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Chapter 425: Treasure Map

Chapter 425: Treasure Map
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The river wasn’t without its own dangers.

The river crocodile Boss – Ripscale – was level 45 and had very powerful sweep skills which allowed it to easily deal with hundreds of ordinary players.

Fortunately, Ripscale was relatively timid, so it never ventured close to the North Outpost Tower.

Without worries of being attacked by Ripscale, Lu Li and Ithania eventually left the North Outpost Tower range through the river and set foot into the rotten swamp.

"Respected Ms. Ithania, Rattan City is just through here. This is where I will be leaving you."

After half an hour, Lu Li proposed the end of the quest. The outline of Rattan City could be seen from their location.

Lu Li had cheated the Goblin Engineer out of his Bomb Blueprint here.

That blueprint had not only helped him and his friends maintain their lead, but it had also significantly helped them in the Shadow Cup.

He could also say that from that moment, he had completely detached himself from the shadow of his sister’s illness.

"Just here?" Ithania was a little confused.

If this was the quest, the most dangerous part had been completed so why not just fully complete it? There was no danger ahead and fully completing it would yield a greater reward.

"I have other things I need to do." Lu Li dared not go back into Rattan City. Moreover, his current form was about to expire.

There were absolutely no friendly relations between the Night Elves and the Blood Elves.

To put it simply, the earliest Night Elves were known as the High Elves. The High Elves loved magic, which eventually alienated themselves from the Night Elves.

During the first Burning Legion Invasion, the Sun Well exploded and the High Elves, including Queen Azshara were blown into the great sea. There, they eventually evolved into the Naga.

The remaining High Elves were exiled into the Eastern Kingdom where they established themselves in Quel’Thalas.

During the second Burning Legion Invasion, Death Knight Arthas destroyed Quel’Thalas, and the High Elf Prince Kael’thas vowed to exact revenge on the Scourge. He renamed his race as the Blood Elves to commemorate those who had died in the war.

Unfortunately, Prince Kael’thas was lost in his vengeance and was tricked by demons. He was defeated in the outer domain of the Stormwind Fortress before he fled back to his homeland and ultimately died on the roof of his teacher’s house.

The remaining Blood Elves turned to the Horde in the hopes of restoring the Glory of Quel’Thalas.

If Ithania found out that Lu Li was a Night Elf, she would definitely run away because of his race. No matter what had happened, there would always be enmity between her and Lu Li.

Ithania didn’t understand Lu Li stubbornness, but Rattan City was just ahead and she was relatively safe now.

"Ms Ithania, you can rest in Rattan City for a few days. After a while, you can leave by boat. I believe that Rattan City’s mercenaries will be more than happy to send you to back to Silver City," Lu Li said impatiently.

He didn’t have much time left – only 10 minutes now.

"If you interrupt the quest, the rewards will be much smaller." Ithania felt a little touched because she thought Lu Li was a good man and felt like she needed to repay him.

"I promised my friends that I would go on adventure with them. Our meeting time is coming," Lu Li said.

In fact, he was sighing on the inside. Why did the quest reward need to be lower? All this time, he hadn’t received a single notification from the system about the quest.

The Deception Orb was truly quite strong. Not only did change what an ordinary person saw, but it also allowed him to enjoy the same treatment as a Horde player.

Even so, he had never officially received Ithania’s rescue and escort quest.

Seeing that Lu Li insisted on completing the escort quest, Ithania declared the quest to be completed.

Normally, Lu Li would have been prompted to receive Prestige and EXP, but unfortunately, nothing happened. This verified the fact that Lu Li couldn’t use this Orb to complete Horde Quests.

However, he was still expecting Ithania to give him some equipment or item as a reward.

Although there were some time constraints, the task wasn’t a difficult one, but Lu Li still felt entitled to a Gold equipment or a rare Skill Book.

"A whole ship of people died trying to get something from a place on this map," Ithania said as she pulled out her fake arm with her right hand.

Lu Li was dumbfounded as he stared at her.

All this time, he had thought that the Blood Elf had a broken arm. He didn’t expect that it was a fake. Presumably, her interrogators also didn’t find this out as her fake arm was quite realistic.

After removing her fake arm, Ithania pulled out a sheepskin scroll.

From Lu Li’s perspective, this sheepskin scroll wasn’t that old. It wasn’t inscribed with complicated magic and looked just like an ordinary parchment that you could buy for 50 Silver.

What could it be?

"I will give this to you as a reward, but…" Ithania said as she threw the Sheepskin scroll at Lu Li and smiled, "From now on, you might find some trouble."

System: Player Lu Li has obtained the Treasure map of Captain Sanders. Coordinates (1475,2366,43).

Lu Li’s mind was immediately thrown into a fuss.

It was actually a treasure map! No wonder he had thought that the name ‘Ithania’ was very familiar. He couldn’t remember where it came from it at first, but it was from this treasure map.

Every treasure map was unique and held a large sum of wealth, enough to cause a stir in the game.

In fact, without Lu Li’s intervention, Ithania’s release of the first ever Treasure Map would be short lived, only leaving behind legends about the great wealth it contained. After she gave out her treasure map, no one else would ever see it again.

In accordance with the System’s rules, once a Horde player rescued Ithania, the quest reward would be Captain Sander’s treasure map.

Ithania’s ship was sunk by the City of Stormwind and when she escaped, she had come to Thermore’s Fall to ask the Ogres from the Horde for help.

She had over-estimated the friendship of their so-called alliance and when the news of the treasure map was leaked, King Morokk intended to take the map away.

Ithania defeated him and ran away, but eventually fell into the hands of the North Outpost.

Captain Darill of the North Outpost then interrogated Ithiania to try and find out about the map.

Even if she was temporarily safe, it was only temporary. Regardless of whether it was a player or an NPC, they all thought it was worth fighting for.

While Ithania carried the treasure map, the whole world was her enemy, so the only way out was to give it up.