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Chapter 424: Freely Swapping Between Factions

Chapter 424: Freely Swapping Between Factions
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Unforgetful Maple, who was hiding above, felt envious, not wanting to continue attacking the ‘small monsters’. The other monsters could give him the same amount of EXP in half an hour that he would normally gain after farming for a day.

He charged up Frostbolt and fired it at King Morokk.

Most of the damage being dealt to him was pitiful. Only when he was affected by Ignore Defence would an attack deal more than two digits.

King Morokk’s had over 500,000 HP, which was three times more a regular Instance Dungeon Boss. Due to his race, he had many different auras and commanded two armies. He even had the resources to target Unforgetful Maple.

The Mage thought that his higher position was safe, so he didn’t even realize that he had been targeted.

A javelin appeared in King Morokk’s hand and was thrown towards him at lightning speed. Given the arc of the javelin, Lu Li already knew Unforgetful Maple’s fate.

However, a Druid immediately appeared from behind his corpse to Resurrect him.

This guy had a cunning plan – keeping a Druid behind him at all times to Resurrect him whenever he needed it.

Unfortunately for him, while he hesitated on whether he should call for backup, King Morokk threw another javelin.

Unforgetful Maple died again, but the Druid did not run away. Soon enough, another javelin pierced the Druid in the chest and instantly turned him into a corpse as well.

Lu Li and Water Fairy, who were initially indecisive, now had their answer. In their current circumstance, a battle between level 40 monsters wasn’t something that they could interfere in.

The presence of other players in the area had been completely eliminated by Lu Li and Water Fairy.

"Let’s leave; it’s too dangerous." Lu Li was always risk averse and had already begun to retreat.

"What about the quest? Have we completed it?" Water Fairy asked.

"Who knows? If the tower isn’t destroyed then you’ll succeed. Otherwise, you’ll fail. You’ll just lose some reputation but it’s not a big deal." Lu Li wasn’t really counting on the Alliance to win.

Water Fairy nodded and left the battlefield with Lu Li.

It was too dangerous to advance, so they could only retreat. The two people quietly made their way to the Outpost.

"Wait, let’s look for Ithania. Pay attention to the guards in this Outpost. If there is anyone, do not act rashly," Lu Li said as he indicated for Water Fairy to split up.

"Relax, this isn’t my first time," Water Fairy grinned as she brandished her dagger.

They looked through the rooms, two at a time. Lu Li eventually found Ithania locked in the basement and sent a message to Water Fairy.

"Why aren’t there any guards?" Water fairy asked.

"The Alliance forces must have been inadequate. Ithania was injured so there was no one guarding her, although, the guard could be a Thief," Lu Li said quietly.

"What then?" Water Fairy frowned. She couldn’t think of a way out of this situation.

"I’ll go try. You keep a look out," Lu Li said.

"Lu Li, you better not mess this up," Water Fairy reminded. She knew the gravity of the situation, so she wasn’t sympathetic like when they had first started.

It wasn’t that she didn’t have compassion – it was that the risk of loss was too great.

For a second-rate guild like Drizzle Court to become what it was today, the Boss behind it all must have made very few mistakes.

Lu Li sighed as he realized there was no way to do this without revealing a secret of his. However, it wasn’t really much of a secret anymore as everyone knew about it.

He took out the Deception Orb from his bag and turned into an Undead!

He could have become another race from the Horde Faction, but in order to further reveal the secret, he chose something that everyone had already seen before.

Lu Li had used this form to assassinate Sorrowless. After a thorough analysis, everyone now knew it was one of Lu Li’s items.

With the Deception Orb, Lu Li could freely swap between Factions. He could only be detected by someone who was really overpowered.

"How did you do that…?" Water Fairy knew it was possible but had never seen it up close. She had also never seen an item completely change a person’s faction and appearance.

"I’m not selling it," Lu Li said, cutting her off before she could even finish.

"Psht, I hate you." Water Fairy bitterly stomped her foot and obediently continued watching at the look out.

"Sufferable creature."

Lu Li entered the room to find Ithania chained to a rack. The Blood Elf wrinkled her nose and had a look of disgust as she spoke.

To the arrogant High Elves, the Undead were the worst, primarily because they were ugly.

"Hello, Ms. Ithania." Lu Li revealed himself and greeted her with the signature husky voice that was unique to the Undead.

Seeing that no one had rushed over to attack him yet, it appeared like there really was no one guarding the basement.

"You know me? Who sent for me? Was it the King Morokk or the Stormwind Nobility?" Ithania didn’t seem to enjoy the fact that she was being saved. Lu Li could even detect a hint of disgust in her voice.

"Neither. We don’t have much time; let me help you." No locking device could stop Lu Li’s level 3 Unlock.

Ithania must have been tortured as her body was scarred and she had a broken arm. Given the way she looked, she was probably unable to fight.

"Who is outside?" Ithania asked Lu Li after listening.

She still wasn’t fond of Lu Li as a pile of bones, but her attitude had become slightly better. Lu Li started helping her without saying anything more as she hadn’t mentioned any reward yet.

"King Morokk, Captain Darill and Sargeant Lukas are fighting right now. So you want to engage them? Lu Li asked.

"He’s a dirty barbarian. Is there any other way out?’ Ithania seemed to loathe King Morokk the Ogre, which made the doubts in Lu Li’s heart more certain.

Ithania was a very familiar sounding name, but he just couldn’t put his finger on it.

Lu Li could only take it one step at a time, but he had to accelerate the process. This form had a limited time and if he revealed his true self before her, he didn’t know if he would survive, but more importantly, there was no way he would receive a reward.

"Come with me. The guards have mostly left to fight. We can take the back way; there is a river there we can travel across."

From the beginning, Lu Li had already determined an escape route. He didn’t want to get caught committing a traitorous act like this.

Under Water Fairy’s guidance, Lu Li managed to lead the wounded Blood Elf through the Outpost while avoiding a few guards. Eventually, they reached the murky river.

There were actually some archers at the top of the tower, but they didn’t really have the time to look down at them.

They had no idea that a traitor was among them and that their target was being escorted away.