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Chapter 428: Becoming Rich Overnight

Chapter 428: Becoming Rich Overnight
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"Do you mean there’s a chest at the bottom of this lake?" Lu Li looked at this lake and was surprised.

"I went down before, but the water seems to be alive. The currents are quite strong and there is a chest there that is locked. I think that’s the chest," Water Fairy explained.

"Where is the key?" Treasure Chests and Chests weren’t the same – they had keys and didn’t require a Thief to unlock.

"I couldn’t find it; I’ve looked everywhere," Water Fairy said as she shook her head.

Perhaps she hadn’t looked in the right places or something had changed, but the key was now the biggest problem.

"That’s really troublesome. We don’t have much time; they’ll reach us soon."

Lu Li looked at the cliff, but it was too dark to see anything above it.

The players weren’t dumb. Although they couldn’t fly, it wasn’t something that they would be unable to solve. They could easily just come down with some rope like Water Fairy.

"I tried to use my Unlock skill, but the System prompted that my skill’s level was insufficient. It didn’t tell me that I couldn’t use the skill, so maybe… oh yeah, what level is your Unlock skill?" Water Fairy asked.

"Level three."

Lu Li didn’t have to ask – this tycoon definitely would have spent all her points on damage skills.

"Wow that’s great! Go down and give it a shot." Water Fairy was overjoyed. She was ready to jump back into the water before she gestured at Lu Li and said, "You first?"

Why do I have to go first?" Lu Li was puzzled but went in regardless.

The two of them went into the water, one after the other, and took an Underwater Breathing Potion each. Lu Li saw the whirlpools in the water and finally understood why Water Fairy had wanted him to go first.

Being at the back was the same thing, as both of their clothes were being messed up the current…

Fortunately, Lu Li had the decency to leave Water Fairy alone. He transformed into the Seal and shot deep into the water like an arrow.

Not only were Water Fairy’s clothes messed up, but her previously destroyed self-confidence was shattered once again. She had underestimated Lu Li too many times. His abilities weren’t limited to flying and transforming into a leopard – he could also transform into a seal.

He could travel by all modes – sea, land and air.

Lu Li didn’t bother with Water Fairy. An insider from his guild told him that someone had already discovered a way down the cliff.

It turned out that there really was a chest underwater. It was much bigger than the average chest too.

Lu Li opened up the sheepskin scroll and discovered that the content had changed once again.

Captain Sanders’ Treasure Chest 3: If you see the chest before you and you found the key to unlock it, which is under a big stone by the lake side, then congratulations! Your treasure hunt has come to an end. However, don’t hope for too much, as people tend to want to make sense of their struggles. I have been to many places and seen many things so I haven’t saved up much. Yet, as a captain, how could I not bury some treasure?

The Sheepskin scroll slowly turned to ash in Lu Li’s hands and drifted away in the water.

Under a big stone by the lake side?

Lu Li jogged his memory. Could it be that the thing covered in moss was a rock that could be moved?

Even so, he didn’t have an opportunity to go back now.

He could only trust Water Fairy’s guess and hope that his Unlock skill could deal with this problem.

As he used his Unlock skill on the big rusty lock, the system displayed that it was being channeled. Lu Li then breathed a sigh of relief.

The skill being channeled was a good thing, even if it was taking a long time.

"Lu Li, players have entered the water. What now?" Water Fairy sent a message over.

"How many?’ Lu Li’s voice was still calm.

"Just one. He’s a Seal just like you – probably a scout," Water Fairy anxiously reported as she dived deeper.

For a tycoon like her, no matter how valuable the Treasure Chest was, she could afford to not get it. However, now that they had come this far, the value of the treasure could no longer be calculated just in terms of gold.

In other words, she felt like she was truly playing a game.

"When he reaches the bottom of the lake, kill him, then transport back to the city," Lu Li quickly said. The reason they needed to wait until he had reached the bottom was so that they could delay the players on the surface. The channel to teleport home also needed some time.

"What about the treasure?" Water Fairy was still worried about the treasure at a time like this.

"I’ll just take it all. We’ll split it afterwards." Lu Li saw that the channel had almost been completed and prepared his hands to pull the chain off the box.

When he opened it, he was met with a pile of gold coins. Fortunately, these gold coins could be picked up all at once. If he needed to pick up them up one a time, he would have been dead on the spot.

System: You have acquired 1256 gold.

Damn, there’s more than 100,000 dollars.

Lu Li no longer felt disappointed about the gold which made him reflect on his superficial tendencies.

System: You have acquired Administrative Order No. 257.

Administrative Order?!

Lu Li froze for a moment before coming to a realization. Wasn’t this the item that could be used to upgrade the guild? The ones that ended in 7 were all used to upgrade the guild.

An Administrative Order 257 could immediately turn a level 1 guild into a level 26 guild.

At this time, the highest-level guilds were Glory Capital and Gangnam Royals, who were both level 28. Blood Red War Flag and Peerless City were behind them at level 27. There were several other level 26 guilds, one of which was Drizzle Court.

How much money was this single token worth?

There was no way to properly estimate it, but ordinarily, getting a guild to level 26 required millions, and doing it instantly made it even more worthwhile.

System: You have acquired, "Blind", "Resurrect," and "Felsteed".

Lu Li felt a little faint; this treasure chest was giving him so much stuff. He really hoped that this wasn’t just a dream.

Lu Li had never even received the lowest treasures in his previous life. The few times he had gone to fight for the Treasure Maps, he had failed completely. He had always heard about players getting rich overnight, but he had never experienced it until now.

System: You have acquired Captain Sanders’ Belt, Captain Sanders’ Shirt and Captain Sanders’ Return Ring.

These were three pieces of Gold equipment. Lu Li didn’t have time to look into their attributes and just directly threw them into this backpack.

System: You have acquired the Advanced Healing Potion Recipe.

Although he had received one before, Lu Li was still shocked for a moment. He quickly confirmed that the chest was empty before immediately channeling his hearthstone.

At this point, it would still be worth it, even if he died. However, he was carrying so many good items that losing any one of them would give him a heart attack.

Some players arrived just in time to watch Lu Li vanish into a white light as he was teleported back to the City. Water Fairy had also started her channel at about the same time, so she also managed to slip away like Lu Li.

The coordinates then moved so quickly that it left some players in a daze.

Fortunately, now that the treasure had been collected, the coordinates would no longer update. Otherwise, countless players would continue to hunt down the player that had collected the treasure.