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Chapter 429: Lu Li Was About To Cry

Chapter 429: Lu Li Was About To Cry
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Although they had found the treasure, splitting the profit was still a troublesome matter.

In the gaming industry, too many friends had fought over the profits. Even lovers can’t avoid these conflicts entirely.

Lu Li didn’t think about keeping all the treasure to himself, although the set of items were worth around a million dollars in value. It wasn’t that he didn’t care about the money — a million dollars was enough money to possibly save his sister during his previous life.

He only stuck to his own principles and was a little cunning.

His principles were mainly influenced by his father, who had passed away many years ago and was a street thug. He barely achieved anything in his life, but he valued his brotherhood and in the end, he died for the sake of his brotherhood.

It was normal for a child to admire his father, and for a period of time, Lu Li almost stepped on his father’s path.

Lu Li was glad that he had a sister; his sister was the reason behind their peaceful lifestyle. It was because of his sister that he didn’t live his life like his father.

Rather than saying that Lu Li raised Lu Xin, Lu Xin was the one redeemed him. Perhaps the siblings only lived so happily because they relied on each other.

As for Lu Li’s cunning nature, this was something that he had learned while he grew up at the bottom of the society.

No matter how foolish a person may be, you would still have to give them some benefits in exchange for their service.

"It’s all here."

"So many items!" Water Fairy looked at their spoils of war on the table, impressed by Lu Li’s honesty. It was hard to find such an honest individual in the current times.

"Seems like we’re both wanted now. This is troublesome," Lu Li said with a frown. Square Root 3 had only just warned him to be careful. Although he had already found the treasure, it seemed as though some players weren’t happy about it. Rewards were being offered in the Mercenary Hall for him and Water Fairy.

"That’s just jealousy. It’s normal for superior people to have haters." Water Fairy was more optimistic about the situation.

"Alright, let’s just quickly split these things. I’ve got other things to do later."

When he first entered the game, Lu Li wanted to make money with peaceful strategies. He wasn’t expecting things to end up this way.

"I choose first?’ Water Fairy asked.

"Of course." Lu Li pretended to be generous, as a cunning light flickered under his lowered eyes.

Perhaps he expected too much from Water Fairy’s pride. He thought that if he let her choose first, she would be too proud to take all the good things. However, he was ignorant of Water Fairy’s other side of her personality — she never held back from her comrades.

"Advanced Healing Potion. Your guild has this already and we don’t," Water Fairy said as she grabbed onto the recipe.

With this recipe, it would be easier for their guild to complete dungeons and kill monsters in the wild.

"Sure." One recipe simply wasn’t enough to satisfy the entire guild, but Lu Li still kept his words. The player who had learned the recipe was already drained from making the potions.

"A guild level up? We don’t have much use for it right now; you can have it."

Water Fairy generously passed the Number 257 Administrative Order to Lu Li.

It wasn’t that she really had no use for this item – there were plenty of branch guilds under Drizzle Court, such as Tower of Smoking Rain and Two Dimensional Dorm. The item would be useful for both of these branch guilds.

Lu Li was slightly relieved. If Water Fairy took both the recipe and the Administrative Order, Lu Li would have cried.

"I’m taking Blind."

"I’m taking Felsteed too," Water Fairy continued, not holding back at all.

"You can’t even use it."

Lu Li was about to cry; he decided not to keep quiet anymore.

The Felsteed was a mount for Warlocks, a handsome mount with a shiny layer of pretty, black fur. Although it was a battle horse, it was a hundred times more aesthetic than the human race mount.

The flames under its four hooves made the Felsteed one of the most classic mounts in Dawn.

After seeing this mount, many new players decided to play Warlock.

The average mount would cost about thirty gold coins, but this mount was worth around a thousand gold coins. Even with money, there was no guarantee that you would be able to purchase it.

However, at level 50, Warlock players could receive the Felsteed through the completion of a series of complicated quests.

The Felsteed’s replacement, Fiery Warhorse's Reins, would become the new classic. Not only was it just as cool, but it was also available for all classes.

"What? You know of Felsteed?" Water Fairy was surprised by the pained expression on Lu Li’s face.

"You know about it too, right?" After Lu Li heard Water Fairy’s question, he suddenly realized that the girl wasn’t picking these items at random. Before any related knowledge was released on the official site, she had already known that this was a good-looking horse.

"It’s a mount, right? It’s not weird to know about it."

Water Fairy wasn’t keen to talk about the top; it seemed like her source of information was quite discreet.

Lu Li wasn’t keen to talk about his source of information either.

"Resurrect…" Water Fairy paused; she was screaming on the inside. She really wanted this skill book as well.

"I can use this," Lu Li said weakly.

He didn’t even care about exposing his secrets anymore – he had exposed too many secrets to Water Fairy anyway.

"What…what did you just say? You can learn this skill?" Water Fairy watched in shock as Lu Li took the skill book, which immediately disappeared into a flash of light as he held it in his hands. This meant that he had just successfully learnt the skill.

"I can’t learn too much," Lu Li said as he shrugged innocently.

Water Fairy felt a heavy blow to her ego and gritted her teeth as she snatched over Captain Sanders’ Shirt. "This one seems pretty. The attributes seem really good too. I’m taking it."

Captain Sanders’ Shirt was even better than Scarlet Wargown. Although they were both Gold grade equips, it was better than two Scarlet Wargowns combined. Lu Li could only watch as Water Fairy took another good item.

"You can have the other two. Don’t complain that I’m not being generous," Water Fairy as she waved her hands, then hesitated slightly and tossed the shirt into her bag.

Because it was a level 30 equip, she was able to wear it.

However, she took into consideration that she had to get changed. It didn’t seem appropriate for her to change her clothes in front of a boy.

Captain Sanders’ Belt, Captain Sanders’ Return Ring – these were both Gold grade equips. Lu Li was too scared to hold back this time and took both the items.

"And the gold coins…"

Lu Li divided the gold coins in half and split them with Water Fairy.

In the past, Water Fairy would have waved her hand and said that she didn’t want them. However, she didn’t do that this time and instead, took the gold coins.

Seeing Lu Li with a pained expression on his face pleased her; it felt like eating ice-cream during a hot summer’s day.