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Chapter 422: Right Or Wrong

Chapter 422: Right Or Wrong
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When they arrived at North Point Tower, the battle had already begun. Ogre Trainers were herding Blood Fang Raptors, and were charging towards the Alliance defence.

"How come there are so little people?" Water Fairy was confused.

She had imagined hundreds and thousands of players participating in the event, similar to Meisnera Outpost.

However, she only saw 30 or so players participating.

"Only players level 30 and above received the system notification. Players under level 30 do not receive the notification and cannot participate in the event. Theramore’s Fall is very…" Lu Li explained as he gave her a look of ‘I told you so’.

The map was very difficult to train at and the monsters were disgusting, so most players preferred to level up elsewhere. The fact that almost 30 players had turned up to the event was quite unexpected.

"What should we do?" They had arrived late and their path to the outpost was blocked off by the battle.

"Let’s loop around from the river and stay down low. We don’t want the archers at the tower to mistake us for the enemy," Lu Li reminded her as he led the way. They went all the way around and followed the nearby river.

The patrolling NPC guards saw the two Alliance players and let their guard down.

They entered the outpost and met Captain Darrell, who was ready to give out the quest. Standing next to him was Unforgettable Maple who held a long pole.

Unforgettable Maple was a star player from Majin Temple, and was also known as the most famous Mage in the game. Even though Sorrowless was considered as a top Mage player, Unforgettable Maple was still known as the Mage God.

"If it isn’t the scum… cough, cough, Lu Li and Water Fairy."

The phrase ‘scumbag couple’ almost slipped out of Unforgettable Maple’s mouth but he quickly recovered smoothly.

"The Mage God is here as well?" Lu Li chuckled and accepted the quest.

"I’ll go ahead. You guys take your time." Unforgettable Maple left after greeting them, not planning on joining their party. Thieves were a solo class and didn’t go well with Mages in terms of team composition.

Darrell’s Blessing: Attack +20%, Defence +20%, certain chance to ignore target defence.

This buff was probably given to balance out the level difference between the level 30 players and level 40 monsters.

By the time Lu Li and Water Fairy had left after accepting the quest, Unforgettable Maple was already outside and was busy casting Blizzard. Mages had it easy in these types of events because they could stand from afar and cast AOE skills without risking their lives.

Lu Li and Water Fairy looked at each other, then jumped down and began fighting.

Unlike Unforgettable Maple, they were both melee classes and had to get close to their targets in order to deal damage.

They chose a corner where the battle was less intense with less monsters and more players.

It was difficult to assassinate someone with so many players around. Lu Li and Water Fairy went into Stealth mode and snuck behind a Paladin.

Paladins had high defence as well as healing, so if Lu Li was alone, there would be no chance of killing him in one combo.

However, Lu Li was with another expert Thief who had comparable damage to him.

The poor Paladin didn’t even have the chance to turn around and see who had assassinated him before he was instantly turned into a corpse.

The Horde players immediately turned towards the two and began ganging up on them.

Everyone participating had to be level 30 and above, so they were all considered to be the top players in the game.

Lu Li and Water Fairy both escaped immediately without hesitation.

The horde players were too afraid to chase after them and continued attacking the Alliance defence begrudgingly.

With the two expert Thieves lurking near them, the Horde players became very intimidated. Even though they were tightly-packed and stood close to one another, they felt like they were the wildebeests being hunted by lions on the savanna. The fear drove them to become toxic and they began insulting the two Alliance Thieves.

"You guys are so shameless. You guys preach about justice and righteousness yet you lurk in the shadows and hide away!" a Tauren shouted with his deep voice."Come out if you dare to PVP me!"

Lu Li ignored him because he knew that if he revealed himself, it would be certain death.

"You guys stole the cargo from the Dawn ship and killed off all the crewmen. You’ve even captured captain Ithania. Who knows how she’s doing now. Are you going to take the side of evildoers…?" The Tauren was very well spoken and was probably on the debating team at his school. He explained the details of the event from beginning to end.

"?" Water Fairy looked at Lu Li with a confused expression.

"!" Lu Li nodded to signal that the Tauren was telling the truth.

In reality, the Light and Evil Faction were simply the names given to the two factions. Neither factions were always right or wrong. Although the Horde had a reputation of being the savages in Dawn, Humans had committed equally ruthless things in the past. Even the Elves and High Elves had a history of mass killing of the innocent.

Water Fairy became discouraged and unhappy.

The beautiful girl had a strong sense of justice, and was very strong-willed and opinionated.

"It’s just a game. Besides, who knows where they got the cargo on the ship from? Maybe they slaughtered a town and took all their possessions with them. There are many savage Horde pirates that would kill innocent people for their money and possession," Lu Li consoled.

He consoled her because of the bond that they had formed in the past two days of training together.

"What if we secretly released Ithania or whatever her name is?" Water Fairy suggested.

"Uh…" Lu Li was speechless.

Why is it that girls always have a different mindset from guys?

His little sister would also come up with ridiculous ideas that would never cross Lu Li’s mind.

"Who cares about the reward? If you really want the reward, then I’ll pay you to help me," Water Fairy said as she stared at Lu Li expectantly.

Once she made up her mind, she would do anything to complete it, no matter how difficult it was.

"It’s just a game and this is just a quest. Look at all the players around you – none of them care about why they’re fighting," Lu Li emphasized again.

"How can you be so cold-blooded?" Water Fairy heard Lu Li’s response and felt like she had been wronged.

"Stop. Can we not fight about this stupid matter?" Lu Li was speechless again.

In reality, it wouldn’t matter to him at all whether they completed the quest or not. It was just a simple Outpost Defend quest, and the rewards would most likely be some EXP and a crappy piece of gear.