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Chapter 418: A Big Sale

Chapter 418: A Big Sale
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"It doesn’t matter. I doubt you would choose to join a bad faction anyway. Say it, what’s your price?" Water Fairy said without hesitation. She didn’t place her confidence in Ravenholdt Manor, but instead, she placed her confidence in Lu Li’s choice.

"Do you solve everything with money?" Lu Li suddenly felt like he didn’t like the way she spoke.

This was something that was hard for him to imagine; he didn’t really understand why either. Indeed, he did like money, and as long as money was involved, everything was negotiable.

Besides Lu Xin, what could possibly be more important in this world than money?

However, he quickly dismissed his feelings. Before Water Fairy got to speak, he gestured with his hands and said, "500,000 first. No refunds, no matter what happens, and another 500,000 on top after it’s done.

A million dollars for a guide – other people probably would’ve thought that he was crazy.

In 2015, the entire gaming industry raked in a total of 900 billion USD. After two hundred years had passed, this number had multiplied and the gaming industry had become the largest contributor to the entertainment industry. However, only a small amount of the rich people would be willing to pay a million dollars to play a game.


Water Fairy happened to be one of those rich people; she didn’t even try to lower the price.

"We’ll talk while doing the quest."

Lu Li had just sealed a big deal, but he barely felt happy.

In order not to attract unnecessary attention, they played the game safely and only engaged when they ran into a good chance. They spent most of the time in Stealth mode as they waited for their chance, and only killed three Syndicates after an hour.

"In order to join the Assassin League..." Lu Li began to explain his strategies to Water Fairy.

"What’s the Assassin League?" Water Fairy asked.

"The Assassin League refers to the Ravenholdt Manor, or perhaps the Ravenholdt Manor is a part of the Assassin League, but this is only my guess." Since they couldn’t rush the quest, Lu Li was patient.

Messages were sent with their consciousness. It was silent and wasn’t troublesome either.

"Assassin League…The name sounds pretty cool; it feels like it’s suitable for Thieves. You even told me it’s not good." Water Fairy immediately liked it as soon as she heard the name.

"Thieves are the same as Assassins." Lu Li felt tired talking to girls – they were already off topic.

"Continue. How do I join?" Water Fairy asked.

"You need a Ravenholdt Emblem first. Something like this," Lu Li said as he waved the Syndicate Emblem in his hands.

"So I need to kill recruits from Ravenholdt Manor to loot the emblem?"

It sounded simple and the guide didn’t sound like it was worth a million, but Water Fairy didn’t think that Lu Li would lie for his money. Gaming masters had their own pride.

"We’re only getting these emblems because we have a quest, and these are quest items too. Once you attack someone from the Ravenholdt Manor, you’d instantly become an enemy. How would you join the faction then," Lu Li said, shaking his head.

"Then what should I do instead? I’ll listen to you." Water Fairy responded.

"All of the compulsory quests to join the Ravenholdt Manor are in Southshore. The hostess of the Southshore is in charge of the Alliance players, while the Thief Skills Trainer in Tarren Mill is for the Horde faction..."

He didn’t bother suggesting to Water Fairy to find Doan. Doan didn’t have a good chance to drop the emblem and the average teams weren't capable of completing the dungeon in Nightmare mode either.

"Do you mean we’ll send people to keep an eye on these two?" Water Fairy asked, her eyes glistening.

"Do you want me to talk, or do you want to do the talking?" Lu Li felt a little weak; the girl was too smart.

He spent the majority of his time with girls like Hachi Chan and Remnant Dream, who were both cute, but not too smart. It was hard for him to adjust to talking to someone like Water Fairy, who always managed to finish his sentences for him.

"You do the talking." Water Fairy secretly rolled her eyes.

And he claims that he wasn’t chauvinistic.

"Send someone to keep watch all the time. As soon as the target is found, we’ll both act on it." Lu Li coughed for a bit before he continued, "You have some people in the Horde faction too, right? Keeping watch shouldn’t be too hard for you."

"No problem at all. What’s after?"

"You’ll have to wait for news. The emblem is an item that will definitely drop. We just have to wait for the target; there’s no where they’d be able to escape," Lu Li said.

Even Sorrowless wouldn’t be able to make it out alive with two of the best Thieves targeting him.

As he explained the guide for Ravenholdt Manor to Water Fairy, they also harvested the lives of the Syndicates. One by one, these unlucky characters turned into experience for the two Thieves.

Eventually, there were only two Syndicate Emblems left until the quest was completed.

"There’s about half an hour left until the game time for today is over. Should we get closer," Water Fairy asked Lu Li as she hid in the bushes.

"Be patient."

They had killed almost everything in the outer circle, but the monsters were closer together in the inner circle. They had encountered a Syndicate Thief previously, and had only managed to stay hidden because Lu Li was quick enough and used a Cheap Shot on his target with his cape.

Water Fairy turned her head to look at the calm face of Lu Li; she felt like he wasn’t brave at all.

Most guys would try to act brave and make themselves look good in front of girls.

The firewood wasn’t dry enough and the campfires made a constant crackling noise. Quite a few Syndicate recruits had already entered the tent to rest and night patrols had started to take action. They didn’t notice that they had lost eight comrades.

"Kill the one beside the campfire," Lu Li whispered.

"Isn’t it too dangerous to get near the campfire?" Water Fairy disagreed.

Just when she thought he was conservative, he had suddenly become radical.

"His comrades are all patrolling now. That position is the blind spot for the others. The distance is further too. If we be careful, we should fine." Lu Li didn’t care if he was conservative or radical – all he saw was his chance.

Water Fairy nodded her head and successfully used Cheap Shot after she snuck closer.

There was only the sound of a dagger entering flesh that echoed in the air. The Syndicate Guard was entirely controlled by the two Thieves.

Kidney Strike proved its worth in this situation.


Lu Li didn’t expect the guard to drop his sword and make such a big noise.

Shouldn’t the guard have been holding onto his sword tightly even after his death?

"Who’s there?" Following a loud shout, the entire Syndicate camp erupted into activity.


Water Fairy jumped into the ruins on the side and quickly left her original spot.

Magic and arrows flew by, and people ran around frantically. Although these Syndicate characters weren’t strong as individuals, they were all experienced. They tracked them down based on their scent and voices.

Water Fairy ran fast, not daring to stay in her spot and let herself be surrounded by level 35 monsters.

After a few turns, she finally got rid of her pursuers. When she turned around, she realized that Lu Li wasn’t following behind her like usual.

"Did he die?" Water Fairy scratched her head in confusion.