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Chapter 432: Five Man at Warsong

Chapter 432: Five Man at Warsong
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"Nice gear," Lu Li said as he inspected Fat Monkey’s equipment.

"Hehe, our team has already completed the Scarlet Monastery. We can do the Monastery again next week when it refreshes," Fat Monkey said proudly.

He had brought a ten-man team into the dungeon. With the guide passed down by Lu Li, their team made the fastest progress. He always chose Difficult mode, and although this made the dungeon harder than Elite mode, he gained more from it too.

"Flower probably has some gear that he doesn’t want. You can go ask him for them," Lu Li suggested with a smile.

He didn’t want to discourage Fat Monkey. Compared to most players, Fat Monkey did have the right to be proud of himself. However, he couldn’t possibly compete against Lonesome Flower. Lonesome Flower’s gear was so exquisite that even most celebrity Mage players couldn’t compete against him.

The two of them played for another few dozen minutes until Moonlight, March Rain and Sakura Memories also arrived.

The five of them temporarily formed a team.

Lu Li planned to use these members for the Magic Cup in November.

The Shadow Group invested a little into the Magic Cup, so there was a great deal of respect for the Shadow Cup participants. A team like Ruling Sword, who had won the championship, didn’t even have to participate in the qualifiers. In fact, the top three teams of the Shadow Cup would be able to start from the round of sixteen.

However, Drizzle Court was already certain that they wouldn’t be competing in the Magic Cup this time. Glory Capital also wasn’t going to send their main team to the competition.

There were benefits and drawbacks from starting as a top-sixteen team. They could spare a great amount of time and energy on other things, but they would have less time to work on their coordination.

This wasn’t much of an issue for Sakura Memories because she always followed Lu Li around in dungeons. Although dungeons and PVP were separate things, she still had some foundation in terms of coordination.

On the other hand, it was a different story for Fat Monkey, whose only interaction with Lu Li was during the guild challenge last time. The challenge barely had any difficulty to it and didn’t really require any coordination.

As the five players entered the battle ground, the Horde players already felt uneasy.

Lu Li scouted in front, killing any single targets with one round of his skills.

He had quite a few Gold grade equips on him, so his damage was extremely high. If the player didn’t have full health to begin with, it would only take him a few attacks to kill them.

Sakura Memories’ main job, apart from dealing damage, was to cast her Bloodlust and her totems.

If they ran into a team of ten, Sakura Memories would instantly run over to cast Bloodlust. When Moonlight used his Whirlwind with the Bloodlust effect, Fat Monkey barely even had a chance to secure any missing kills.

At this stage of the game, there were only a few Shamans who had learned Bloodlust. The first player to use this skill was Empty from Seventh Heaven.

However, Empty was a Dwarf man while this girl was a Draenei.

Although Sakura Memories had better gear and was one level higher than Fat Monkey, she still didn’t deal as much damage as him.

Fat Monkey also began to slowly find his own place. He felt like he could focus on killing healers, as his high damage ensured that no healer would have the spare time to heal someone else apart from themselves.

However, he wasn’t too enthusiastic in the beginning about this.

Generally speaking, a lot of female players took healer roles.

If you went up and attacked a pretty girl, that would bring you a lot of hate. Chances are, you wouldn’t even be able to ask for their number after you killed them.

March Rain wasn’t fighting by herself anymore either. In the past, people were always eager to chase her down first, so Lu Li and Moonlight always had to keep an eye on her back.

Now, she stood with Fat Monkey. As soon as someone snuck over to try and attack her, Fat Monkey would cast a Frost Nova. The attacker would then have to worry about how to survive.

"So many equips!" Sakura Memories rarely came to Warsong Canyon, nor did she have such good team members when she came.

After half an hour, at least a hundred players had fallen in front of them. Dozens of equips were looted into their bags, mostly Silver grades.

Just these equips alone were at least worth a few hundred gold coins.

Sakura Memories was taught a new lesson; she didn’t expect gold to come so easily.

"From now on, Memories, you and Monkey walk in the front. try to battle alone as much as you can."

Lu Li and Moonlight exchanged glances and decided to give special training to the two new players.

"Ahh!" Sakura Memories, who was half-supporting the whole time, was quick shocked.

"Alright, we’ll give it a try." Fat Monkey, who had already been trained for a while by Lu Li, was much more prepared for this.

"Let’s go. We don’t lose experience here."

Lu Li didn’t give them a chance to say more and kicked the two of them out of the team. This meant that March Rain wouldn’t be healing them either.

Sakura Memories was about to cry. It was true that they wouldn’t lose experience, but they could still lose their equipment.

She had followed Lu Li in many dungeons in the past, so her gear was extremely valuable. She would probably cry if she lost even one piece of equipment.

Lu Li watched as they carefully explored into the depths of the Warsong Canyon, then melded into the shadows and secretly followed them. Of course, he wasn’t going to let his team members suffer on their own.

A Fire Mage and a Buff Shaman – this was a strange combination that left people speechless indeed.

It seemed like the result of their discussion was that Fat Monkey was to scout in the front. His scouting was pretty good for a Mage, and it seemed like he had spent some time on PVP in the wild.

If they ran into a small team, they would go around it, even if the team only had five people.

Lu Li followed behind them for a few minutes until the combination ran into their first fight. It was a Warlock with a pet Succubus.

The poor Warlock was caught by surprise with a Fireball from Fat Monkey. By the time he had reacted, a Shaman was already running towards him. He casted a fear to scare away Sakura Memories and checked his health; half of his health bar had already disappeared.

Sakura Memories had casted Bloodlust as soon as they entered the battle.

Fat Monkey with the Bloodlust buff was like a machine gun, so the Warlock was miserably tortured. By the time Sakura Memories woke up from the fear, the fate of the Warlock was already determined.

Lu Li spectated the whole battle behind a big tree, and was satisfied with Fat Monkey’s strategy.

Their two classes weren’t the best combination, so it was the right choice for them to pick a two-against-one fight at the start.

After they killed a few solo players, Fat Monkey began to become more ambitious.

He started to choose two players who walked together.

However, Lu Li began to notice that he wasn’t choosing these players by random, because he always chose a boy and a girl. The girl player would always be terrible as well.

What is this?

Lu Li was lost, but this wasn’t much of a secret. There were always boys who wanted to show off in front of girls. Some people even thought that Warsong Canyon was one of the best places to pick up girls.