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Chapter 438: Darrowshire, Do Not Give Up Hope!

Chapter 438: Darrowshire, Do Not Give Up Hope!
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After the relics were collected, Lu Li took Carlin to the Andorhal Ruins.

On the way through Darrowshire, Lu Li asked if he wanted to see Pamela.

Carlin, the man who didn’t bat an eyelid in the face of vicious monsters and rarely appeared timid, shook his head.

"Either I bring home her father or I will die on the Darrowshire battlefield…"

By the time they reached the ruined houses of Andorhal, Lu Li could see Chromie in the distance.

The Bronze Dragon incarnate was squatting on a roof and blankly staring at the sky. The sky was darkened with rain – a dreary sight to behold.

Lu Li brought Carlin to her with a salute.

She had returned to her jovial attitude; it was almost like her previous seriousness was a deception.

"That’s correct, these items can be used to cast a powerful skill. It should be enough to send you into Darrowshire’s past," Chromie said after examining the relics Lu Li gave her. "Boys, soon you will experience the unforgettable experience of time travel. Are you ready?"

"Of course." Lu Li and Carlin were somewhat impatient.

"Settle down boys," Chromie said seriously. "You need to know exactly what you will face. This is a very tragic battle. First, you need to stay alive, but you also need to complete two tasks. The King of Ghouls must die and Dave must survive. Redpath must also survive until he is corrupted. Once he is corrupted, you must defeat him to redeem his soul."

"I want to stop him from being corrupted; I would rather take his place," Carlin said, raising his voice. "Pamela is still waiting for him. Oh, great time traveler, I am willing to pay whatever price for it."

"Take the relics to the exact centre of Darrowshire. The soul of the Darrowshire inhabitants will be reawakened and time will be reversed. As to what the result will be, you unfortunately don’t have a say in it."

The little girl brought Lu Li and Carlin away from Andorhal and to Darrowshire, where the battle was fought.

They had returned to Darrowshire once again and it was already evening. Lu Li checked the equipment he had once more. He had a bag of potions and poison applied on his weapons. Carlin just glanced over his Paladin’s sword.

Suddenly, Lu Li felt a bit of regret for bringing this person. He had a hunch that Mr.Paladin wasn’t going to make it back.

Chromie placed the relics in the exact centre of Darrowshire. Lu Li could feel the environment change as a spooky purple light was emitted from the items. Souls could be seen restlessly moving about and an unforgettable experience was about to start…

One after another, the ethereal souls condensed into different human forms.

Carlin’s lips were quivering. It was likely that he was seeing many of his comrades who had fought with him, side by side. His brother Joseph was also among them.

Before they had time to say anything, the fog of war descended over Darrowshire.

Suddenly, a Darrowshire Defender shouted, "Darrowshire’s Warriors, pick up your weapons! The deadly Scourge is coming!"

Lu Li saw armed soldiers rushing to the edge of the town as the Scourge began to attack. The battle of Darrowshire had started once again!

In the face of level 35 and higher monsters, Lu Li didn’t flinch.

There had long since been a fire burning in his heart. There was nothing else in this fantasy that he hated more – not even the children were spared.

The damned Scourge – they desecrated life itself!

At first, the fighting to was not too difficult, but as more and more Scourge monsters joined the fight, the Darrowshire militia struggled even harder to fight back.

At this time, a resounding cry could be heard all over Darrowshire.

"Darrowshire, do not give up hope! We will not fail!"

It was the Silver Hand Paladins! They were finally here!

With the Paladins led by Dave, the advance of the Scourge was suddenly halted. A light could be seen from the defensive line, which served to revitalize the hope of everyone there.

During this scene, Carlin was bawling as he cried out, "Darrowshire, do not give up hope!"

Lu Li also opened his mouth and shouted.

Darrowshire, do not give up hope!

They yelled those words again and again. It was a plea to fate, but also a reminder to themselves.

At this moment, Lu Li wasn’t even thinking about how this was a quest. Instead, he was like a member of Darrowshire, fighting as a warrior to defend his home and the helpless woman and children in the town behind him. He wasn’t even thinking about Pamela.

Plunderer Horgus yelled, "Dave! Shine a light to your heart so I can rip it out!

The King of Ghouls had finally appeared?

Lu Li and Carlin glanced at each other and knew that the crucial moment was coming.

The moment Horgus joined the battle, the Scourge’s offence would also intensify. Countless scourge soldiers would attack from all directions, encircling the Paladin and Militia defenders. There would soon be signs of collapse.

It wasn’t clear what his intention was, but Dave immediately gathered a few squires and rushed towards Horgus to kill him.

This was a true Paladin, brave and fearless!

Lu Li looked from a distance as Dave and Horgus fought, but there was a heavy sea of skeletons blocking the path ahead. No matter how hard they fought, more Undead would fill the gap.

He was just a level 32 Thief!

Carlin’s experience was somewhat similar to his. Even though he had strained himself already, his light was still shining brightly. However, the huge number of Scourge was no easy thing to deal with.

"I have to." Lu Li gritted his teeth and threw out a number of dark objects that exploded around him.

Ivy’s Fool bombs!

Not only did these deal 2000 base damage, but they also dealt bonus damage to the Undead. Two bombs could basically wipe an area.

Countless skeleton limbs were sent flying everywhere!

Lu Li and Carlin finally managed to push through.

In just a few seconds, Lu Li had spent a lot of money.

Starwood was already very difficult to collect and his cooperation with Shen Wansan in that regard had long since ended. Lu Li only had a few more of them left in his backpack.

These spare bombs had all just been used here.

He hoped that this was worth it, as he rushed towards Horgus the King of Ghouls. In the face of this level 45 Boss, he unceremoniously brandished his Shard of the Defiler.

Shortly after, Paladin Carlin, the God of the Silver Dawn Paladins, rushed right in front of Horgus