to repair.

If an ordinary player didn’t die too often, they wouldn’t only need to repair their equipment once every two days. It would also only cost them one to two gold coins each time.

After repairing his equipment, Lu Li transported to a new area on the map – Feralas.

Feralas was a lush mountain valley, surrounded by desolate lands to the north, the sea to its west and Kalimdor to its southeast. Between them was the thick Needlestone Forest.

A variety of wildlife could be found here, including carnivores like wolves, bears and horned beasts. There were also many intelligent creatures like the Snowman and the Bloordthirsty Gnoll. Of course, there was also the ogre that ruled this part of the wilderness.

These monsters were generally between level 43 and level 50, so they certainly weren’t suitable for Lu Li to farm.

You wouldn’t fight monsters that were 10 levels ahead of you, even if you were suicidal.

When Lu Li came out of the Teleportation Channel, he could immediately see the Feathermoon Stronghold. Feralas was Alliance territory and Shendris Feathermoon was the leader of the Sentinels in this area.

The Night Elf Outpost here was occupied with collecting the relics from the ruins of the High Elf and investigating the Naga presence in the south.

Although Shandris looked quite feminine and was a part of the Sentinel Corps, he was actually a man.

Other than the Cenarion Circle, the Elune Sisters were next largest Night Elf organisation.

The general consensus was that only women could comprehend the deepest mysteries of the Moon Goddess, so the Elune Sisters would only recruit female members.

This was the group that formed the Sentinel Corps and as such, most of the officers were from the Elune Sisters. In fact, the Sentinel Corps were almost completely made up of female soldiers.

Under Tyrande’s influence, the Night Elves were revolutionized by decree.

Some male elves received extensive tactical and combat training to be Priests. However, as they began to show outstanding performance in battle, they could eventually promote and become an officer.

This was the case for Shandris.

Lu Li was concerned about all of this because he had a very important race specific quest to do after reaching level 40. It was so important that dialogue didn’t have any effect on its trigger.

However, because of Lu Li’s current level, the Feathermoon Stronghold currently didn’t have any quests that Lu Li could accept. As such, he left the Stronghold and followed the road along the yellow flowers into the wilderness of Feralas.

Lu Li had exchanged for quite a few pieces of equipment that increased his Stealth. He had told Square Root 3 to prepare them in advance.

When surrounded by level 40 to 50 monsters, keeping a low profile was the best strategy. Any hostility or aggression was just stupid – an ordinary monster could kill you in 3 to 5 hits.

Fortunately, although Feralas’ monsters were dangerous, the density of monsters was far lower here.

This was why Lu Li had decided to come here.

His destination was Lake Darmont.

The once great High Elf City was now in ruins and the lake was perfectly calm. Lake Darmont looked like a mirror with a few worn boots floating in it.

Lu Li had faced quite a few monsters on his journey; it was no small feat to get here.

When he reached the lake, he quickly channeled and jumped in. The ogre that was chasing him with a stick stopped by the banks and yelled for a few moments before dejectedly leaving.

Lu Li was already in Seal form, so he had no reason to leave the water.

He dove deeper and carefully approached the bottom of the lake.

The calmness of the lake didn’t mean that the lake was harmless. At the bottom of the lake was an exceptionally large lobster which habitually attacked any other sea creatures within its reach.

Moreover, this monster was quite stingy and never dropped anything valuable. No one really liked fighting it.

Lu Li was in the water looking for a Treasure Chest. This was a level 40-50 monster area, so the treasure dropped by the chest would be level 40 and above. He couldn’t use such high-level equipment at the moment, but he could still give it away.

The Hostess at Southshore that liked jewelry would probably like the treasure very much.