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Chapter 413: Advanced Healing Potion Recipe

Chapter 413: Advanced Healing Potion Recipe

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Lu Li wasn’t the kind of person to toss a person aside after he was done with them.

Moreover, the Hostess was going to be Lu Li’s future contact with the Assassin’s League for quests.

The female assassin was quite eccentric. If she was satisfied with you, she would treat you particularly well, just like when she allowed Lu Li to kill Yetimus because he had praised her ale.

However, if you provoked her, she would definitely make your life hell.

Lu Li remembered a rumor from his past life that a conceited male player who was in the Assassins League had caused a ruckus in the tavern.

The Hostess didn’t launch a direct attack as she would never openly show that side of her to the player.

However, that player received a quest to assassinate a syndicate’s top leader – the Duke of Fakures. Who knew how a one-star assassin like him managed to get such a high-level quest?

The Assassin League’s quests couldn’t be failed in the sense that they would continue indefinitely until the target was dead.

The worst thing was that until you completed your quest, the Ravenholdt Manor would not give you another one.

Lu Li didn’t know what eventually happened to that player, but it was unlikely that he interacted with that small camp again.

Lu Li didn’t know what other hobbies the Hostess had and it would be insincere to praise her ale again. As such, he intended to collect some high-grade jewelry for her.

She was level 45, so giving her level 30 jewelry would be useless.

She might not care about its properties, but the system gave levels an inherent hierarchy of value.

Lake Darmont was quite deep, so there wasn’t much light near the bottom. Lu Li’s transformation into the Seal had reduced his natural tendency to draw aggro, but if he knocked into one of them, the ferocious lobsters would definitely attack him.

Lu Li hadn’t been here before in his past life; he had only read about it in some articles.

A Thief was writing about his girlfriend who loved nature and referenced a treasure chest in Lake Darmont that had a high probability of dropping really good jewelry.

As for the exact location, the Thief was a little stingy with the details.

Fortunately, the Lake area wasn’t large and Lu Li only searched for half an hour before finding the chest.

The chest was next to a large stone. Most of it was covered in sand and it appeared to be a Silver Chest.

Lu Li’s Unlock skill was level 2 which meant that it couldn’t open Silver Chests. If he wanted to do so, he would need to waste an extra skill point. Skill Points were even more valuable than equipment, so Lu Li felt rather pained. He could only take comfort in the fact that he might get something even better in the future.

This wasn’t just a mere act of self-comfort.

Silver and above Chests could drop treasure maps which were worth a lot of money.

Now that he had solved the issue of Unlock, the only other problem was the two large lobsters next to the chest.

However, Lu Li had prepared for this earlier; he rummaged through his bag to find the Scarlet Library Dog Whistle. This was the item that Lu Li had coaxed from Hachi Chan. He didn’t need to worry about how the whistle could be blown under water – this was a game, after all. Moreover, Lu Li didn’t even need to blow into it.

After the whistle sounded, a palm sized dog appeared in front of him.

The dog was quite intelligent – as soon as it spawned, it tried to escape towards the surface. It wasn’t dumb like its master; it knew that it belonged on land.

Lu Li quickly held onto it.

Little dog, you’re so deep that you might as well resign to your fate.

That’s right, this poor thing was going to be cannon fodder.

The dog unwillingly struggled but was eventually compelled to slowly approach the two big lobsters. The moment it entered their aggro range, it immediately started moving the other way.

Lu Li instructed the dog to take them in the opposite direction, then began to approach the chest.

He didn’t waste any time and immediately cast Unlock onto it.

By the time he received a prompt that the dog had died, Lu Li had already reached into the chest and grabbed whatever was in there. He didn’t have time to see what it was and immediately escaped.

When the two big lobsters discovered that he had stolen something, the chase began.

Could it be that the dog had cursed its owner?

The retribution was coming and it was coming quickly.

As Lu Li escaped, he lamented his heartlessness. He then summoned another dog before him.

Although the dog could run circles around the seal on land, it didn’t stand a chance in the water.

Even though these two lobsters were unforgiving, buying a moment’s time could keep him alive.

Eventually, the chase ended when Lu Li reached a boat and jumped out of the water on it. The lobsters couldn’t help but watch as Lu Li checked out his stolen items.

He had taken a level 45 Axe that was quite strong. It was too bad that it was just a worthless Silver equip.

When he reached level 45, Silver equips simply couldn’t be considered anymore. Silver was likely to be the common rarity of equipment for the majority of players.

When he saw that the other item wasn’t a piece of jewelry, he was disappointed, but when he realized what it was, he was filled with excitement.

Recipe: Advanced Healing Potion

Area: Alchemy

Requirements: Expert (240)

Use: teaches you how to craft Advance Healing Potions.

Advance Healing Potion: Immediately regenerate 300 HP and generate 50 HP per second for the next 10 seconds (Can be interrupted), unlimited by combat, 180 cooldown.

Lu Li had planned to take the time to farm Ogres on the Hillsbrad Hills.

Even if the drop rate was bad, he still needed to do it as the Intermediate Healing Potion was no longer adequate for them.

Who would have that he would suddenly get what he needed? The stars had clearly aligned.

"I found the Advanced Healing Potion Recipe. Find a trusted person to learn it," Lu Li said to Square Root 3. He spoke really casually as if it wasn’t a big deal and that he wasn’t showing off.

"What? Advanced Healing Potion? How?" Square Root 3 was shocked.

The World Announcements were currently buzzing about the Advanced Healing Potion.

It was said that only a low-profile Mage had this recipe. Peerless City had spent a lot of money for an exclusive agreement with him. They would only buy a dozen bottles from him every day.

"Keen this all quiet for now. If Water Fairy finds out, she’ll definitely want it," Lu Li warned.

"Keke, I understand, but Lu Li, if you treat a beautiful lady like that, you might be single for life. Don’t tell me later that I didn’t warn you," Square Root 3 teased, unable to help himself.