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Chapter 415: Changing Equipment

Chapter 415: Changing Equipment
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"I have a quest that I need help with. Does an expert such as yourself have time?" Water Fairy sounded sheepish. Although it was a difficult quest, she still wasn’t keen on asking Lu Li for help.

She had initially wanted to find someone from within the guild, but the Drizzle Court president encouraged her to ask Lu Li.

The reason was so that the relationship between alliances could deepen.

But was it really necessary? It wasn’t as though Drizzle Court would be unable to continue without the strategies.

However, the strategies did make their lives much easier.

When the other players saw how this couple was doing, they wanted a taste of their comfortable life.

As everyone knew, an alliance had been formed between Ruling Sword and Drizzle Court. This prompted many players who were still doing the Scarlet Monastery to enviously call Lu Li and Water Fairy a couple.

Elevenless: The couple are definitely in cahoots – Drizzle Court has just broken the record for the Instance Dungeon.

Tracer: Are our strategists just sitting around? How are they so far ahead?

Faker Than Wind: Now that this couple exists, things are even more troublesome… ugh…

Blood Dagger: Drizzle Court has broken the record, but the Instance Dungeon has only been completed twice. It looks like they have the strategy. Over time, they are going to get even more popular.

Sorrowless: Don’t worry about them – this kind of popularity is useless. I actually hoped that Drizzle Court would somehow get the strategy. Water Fairy isn’t dumb; she wouldn’t be so short sighted.

Drizzle Court had broken the record right after Ruling Court had completed it, and in doing so, had caused some commotion. However, this couldn’t be compared to when Lu Li got the First Clear. All that had happened was the news of the couple spreading around the gaming circle.

Water Fairy didn’t know about this as no one dared to say it to her.

Otherwise, she definitely would have tried everything in her power to kill these rumors.

Being a famous female tycoon with otherworldly attractiveness and a vicious personality meant that she would have no problems with killing anyone hundreds of times.

"So, are you going to help?" She hadn’t heard a response from Lu Li yet and was a little irritated.

There were very few people who were so rude to her. They were already allies and he still needed to think for so long about this matter.

"Contact me when the time comes; I’ll definitely help you then if I can. I have also received the Molds you have sent me. I see that there is a Plague Water which is used to make the Blackwolf Spellblade…" Lu Li had become a little distracted.

"Is that a problem?" Water Fairy sounded calm.

"Uh, can we arrange something so that I can have the Plague Water? I will give you a dagger with good attributes," Lu Li said, obviously entranced by this material.

The materials for his next upgrade of the Supreme Ring were just too rare. So far, he had only collected one to two of the required items. As such, when he saw the items that Water Fairy had sent, he immediately wanted them.

"Oh, there’s no need. It wouldn’t be good for us to exchange a material for an equip," Water Fairy sincerely refused.

"That’s okay, I don’t mind," Lu Li replied in visible shocked.

This woman was obviously doing this on purpose; she wanted him to beg for it.

"There is a Thief in our guild that really wants the Blackwolf Spellblade. If I give this material to you, he will be very disappointed," Water Fairy said, barely holding in her laughter. You could almost hear the smile on her face in her voice.

The vengeful nature of this woman was very scary. Lu Li had refused to sell the strategy to her twice and so she had made fun of him twice.

In fact, the Blackwolf Spellblade was rather bad.

Lu Li had actually given her the list of rare materials that he wanted. When she received it, she initially wanted to sell them to him. However, she deliberately beat around the bush to make him feel uncomfortable.

Lu Li clenched his teeth. He had to hold back his anger, or else the tycoon would feel an even higher sense of achievement.

"Look at these two pieces of equipment. You can pick any one of them for the material."

Corrupted Fang (Perfect Silver Grade): 24-36 Damage, Agility +16, Strength +6, Critical Chance +8%, Special Effect 1: Chance to apply 20% Armor Pierce when attacking, lasts for 15 seconds. Special Effect 2: Chance to summon a Phantom when attacking. Phantom has 30% of player’s attack damage, lasts for 20 seconds. Level Requirement: Level 25, Durability 50/50.

Abyssal Poison Fang (Gold): Damage 26-32, Agility +18, Strength +10, Special Effect 1: Critical Hit +12%, Special Effect 2: All attributes +20 after a Critical Hit has been achieved, 30 second duration and 30 second cooldown. Special Effect 3: Continuously attacking the same target five times will cause the fifth attack to deal 5x damage, 30 second cooldown. Equipment Requirement: Level 30. Durability: 65/65.

Lu Li sent over the attributes of both daggers he was currently using.

To an ordinary person, no material would be worth more than either of these daggers.

The level 25 Silver dagger was not to be underestimated. If you could attack with it, you would discover that it was actually on par with the second one. Perfect Silver equipment could only be produced with Molds and at this point of the game, it required the player to be very lucky.

Lu Li could hear Water Fairy’s gasp in the communicator.

"Are you selling?"

"I already told you I want to trade," Lu Li responded.

"What is Plague Water used for that you would trade it for these daggers?" Water Fairy was implying that he was insane…

"It’s very important for one of my quests."

Lu Li also knew that this trade was a loss for him, but he had an even more exquisite dagger in his bag pack so he didn’t really mind. More importantly, the Plague Water was just too precious to him.

The probability of this item dropping in the wild was just too small.

Lu Li didn’t want to ask all of Ruling Sword to go into the wild to look for this item.

"This can’t work; you lose too much this way."

Water Fairy still had her pride. She didn’t mind taking a deal that was advantageous towards her, but this felt too much like trapping someone. She simply couldn’t accept it.

Furthermore, she also suspected that this man had an ulterior motive.

Beautiful girls tended to know how to protect themselves with the wisdom they learned from growing up in their families.

"How about this – I need to do a quest tonight. If you do the quest with me, we’ll call it even. What do you think?" Lu Li asked.

"Alright, I want the Abyssal Poison Fang," Water Fairy said eagerly.

She had two daggers equipped, but both of them were Silver and were nothing compared to what Lu Li had. Even though there was a gap between Lu Li and her weapons, her weapons were still much better than those of an ordinary player.

"I will wait for you at Southshore in three and a half hours," Lu Li said after looking at the time and thinking of a spot with level 30 monsters to farm.

"What are you going to do now?" Water Fairy asked.

"Farm at Hillsbrad Hills," Lu Li replied as he looked for Southshore’s blacksmith and asked him to mount the Synthetic Stone onto the Shard of the Defiler.

He could have done it himself, but it would not have been as efficient.

In only a dozen seconds, a Shard of the Defiler that only had a level requirement of level 32 was handed back to him. He then lost 5 gold from his bag.

In his previous life, he would have never spent 500 dollars just to save a bit of time.