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Chapter 433: Darrowshire

Chapter 433: Darrowshire
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A team composed of both long-ranged and melee classes allowed more flexibility, as well as spacing to prevent being wiped out by crowd control skills. If a single teammate was crowd-controlled, it wouldn’t make that much of a difference to the overall fight. Cunning players like Fat Monkey tended to take advantage of his teammates and use them as bait.

Lu Li decided to depart after joining them for a little bit.

Moonlight could lead the remaining four players to continue on in their dungeon. Since everyone was busy trying to clear dungeons, Warsong Valley was unusually quiet and peaceful. Therefore, it was highly unlikely that they would bump into an expert who would give them trouble.

Lu Li decided to travel to Ravenholdt Manor to complete some quests.

Someone in the guild needed a bottle of Plagued Bat Blood Serum which could only be obtained from the NPC shop near the dungeon in Western Plaguelands.

There was no teleporter and the area was swarmed with powerful level 40 monsters along the way. For an average player, it was basically mission impossible, which was why Square Root Three had requested help from Lu Li.

Apparently, the player who needed the Serum was a hot girl, but that wasn’t the only reason why Square Root Three asked Lu Li for help.

Her ID was White Bread and she was a female Paladin who was ranked as the number one quest player in Ruling Sword. Her levels and equips were mediocre, and her mechanics weren’t good enough to enter the elite team. As such, she spent her time doing guild quests or leading small groups for training.

What was hard to believe was that out of the thousands of players in Ruling Sword, a majority of them had talked to or interacted with her.

She was the hardest working player in the guild, but also the poorest. She would spend her hard-earned money to buy equips for her helpers and teammates.

Her reputation in Ruling Sword was almost equal to Lu Li and Square Root Three’s. Everyone referred to her as Bread because it was a cute nickname for a cute girl.

Even if he had to go out of his way, Lu Li would still help her out to thank her for her hard work.

Stratholme was the next dungeon on the list to clear, however, no one was powerful enough to attempt it yet. Any monster in the dungeon could destroy Lu Li with a single hit.

Lu Li decided to go around Scarlet Monastery and fly along the coastlines. This way, he could avoid the monsters in the first part of Western Plaguelands which were at least 5 levels above him. Not only would these monsters be difficult to kill, but it would also be extremely risky for Lu Li to face them head on.

Lu Li needed to be more aware as his level increased because losing EXP now would be extremely discouraging.

The only monsters he had to worry about when flying along the coastline were the Sea Birds, which looked more like fierce eagles. They were around level 40 and were very large in size. If Lu Li encountered them, he might as well give up on the mission and suicide.

Luckily, the giant birds were very slow and as long as Lu Li kept his distance, he would be safe.

When he arrived at Western Plaguelands, he had to descend and travel foot because the Plagued Bats were very fierce. They could detect Stealthed targets both on the ground and in the air.

Square Root Three had attempted to send other Thieves in the past, but they all died to the Plagued Bats.

Lu Li came across a bat and managed to kill it, but it left him at half HP. He had no other choice but to find a quiet place to replenish his HP.

After wandering around for a bit more, he was getting closer to Stratholme.

There was a small campsite near the Dungeon entrance. Knight Guard Wade was startled by Lu Li, who quickly explained, "Don’t worry, I am a healthy Elf."

He had to prove that he was healthy and hadn’t contracted the plague.

The knights here were more afraid of the plague than the Undead monsters around the area.

"Greetings, honourable knight. Sir, I am an adventurer from Astrana," Lu Li greeted politely. He had to make sure that he didn’t offend him in any way because Wade cared a lot about manners.

"This is the first time an adventurer has come around these areas."

Wade inspected Lu Li and could tell that he wasn’t strong enough to train around this area.

"I want to purchase some Plagued Bat Blood Serum." Lu Li asked, not bothering to go to the merchants first.

"Plagued Bat Blood Serum?" Wade had a reluctant expression.

Plagued Bat Blood Serum was extracted from a Plagued Bat. It could be used as a medicine to increase resistance to the plague and treat infected wounds.

For players, it was a very useful material in Alchemy.

The most important thing that could be crafted from them was the Superior Antidote. These could only be crafted by Advanced Alchemists and were useful when Advanced Antidotes didn’t work.

There were also some other uses which were less popular, but could be useful in certain situations.

"I have four dead Plagued Bats here, freshly killed. Will they be of use to you?" Lu Li asked as he handed over the Plagued Bats he had killed along the way.

"Fine." Wade looked into Lu Li’s eyes and knew that he had gotten to the campsite by more than luck alone.

Lu Li bought 200 Bat Blood Serums, which was the most that Sergeant Wade would sell to him. He paid 400 gold and promised Sergeant Wade to bring him some bread and clean water.

Apparently, he hadn’t received any supplies for months.

This was a piece of cake for Lu Li because he could fly along the coastlines and avoid the monsters.

He departed from the campsite and returned on the same path.

To get to Darrowshire, you could go around Hillsbrad Hill.

Darrowshire was a small village in the Southern mountains of Lordaeron. Its name originated from a lake called Darrowshire lake which was located to the east of the village. The villagers gere lived a hard-working yet simple life. Darrowshire wasn’t mentioned in the history of Lordaeron, until the start of the Second Great War.

During the war, countless hero rose to protect their land, and countless heroes fell here in Darrowshire.

Lu Li walked through the burnt and barren land, under the eerie, blood-red sky. The area was infested with Plagued Bats, which produced a repugnant, rotten stench.

The houses here had been destroyed, leaving husks and ruins of what they used to be.

The Scourge Army consisted of Skeletons, Spirits, Plagued Hounds, Rotten Insects, Undead Spiders, Evil Monk and Flesh-Eaters.

Lu Li found the quest description to be extremely ridiculous.

Find a little girl in this area?

She would have either escaped the area with her family, or remained as nothing more than a grave.