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Chapter 439: Fate

Chapter 439: Fate
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It was only after participating in the battle did Lu Li realise that Horgus was a level 45 Boss, and that Dave was a level 40 Boss. Paladin Carlin was weakerat level 38 and was barely a Boss, but his HP was only half of Dave’s.

The three of them only just barely had the upper hand.

One could only imagine how difficult it was for Dave to fight it off in the past.

Lu Li was completely in over his head for this fight. They had only just started and he had already lost half of his HP. Fortunately, as a player he could take all sorts of potions. Otherwise, he would have become a corpse by now.

For the rest of the fight, Lu Li only played a small role.

Carlin was fighting with all his might; his long sword had caused a great amount of damage to the ghoul.

It was more accurate to say that the two Paladins, Dave and Carlin, both eventually wore down the ghoul. When the ghoul was about to fall, Lu Li got the last hit, even though he didn’t intend to.

The level 45 Boss exploded as a whole bunch of items flew everywhere.

Despite this, Lu Li’s eyes were fixed solely on the Silver Hand leader Dave. His footsteps were staggered and he was in a critical state.

He had tanked most of the damage, so it was hard for him to avoid injury.

Carlin was also similarly injured, as he had taken a lot of damage for Dave.

"It’s regrettable, but my injuries are too grave. Warriors, you must continue the fight!"

Dave went unconscious, but he wasn’t dead yet. Even so, it was clear that he couldn’t continue fighting.

Lu Li picked up the things the King of Ghouls had dropped. He didn’t have the time to check them before going back into battle.

System: Congratulations, Ruling Sword’s Lu Li has finished off the level 45 King of Ghouls Boss, Plunderer Horgus and acquired the First Clear.

As players were discovering new parts of the map all the time, First Clears on Wild Bosses were common. However, this was the first First Clear on a level 45 Boss.

The flashing broadcast of this First Clear once again redefined what players thought Lu Li could do, but strangely, no one was talking about it on the World Channel. The players who normally liked chatting had all been shut up.

What could Lu Li be doing?

Killing a level 35 Boss required several hundred players to accomplish, but Lu Li had killed a level 45 Boss on his own.

Lu Li didn’t have time to pay attention to any of this; the fighting in Darrowshire was still miserable.

He didn’t know how many potions he had taken; he was just taking them as soon as the cooldown wore off. He was trying to regenerate a sufficient amount of HP in preparation for the difficult fight ahead.

With the death of Horgus, the Scourge was thrown into chaos. As for the defenders of Darrowshire, Dave’s injuries had also taken a toll on their morale.

Fortunately, the human militia leader was skilled and commanded his remaining soldiers to withstand the Scourge. Lu Li and Paladin Carlin stood near him and defended him the best that they could.

Lu Li didn’t know how long he was fighting for, but he quickly reached level 33.

The system seemed to have accepted that Carlin and he had formed a party, so he was receiving part-EXP for each monster Carlin killed. This was one of the hidden rewards of this quest.

Carlin also shared a Vampirism aura, which gave him some protection from the regular mobs.

Before they realized it, the type of Undead that was before them had changed.

The ordinary monsters had been replaced by Elite ones and Lu Li had to retreat to Paladin Carlin’s side, relying on his strength to survive. The rest of the militia could also feel the rising pressure as people were dying left and right.

Joseph Redpath shouted, "Guardians of Darrowshire! Come together! We must defeat them!"

With Joseph Redpath’s cry, the spirits of the survivors were reinvigorated and they managed to maintain the defensive line. Joseph himself was constantly supporting the weaker areas of the defensive line.

Under the leadership of this hero, the seemingly endless stream of Undead finally started to slow down. In the eyes of the survivors, there seemed to be a light at the end of the tunnel.

They just needed to hold on for a little longer. Darrowshire could be defended!

Only Lu Li and Paladin Carlin remained fully alert. They were waiting for the death of the Paladin; it was their only chance to save Joseph.

Lu Li didn’t know what the result of this quest would be. He was actually quite confused as to whether this rerun of the battle would change anything. Could Darrowshire survive the invasion of the Scourge this time?

If they could, would they be allowed to follow Jaina and withdraw to Theramore at Theramore’s Fall together?

The survivors of Lordaeron followed Jaina and were led by the Prophet Mage Medivh to continue building Theramore in Theramore’s Fall.

If they could change the fate of this timeline, and Joseph, Carlin and Pamela could all live in Theramore, that would be favorable too.

While he was deep in thought, Lu Li completely missed a Skeleton War Horse nearby. It was Carlin and Joseph who noticed it first. After all, Lu Li’s level was still quite low.

This was Marduk the Black, the most famous assassin of the Death Knights.

He had a great black sword that could infect and kill anyone that was a lower level than he was. This time, he was waving his sword at Joseph. His target was clearly the leader of these remnants.

Paladin Carlin stormed towards him; the moment he had been waiting for had come.

His heart had long since accepted his death – he was going to exchange his life for his brother Joseph. Pamela couldn’t be without a father.

However, Paladin Carlin felt a pull that made him fall backwards. From Lu Li’s perspective, Joseph Redpath had pulled back his brother and charged forwards.

Lu Li quickly used his Cloak’s effect which caused him to instantly appear behind Marduk.

Cheap Shot!

No effect!

With such a huge level gap and the fact that his opponent was a Boss, Lu Li’s attack was nothing more than a joke.

He could only attack it desperately.

The helplessness that he was feeling, fighting against fate, was quite familiar!

Paladin Carlin rushed in with a similar recklessness, preferring to die here than to face the ghost of his niece.

Unfortunately, it was appeared as though everything had been doomed from the start. Joseph took a hit from the Marduk’s black sword as he shook off the Cheap Shot, but also took a fatal hit himself.

"Carlin, kill me!" Joseph Redpath felt that he was being pulled away from the light and knew what was happening.

"Why is fate so cruel? Why didn’t I die?!"

Even after so many years, Carlin Redpath roared as he felt the same pain.

"Pamela…" Joseph’s last bit of sanity faded as he lay on the ground in a puddle of blood.

Under a dark, weeping sky, in the desolate ruins, a small figure was standing alone. Her arms were wrapped around a doll as she looked into the distance. Why hasn’t dad come back…?

Leader Redpath has been killed!

History repeated itself as Joseph Redpath fell to Death Knight Marduk’s sword. He then stood up once again, this time as the Corrupted Redpath Leader