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Chapter 416: Travelling With Water Fairy

Chapter 416: Travelling With Water Fairy
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"Where are you?"

Lu Li had just finished getting the supplies from his mailbox before Water Fairy messaged him.

Woman, you’re too impatient.

Lu Li looked down at the Abyssal Poison fang in his hand and told Water Fairy his location with a bitter smile.

The tycoon was wearing a veil with a fluttering purple butterfly embroidered on the top of it. It looked like an ordinary prop, but who knew how much money she had spent on it?

"Where’s the dagger?"

Watery Fairy got straight to the point; she was completely focused on getting the dagger. How could a girl like this be one of the most beautiful women in the world?

"Here," Lu Li said, as he transferred the dagger in a trade.

"Wow, this dagger is really pretty and its attributes are also good." Water Fairy was also very concerned with its outward appearance.

"Can I borrow the dagger that you are swapping out?" Lu Li had already put the spare daggers that he received from the Instance Dungeon into the guild warehouse and didn’t know if some Thief had already redeemed them.

As a dignified founder of the guild, he couldn’t just go and get the item back from that person.

"You actually don’t have a spare?" Water Fairy’s eyes flickered as she took some joy in Lu Li’s suffering.

"I do have one; I just can’t use it yet," Lu Li said.

"So the Synthetic Stone that you wanted was to reduce the level of some equipment…" Water Fairy suddenly realized. She then blinked for a moment before saying, "Can I see your spare weapon?"

"…" Lu Li looked at her, speechless.

Although they were quite familiar, they weren’t so familiar that he would just show her things for no reason.

The reason he had shared the attributes of his two daggers earlier was for trading purposes.

"You’re already level 31 and you’ll be able to use the dagger soon, which means that it was probably originally level 40. With a 20% decrease in level requirement, you can reduce it to level 32. I’m really curious about it; let me see it," she said with a level of entitlement. She had been born with a golden spoon and there were countless people around her all to time that obeyed her.

In this moment, the words that she spoke made her seem like a spoiled brat.

She didn’t realize it and Lu Li didn’t really care, but those who were close to her didn’t dare to bring it up.

Perhaps Lu Li was so strong that he had unwittingly become someone who was equal or even greater than her in her mind.

"It’s not that much better than what you already have," Lu Li habitually played it down.

"Lu Li, you’re really annoying you know. You always skimp on girls and it’s so obvious when you do it. And you wonder why you’re an orphan?" Water Fairy was fuming.

"I don’t know anyone who wants to be an orphan."

Lu Li equipped the dagger that Water Fairy gave him and said, "If there isn’t anything else, I would like to go levelling."

"I’m coming," Water Fairy replied as she sent a request to join his party. "I’m level 30, so I won’t hold you back."

Lu Li hesitated for a moment before thinking about the consequences of rejecting her. He had done it twice and he didn’t want to do it again. He reluctantly accepted while reiterating, "I don’t really like talking when I’m farming. Efficiency is number one for me so I hope you can keep up."

"Damn you, you loner." Water Fairy followed him as they both left the safe area.

The levelling experience was quite boring but Water Fairy’s performance exceeded Lu Li’s expectations. Her technique was good, but they also had an impressive level of coordination together.

After clearing out a group of mobs, Water Fairy immediately cast Cheap Shot on another monster and they quickly reduced it into EXP.

Even if you included the time taken to find a monster, it only took them about 5 minutes to kill one.

This was even easier than when Lu Li was farming alone.

In three and a half hours, it was time for Lu Li to start the quest and he was only 12% away from reaching level 32.

On the rankings at the moment, the second player was Lonesome Flower, who had not yet reached level 31.

"I know a place where we can farm even faster; do you want to go tomorrow?" Water Fairy was comfortable farming here, but couldn’t help but invite him.

"Where is it?" Lu Li asked.

"Theramore’s Fall."

Lu Li looked at the tycoon with surprise, not expecting this name to come up.

Of course, he knew about Theramore’s Fall level 35 mud monsters. They yielded high EXP and would come in groups of seven or eight.

However, these mobs weren’t necessarily easy to deal with. They had a quick refresh rate, so it was difficult for most average players. They also had a certain probability of exploding upon death, which dealt a lot of damage.

However, most importantly, these mud-covered monsters were distressing to look at and smelled rancid. How could Water Fairy, a beautiful woman, think of farming monsters like that?

"Are you coming or what? If not, I’ll just find someone else," Water Fairy said impatiently.

"I’ll go. Contact me tomorrow morning; I need to do my quest now."

Lu Li didn’t refuse. It was going to be very difficult to find someone who had synergy with him in Ruling Sword.

Only Thieves could farm at Theramore’s Fall.

Two Thieves could crowd-control the monsters in such a way that they wouldn’t explode on death.

Water Fairy had a look of curiosity on her face as Lu Li led her to his quest, which was South East of the Tarren Mill in the Ruins of Dunholde Castle. This was the place where the Horde’s Chief Saar had grown up, but it was now destroyed.

"Stealth," Lu Li whispered as he signaled Water Fairy to hide in the shadows.

"What do we need to do?" Water Fairy sat near Lu Li and was very curious about his quest. If this guy needed help, it definitely wouldn’t be an easy quest.

"We’ll run into some Syndicate guards soon. There will be a Mage and possibly a Thief. We need to work together to quietly kill them," Lu Li said then added seriously, "This quest is very important me; don’t screw it up."

"Will they call their companions otherwise?" Water Fairy immediately understood his point.

"That is a real possibility," Lu Li hadn’t joined the Assassin’s League in his last life so he didn’t know anything about this quest. He didn’t even know what kind of monsters they were going to fight.

It would be best if they were just ordinary monsters. If they were elite, they might be in trouble.

A level 35 Elite monster would be four levels higher than Lu Li. At that point, he would definitely need someone’s help.

The two of them covertly moved through the ruins and quickly found their target. There were a few hundred people here and they were camping out in the area, but it didn’t look like they were going to move anytime soon.

When they ran into these people, both players immediately stopped. Lu Li had previously mentioned that there could be a Thief.

Only a Thief could fully appreciate the terror of another Thief.

"You stand behind me," Water Fairy wrote to him.

The text chat was to prevent a nearby Thief from hearing them. In an environment like this, even quiet whispers were a death wish.

"Why are you at the front? I’m a higher level than you." Lu Li didn’t trust her.

"It’s just one level; my equipment is better than yours." Water Fairy was very strong and couldn’t really accept being behind someone. She didn’t want to just be a supporting player.

"Stop fussing – do you think your equipment makes you better than me?" Lu Li was speechless.