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Chapter 436: Who Dealt the Killing Blow?

Chapter 436: Who Dealt the Killing Blow?
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"Sorry, I’ve been stuck here for quite some time. What is an adventurer? Can I eat it?" Chromie looked up as she blinked innocently at Lu Li.

"You cannot, esteemed Time Traveller. I have come here to ask for your help."

Lu Li didn’t have much else to say to this cute Bronze Dragon. He already knew that Chromie would take any opportunity to act cute.

He had already called her the Guardian of Time, Chromie and some other names. He clearly knew who she was but she was still acting dumb.

"Fine. How’s Tyrande?" Chromie hated old-fashioned people the most.

"Sorry, I’ve never met Master Tyrande," Lu Li said truthfully. When doing a quest like this, it wasn’t wise to make things up.

"Oh, I really miss Tyrande’s long legs," the girl said as she jumped on the spot. "Alright, you useless being, speak and we’ll see what the Great Chromie can do for you, seeing as you are so keen for my help."

Lu Li ignored her last sentence and explained his situation.

"She doesn’t know that she is already dead?" As Chromie listened to Lu Li story, she settled down and stopped acting cute.

The Guardian of Time had seen many things in her lfie, but Pamela’s experience was truly shocking.

"It’s true, Master Chromie. Pamela wasn’t even five when she died, but she continues to wait for the return of her father and sister," Lu Li confirmed as he handed Joseph’s ring to the powerful Bronze Dragon and looked hopefully at her. "Can you help her?"

"What is this, a wedding ring? Let me see… this ring was worn by a brave warrior. This was Pamela’s father, but even his soul has been contaminated," the little girl said with a frown.

"This is why I need your help," Lu Li clarified.

"Do you want to go back in time to save him?" Chromie asked.

"If it is necessary," Lu Li said. "I will try my best to change all this while time travelling."

"Change all this? "You don’t even know what happened in the past, and you dare to change history?"

"Now that I know about it, I have to do something." Lu Li didn’t have a passionate speech, but his determination could be clearly heard.

In that moment, a picture appeared in Lu Li’s head that was haunting him…

Under the blood red sky and in the dark ruins was a little figure standing alone. She was hugging her doll and overlooking the distance.

My father will come back and we will be happy again. They’re just a little late…

As someone who had experienced rebirth, Lu Li knew the struggles of his past life and the hope that this new life gave him. However, this hope hadn’t fully healed the wounds from his old life. Deep inside, he would always be reminded of how his life had changed only because of his rebirth.

In the process of this change, Lu Li had gained a lot, but he had also lost the honest simplicity of the past.

He was always getting First Clears in Instance Dungeons, those who provoked him while he was farming were killed and he sought to get First Place in the Championships…

Through all of these trials and victories, Lu Li had found himself becoming numb and a little cold in order to make money.

Pamela touched the deepest part of himself, a part which had nothing to do with rebirth or his sister. It was a part that was just him.

"You must have a great many stories to tell," Chromie muttered. "I accept. But if we want to save Joseph Redpath, we must first understand his past. In the Andorhal Ruin’s City Centre, there is a book called the ‘Annals of Darrowshire’. It will tell us something important. Bring this book to me and we will understand Joseph’s fate. Then, if we’re lucky… we can change it!"

Lu Li nodded and returned to the ruins of Andorhal which was filled with monsters.

It was very dangerous here and Lu Li had to rely on his strong equipment and skills to escape as his level was still far too low.

There were some bards in Dawn who would collect some of the local history and legends wherever they stayed to record in writing.

This fairly complete set of cottages was probably where the bards were resting.

There were some works scattered on the table. Lu Li looked through them patiently for quite some time before finding the item that he wanted.

The first volume of the book he found was the Annals of the Darrowshire. Lu Li quickly flipped through its pages.

The second volume was the battle of Darrowshire. The writing was very detailed and it was probably a firsthand account.

The battle of Darrowshire had taken place in the middle of the Second War. At that time, the Scourge was rampaging through Lordaeron’s land and the local militia led by Joseph Redpath was fighting the Scourge Ghouls.

As the war went on, Darrowshire’s connection to the main force was cut off.

Saying the battle was intense was an understatement, but it turned out to be a tragic event.

At this time, the Silver Hand Paladins came to support them. The Paladins’ leader was Dave Crawford, who was a local of Darrowshire. He led his followers to the town that he had learned was about to be attacked and joined the resistance against Horgus’ forces.

When Horgus himself joined the battle, Dave Crawford confronted him head-on. Their battle lasted for a long time and he eventually won, but he was seriously injured and died shortly after defeating the King of the Ghouls.

The fighting continued as Redpath continued to lead the militia to fight bravely.

In the battle, an Undead Paladin snuck up on Redpath and attacked him. He used dark magic to tear through Redpath’s will and distorted his soul into an evil shadow.

The fallen Redpath then spread his corruption throughout the Darrowshire Garrison. The infected soldiers betrayed their compatriots and slaughtered them before turning to Darrowshire and slaughtering the people as well.

The remaining Undead troops and the fallen Redpath left Darrowshire, which had fallen into ruin as part of Lordaeron.

This was Joseph Redpath’s final experience and battle.

Lu Li took this book back to Chromie.

Chromie looked at it and nodded as she said, "Well, it must be him. It’s quite a tragic story. If it’s possible, we really do need to help him, right? Let’s verify the details of the history. This requires the use of some magic…"

While watching the girl cast divine magic in full focus, Lu Li’s thoughts started to drift.

He remembered that the end of the book, they turned to Darrowshire and killed the people hiding in their homes. If that was the case, who killed Pamela?

She must not have known what the person who was approaching wanted to do.

Perhaps she might have even shouted with her tender voice, "Uncle, do you want to play hide and seek with Pamela?"