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Chapter 427: Treasure

Chapter 427: Treasure
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"Come and open this suitcase."

Lu Li had tried to open the suitcase but the system told him that he wasn’t allowed to because he didn’t possess the Treasure Map.

Sure enough, after Water Fairy fiddled with the suitcase, it opened.

A cloud of smoke poured out and enveloped Water Fairy’s hands which contained Captain Sanders’ Treasure Map.

She immediately cried out and threw the map. Lu Li subconsciously caught it as it flew towards him.

System: Lu Li has acquired Captain Sanders’ Treasure Map. Coordinates (32564, 11255, 75).

Both Lu Li and Water Fairy stared at each other, completely speechless.

"Hey, there’s stuff in the suitcase!" Water Fairy exclaimed. She shook the suitcase and a bunch of gold coins fell out.

The gold coins were preserved well and still had a golden sheen to them.

This pile of gold coins wasn’t necessarily worth a lot, but they still hinted at the legendary treasure to come.

Lu Li picked up the pile and the system prompted him that he had acquired 134 gold coins. He gave half of these to Water Fairy. There was already a small prize for completing the first step.

"What next?" Water Fairy clenched her teeth as she looked through the World Channel where they were mostly talking about this couple working together. However, there was nothing she could do.

When a Goddess and an average man had any kind of relationship, most people would sympathize with the man.

"The words on the treasure map…" Lu Li opened the Treasure Map and found that the content had changed.

Captain Sanders’ Treasure Map 2: Well done, good friend! Now you need to move East, through the woods. However, you need to watch out for those barbaric orangutans. You will find a cliff and a rope to help you get down. At the bottom is the buried treasure, waiting to be collected…

If you can’t find the treasure, then you can only say that the treasure has avoided you.

The text was quite humorous, but Lu Li tried to follow what it had said.

Water Fairy was responsible for looking for the cliffs and the treasure below the cliffs while Lu Li was responsible for diverting the attention of the players. The two of them needed to cooperate.

The treasure map wasn’t something that could be possessed by a single player. Tens of thousands of players would be chasing and they wouldn’t give you an opportunity to stop.

If two players worked together, one could look in the correct place while the other could lead the players around as they followed their coordinates.

Lu Li soon started to feel that Water Fairy had now escaped.

Stealth was useless as his coordinates could be directly discovered. Once they found him, they would hurl countless skills at his location. No one could survive such an attack.

But would Lu Li be so easily dealt with?

"His coordinates are in this area. He hasn’t moved for a long time; why can’t we find him?" one player asked in confusion.

The System showed that hundreds of players were in this location looking for him, but Lu Li seemed to have vanished. They couldn’t find him, even after trying to flush him out with their skills.

"Could he have gone offline?" a player guessed.

"Impossible – you shouldn’t be able to log off if you are carrying the Treasure Map. At the very least, the map would be transported into a warehouse, but then the coordinates would be wrong," someone immediately objected. The people here were the first ones to have started tracking the Treasure Map and now, it had somehow completely disappeared.

"He is at (37136, 10722, 262) and we are at (37136, 10722, 81). He’s above us!" someone finally realized.

The coordinates were generally expressed in terms of latitude, longitude and altitude. The latitude and the longitude were the same, so naturally, this meant that Lu Li was above them.

Hundreds of players looked up at the same time and saw a statue that was completely still.

They were standing in the ruins of the Gurubashi civilization. This tall statue had not fallen with the erosion over time and continued to watch over the earth.

Lu Li had transformed into the crow and was standing on the statue’s tooth, talking to Water Fairy.

"Have you found it? What? The rope isn’t long enough…?" Lu Li was confused. Jumping off the cliff wasn’t inconceivable, especially since Lu Li was already a crow and could even just fly down.

"Don’t worry – I’ve connected a few ropes and I’ve almost reached the bottom. Are you surviving?" Water Fairy panted.

Lu Li glanced at the bottom. Before he even flew to this position, he didn’t really care about how many players were chasing him.

In fact, the players below couldn’t even see him.

They all thought that he was standing on the statue’s head, where there was a small altar. No one guessed that Lu Li had transformed into the black crow.

"I’m down, but I don’t know if the treasure is here. It’s just a dead end here," Water Fairy said.

"If it’s a dead end, it might be hard to escape. They will be waiting for us on the cliff. Has your hearthstone cooldown reset?" Lu Li was already thinking about how they would escape after acquiring the treasure.

"It’s been done for a while now. Our guild has a special bonus which cuts my hearthstone cooldown in half," Water Fairy replied, immediately understanding what Lu Li meant.

After 10 minutes, Lu Li received a message from Water Fairy that it was time to leave. The treasure could only be opened by someone who had the Treasure Map.

"Hey, the coordinates have changed. Dammit, it’s moving fast!"

Unable to do anything else, someone had realized that the coordinates had changed.

"(35434, 8313, -166). Dammit, these coordinates are just too strange. The first one was in the sky and now it’s in the ground." Those who were looking at the coordinates were about to cry.

The crowd started to disperse, obviously no longer having any intention of snatching the Treasure Map.

Now, they had to track the Lu Li and Water Fairy couple, the game’s top two Thieves. Their initial hope of finding them had now grown even slimmer as what appeared to be a bug in the coordinates had arisen.

Of course, there were still a lot of players who didn’t want to give up until they were prompted that the treasure had already been acquired.

Lu Li came to Water Fairy’s location and flew down.

When he landed, he quickly transformed into a leopard as Water Fairy watched him, visibly stunned.

Today had been an eye-opener for her. She had never underestimated Lu Li as an opponent, but he still had many surprises up his sleeve.

When you played like Lu Li did, others could no longer just chalk it up to pure luck.

It was at this moment that Water Fairy realized Lu Li was stronger than she was. She couldn’t fly, become a leopard, or become a Horde player.

Not to mention, Lu Li had also joined the Assassins League.