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Chapter 423: Two Boss Battles

Chapter 423: Two Boss Battles
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"Oh, my bad." Water Fairy realized that she had crossed the line after she spoke.

She and Lu Li weren’t that close. They have had several exchanges, but they were basically transactions between two guilds as allies. They didn’t really have a personal friendship.

"Don’t worry about it." Lu Li didn’t mind and explained, "These Outpost Guards belong to Theramore. Their leader is Jaina. Although Jaina is hated by the Alliance because she allowed her father General Proudmoore to be killed by the Horde, she is one of the most dangerous people to offend in Dawn."

As the Scourge spread, Jaina followed her teacher Antonidas to investigate the plague of the Eastern Plaguelands.

They came across a prophet who pleaded with Antonidas to lead the people of Lordaeron to the West to Kalimdor. Antonidas regarded this prophet as a madman, but Jaina could feel his strength and felt like his warning should be heeded.

The chain of events that followed were quite complex, but simply put, the prophet’s predictions came true, one after another.

Prince Arthas was betrayed, Lordaeron was left in ruins and the entire kingdom was ravaged by the Scourge.

Jaina was finally convinced that the prophet was right and tried to find him.

The name of this prophet was Medivh, son of Aegweynn. He was also the one who had that taught Lu Li the Crow Transformation. After his mother, he was one of the most formidable Mages in Dawn.

Medivh encouraged Jaina to lead her people across the sea and go west into Kalimdor.

Jaina listened to his advice, gathered some Lordaeron fugitives and Kirin Tor Mages, and defeated the Orcs there. With Medivh acting as a mediator, she and the Horde Chief Saar established an alliance.

Not long after, Theramore was established. The city was bigger than Astrana and its ports were very well developed.

Later, Jaina, Saar, Malfurion, Tyrande participated in the Battle for Mount Hyjal against Archimonde, eventually defeating this character from the Burning Legion.

Jaina and Arthas were once a couple. Chief Saar respected and admired her while Medivh stood by her side.

In the Adjudicating Assembly set up by the Kirin Tor Mages, Jaina held a very powerful position. She also made up the majority of the Mages’ power in the Alliance.

If they offended a person like that, not only would be unable to play the game, but they would also be troubled wherever they went.

Moreover, both Lu Li and Water Fairy weren’t ordinary players – there were tens of thousands of players behind both of them. As such, whatever happened to them would have vast consequences.

"What now?" Water Fairy was unwilling, but showed some discretion.

"Keep fighting. You should have no problems killing players from the other faction, right?" Lu Li said, trying to lighten the atmosphere with a light-hearted comment.

Water Fairy rolled her eyes and cast Cheat Shot on a Thief that was trying to steal something.

Killing players in this field was actually quite worthwhile. Not only did they receive Glory Points, but they also gained equipment. Moreover, this place wasn’t filled with newbies, so any drops were worth thousands.

Lu Li, Water Fairy and Unforgetful Maple were all Star players. By coordinating with a few Alliance players, they managed to kill more than a dozen Horde members. The strength gap was simply too wide so there was no suspense in the fight.

After killing all the players, they began to deal with the rest.

Lu Li dashed behind an elite Ogre and cast Premeditation, then Cheap Shot to accumulate star points and cause Crowd Control. Following this, he struck it with a Backstab.

A damage value that was a little over 100 appeared over the Ogre’s head.

These level 40 Elite Ogres wielded large clubs. When Lu Li was struck with one, a bright red -678 appeared over his head. Over a third of his HP had suddenly disappeared.

The Warlock next to him didn’t have as much HP and turned white immediately after he was hit. The Ogre that had attacked him then turned its head and looked at Lu Li.

Lu Li’s senses began to tingle as his boots flashed and he teleported away.

He already couldn’t fight one, so if there were two together, he would definitely die.

The two ogres lost their target, which meant the next nearest Alliance player was going to suffer. One player that didn’t run away was quickly sandwiched by them.

The Ogres were under the leadership of King Mok’Morokk. He was participating in this battle as the spokesman for Rexxar, who had given him leadership over this tribe.

Although Rexxar was a mix between an Orc and an Ogre, he was Saar’s ally. He had teamed up with Demon Scout Rokhan and Pandaren Traveler Chen to protect Orgrimmar against Daelin Proudmoore’s attack.

In that fight, he had served as the commander.

If the Outpost they had to defend was attacked by Rexxar, Lu Li would have walked away.

Rexxar and his beloved brown bear Misha were definitely not something the players could contend with at this stage of the game. All of them would die, no matter how many of them there were.

"Gather the injured; don’t go too deep," Lu Li reminded.

"The EXP is so good!" Water Fairy exclaimed in satisfaction.

"Couldn’t we be killing the mud monsters?" Lu Li disagreed, not particularly interested in this defensive battle. The level difference between the players meant that their contributions were limited.

After fighting for over half an hour, both sides had dozens of injured players.

At this time, King Morokk finally came to the forefront. He stood at the front of the Outpost tower and fiercely slammed his mace into the fence. Wood chips flew everywhere as the whole fence was almost completely destroyed.

Sergeant Lukas held up his big sword and steadied himself.

King Morokk reached Lukas in three steps and smashed into him. Lu Li could immediately see the vast difference in power as Sergeant Lukas was sent flying and bitterly hit the tower wall.

Although he had lost the direct fight, Lukas wasn’t dead yet. Captain Darill now stepped up, also carrying a large sword and holding it firmly against the opposition.

"Hand over Ithania, shameless humans," King Morokk’s boomed in a thunderous voice.

"She was involved in the massacre of our village and must be tried!" Captain Darill refused, unwilling to give in. These Ogres had more brute force, but his excellent fighting skills put him in a strong position.

However, there were also some weaknesses to his fighting.

"This is slanderous!" King Morokk seemed to know that it wasn’t an issue that could be discussed and completely dropped it to fight Captain Darill directly.

The victory slowly tilted towards the Ogres as they were brutally bred to be warriors.

At this time, Lukas returned to the battlefield once again, fighting side by side with his master to resist King Morokk. As others also collided together in melee battle, the casualties grew.