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Chapter 414: Assassin’s Quest

Chapter 414: Assassin’s Quest
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"Haha, I don’t know," Lu Li disagreed with a smile. "If you really think that someone like her would be interested in an ordinary person like me, you must be insane."

"Lu Li," Square Root 3 said somewhat seriously, "You cannot offend a tycoon."

"Stop thinking about it. I’ll send the recipe to you soon; find someone reliable for it. After they’ve learned it, they won’t have an opportunity to rest or do Instance Dungeons for a while."

Ruling Sword’s structure hadn’t been fully formalized yet; the professional players still weren’t signed.

Professional players that hadn’t been signed-on usually wouldn’t be given quests that were core to the guild.

In a time when the Advanced Healing Potion had not yet saturated the market, its recipe would only be given to someone they knew they could trust.

Additionally, after they learned how to make the potion, they would need to continually make them as the Elite Group also needed them.

"Relax, I know a few Trade Skill players. I will accept them into the guild." Square Root 3 had been a part of the gaming circle for many years, so he still had many contacts.

Lu Li felt relieved as he put the recipe back into his backpack.

At this time, he realized that the big lobsters had given up on their prey and had long since left.

He slowly descended into the water and began looking for the chest again.

This time it took a little longer. Lu Li spent about an hour before finding a chest among some seaweed. If he hadn’t looked very carefully and didn’t have any chest-hunting experience, he wouldn’t have found it.

He didn’t know what was going to be in it. Lu Li confirmed that the area was free from monsters before moving in to open it.

Dammit, equipment again.

The Treasure Chest gods must have hated him.

Silver Chests always dropped Silver equipment. Alternatively, they could drop Special Equipment or high-grade items that were worth as much as Silver equipment.

Lu Li looted a Warlock Cloth equip and threw it into his backpack before reaching back in. This time, he felt something different. It was actually a necklace.

When Lu Li saw the blue luster of the beads, he let out a long sigh of relief.

However, even after getting what he wanted, he didn’t leave immediately. He searched through both sides of the lake before he reluctantly left when he confirmed that there weren’t any more chests.

After returning to Southshore, Lu Li first sent Square Root 3 the recipe and then went to the tavern with the necklace.

The tavern’s business wasn’t as good as the last time Lu Li was here; there were only a few players sitting around. Some were gossiping and others were reading books that Lu Li hadn’t seen before.

The people here were mostly the elderly; the younger people were usually too worried about missing out to stay here.

The owner was lying on the counter sleeping, his snores echoing in the room.

The Hostess was also sitting bored by the counter, rolling a coin around in her fingers. Her expression was quite gloomy and Lu Li could barely see the Black Dragon.

As Lu Li came in, she put the coin away.

"Hey, elf. What do you want to drink?" The Hostess greeted Lu Li like she didn’t know him and handed him a cup of wine before he even responded.

The seat that Lu Li chose was quite far from everyone else. He took the wine and downed it then said, "Another, thanks."

"Looks like you really do like wine. Can you buy me one?" the Hostess asked with a smile.

"It would be my pleasure." Lu Li obviously wouldn’t refuse.

The Hostess brought over two cups. She gave one to Lu Li and sat down with her own.

"This is to thank you for last time. I stumbled across this little thing and I have no use for it. I hope you like it," Lu Li said as he took the necklace and put it on the table.

The Hostess didn’t care at first, but became interested when she noticed the luster of the necklace.

When she saw the item’s level, it was clear that she liked the gift, "Since its useless to you, I’ll take it, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have to pay for these three cups of wine."

"I’m glad that you like it. If I go back there, I’ll see if there are any more."

Lu Li didn’t have to worry about her not liking him anymore. In fact, the relationship between him and the Hostess was quite good now.

Otherwise, the Hostess wouldn’t have helped him fight the monster.

The two of them didn’t say much otherwise. They just talked about the where the necklace had come from. Lu Li told the truth, but omitted the fact that he had gone there deliberately for this item.

After finishing the wine, a new guest game in and the Hostess got up to leave.

Lu Li peeled the paper off the bottom of the glass and left the tavern after paying for his drink.

Quest: Assassination.

Goal: 10 Syndicate Emblems

Description: The Syndicate is the Thief organization of the evil aristocracy. These aristocrats can be found all over the kingdom. According to the latest news, a group of Syndicate members are gathering in the ruins of Dunholde Castle at the South East of Tarren Mill. Collect at least 10 Syndicate Emblems from them.

Members of the Syndicate must die!

Quest Requirements: Complete immediately. The number of participants cannot exceed three.

Quest Delivery: Your Contact.

Quest Reward: EXP, Prestige, Equipment.

Fortunately, he hadn’t been asked to assassinate the aristocrats. Although they weren’t that strong, they often had very powerful guards protecting them.

Lu Li felt like this had to do with the gift he had just given the hostess.

Of course, this quest couldn’t be easily completed. Syndicate members were level 35 monsters, which meant they were four levels higher than he was. This would weaken his Stealth Effect.

Against such a group, Lu Li’s Cheat Shot was his only chance.

Fortunately, he could invite helpers, but he could only take two of them. Who was he going to invite?

If he took Moonlight and March Rain, it would probably be a tough battle as they didn’t have Cheap Shot like him.

At this time, his communication device rang.

Was it Square Root 3? Had he found someone who could make the potion already?

Unexpectedly, the call was from the tycoon Water Fairy.

"I have already told Wandering to send you the strategy," Lu Li said first. He was a little scared of Water Fairy.

Water Fairy was actually a decent person. She had helped him by lend her equipment to him so that he could defeat Glory Capital. She was forthcoming, generous and beautiful… so it was difficult for Lu Li to refuse her all the time, especially now that they were allies.

"There are other things I could be calling you about you know." Water Fairy was silent for a moment before she continued, "But thank you for the strategy. We have completed the Instance Dungeon. I’m asking for something else."

"Oh, what is it?" Lu Li was a little annoyed at Wandering. Didn’t he tell him not to give it to her so soon?

He was probably paralyzed when he ran into her, which was consistent with his normal attitude towards females.

Ruling Sword’s Elite Group was still struggling to complete it while Water Fairy’s team was the second to complete the Instance Dungeon. In the situation where they both had the same amount of information, Drizzle Court’s Elite Group was far stronger than Ruling Sword’s.