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Chapter 431: Fire Mage

Chapter 431: Fire Mage
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Lu Li handed over the Number 257 Administrative Order to Shen Wansan for him to sort it out. Shen Wansan’s little auction was about to take place, and unlike the system auctions, he planned to sell only the highest quality items.

An item that could instantly level a guild to level 26 was exactly what he needed.

There weren’t many people out there who were wise like Square Root 3 and were capable of resisting temptation. There were plenty of rich kids in Dawn who wanted it easy, but they would be paying an expensive learning fee for their own naive nature.

Lu Li didn’t have time to catch up with Shen Wansan; he left the two of them in the bar to continue drinking.

As he left, he invited Fat Monkey to join him at Warsong Canyon.

Before proper battle grounds came out, Warsong Canyon was the only place where gamers could experience heated battle.

Of course, if you didn’t mind the PVP points from killing people in the wild, you would be free to draw your sword anytime.

"Theoretically, I should’ve invited an Ice Mage," Lu Li cut straight to the point. He wasn’t someone who wasted time, especially when he was dealing with someone he wasn’t familiar with.

"I’ve learnt some Ice Mage skills too. Some fire skills deal more damage when the opponent is frozen," Fat Monkey said, not convinced.

"Ice Mages can cast two Frost Novas. Can you do that? Ice Mages can reduce the movement speed of players. Can you do that too?" Lu Li asked.

"Alright, in terms of control, Fire Mages aren’t as great as Ice Mages. This cannot be helped, but why did you ask me to come?" Fat Monkey gave up. At the beginning of the game, he had completed a quest. The quest gave him advantages for his fire magic, but in return, his damage for ice magic and arcane magic was reduced.

"Because you have a good gaming conscious," Lu Li comforted.

This was indeed why he had chosen Fat Monkey. Most importantly, Fat Monkey’s fame in Lu Li’s previous life was a major deciding factor. He was one of the rare master gamers who dominated the battle grounds as a Fire Mage.

Lu Li couldn’t do much to help Fat Monkey climb to the top.

There were some things that could only be self-taught. His guidance for March Rain was only limited to general knowledge.

"So it’s a test today?" Fat Monkey tried to calm himself, as he held tightly onto the staff in his hand. A wide road towards the life a professional gamer was laid out in front of his eyes.

There were no other clubs that provided a chance like this.

Players from other clubs had to start as a backup player. It would take them years of testing, training and competition against others for them to actually stand on the match grounds oe dayn.

Fat Monkey thought Lu Li was joking when he was notified to attend the upcoming Magic Cup competition.

"It’s not really a test – we’re just going to go in and play for a bit in Warsong Canyon. We’ll set the time limit to an hour. Let’s see how many we can kill."

Lu Li was already certain he was going to put Fat Monkey in the competition; today was just a little test that would help him understand Fat Monkey better.

"Sure. Let’s compete," Fat Monkey nodded and charged off.

The first player he ran into was a Paladin. The Paladin was horrified as he took around two hundred points of damage from Fat Monkey’s Fireball.

"Shame it wasn’t a critical strike," Fat Monkey said, unsatisfied with his damage. If only his equipment was as good as Lonesome Flower’s…

The Paladin ran even faster after he heard this; he was only here to kill some newbies. Who would’ve thought that he would run into a level thirty Mage? It was probably a Mage with good gears too – he had taken around two hundred points of damage and it wasn’t even a critical strike.

Fire Mages weren’t as good as Ice Mages in terms of crowd control, but they had much higher damage.

Lu Li went into Stealth mode and followed on the side. He didn’t do anything to help and paid his full attention on Fat Monkey’s techniques.

Fat Monkey flashed towards the Paladin and froze him with a Frost Nova. He began to channel a big spell, but the Paladin could only watch as this happened.

A big spell took a longer time to cast, but it would also have higher damage. The Paladin lost a third of his health after the spell hit him.

He knew that escaping was no longer an option for him, so he turned around and tossed his hammer at Fat Monkey. Fat Monkey took a few steps back, pulling his distance away from the Paladin and placing burn damage on his opponent.

The Paladin continued dropping health and although he also dealt some damage to Fat Monkey, it wasn’t enough to turn the tides of the fight.

When Fat Monkey placed a Fire Shield on himself, the Paladin turned around to escape again.

Fire Shield provided higher defense towards physical damage and also slightly increased the player’s critical strike chance. The Paladin was worried about his death since he had a little less than half of his health left.

As soon as the Paladin turned to run, Fat Monkey casted a Cone of Cold to slow down the movement speed of his opponent.

The outcome was predictable - there was nothing that the Paladin could do against a level 30 fire Mage.

The battle didn’t last for long – it was only around a dozen seconds. Including Frost Nova, which dealt no damage, Fat Monkey had used a total of eight skills to kill the Paladin.

"What do you think? Pretty decent right?" Fat Monkey asked, clearly enjoying himself.

"Your skill combination was a bit slow and you also wasted a big spell in the end. You could’ve solved the problem with an Inferno Impact instead," Lu Li said as he stayed hidden beside Fat Monkey.

"My bad." Fat Monkey thought for a bit and found that Lu Li’s words were spot on.

"You don’t know enough about the skills from other classes. You should try training in the battle grounds in your spare time."

Lu Li swapped to his communicator; he was already somewhere else faraway.

A Mage who was killing another player from the Horde faction felt a sense of danger. Before he had the time to react, a dagger had already been stabbed into his back. The Ambush that followed sent him into a low health status.

His healer team member had a fast reaction, but not as fast as the attacker. The healing skill lost its target at a key moment and disappeared into thin air.

"There’s a gaming master here. Everyone watch out," the captain reminded his team members.

Most average players wouldn’t dare to try and challenge a team of ten elite players. It was rare for a hundred-man team to appear in Warsong Canyon, as the geography of the map could not accommodate one.

Only gaming masters wouldn’t charge in for a head on fight. Instead, they wait for the right moment to pounce.

After Lu Li killed the Mage, he killed another Warrior who was on low health, then went into Stealth mode again and stopped moving.

The three Alliance players who survived noticed the incoming support and immediately lightened up. They didn’t aim to kill the enemies, and only tried to distract them to create a chance for the gaming master nearby.

When Fire Monkey came, he casted a Fireball which dealt critical damage and instantly killed an unimpressed player. The rest of the Horde players began to plot their way out, but only three of them survived.