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Chapter 440: The Final Fate of Pamela

Chapter 440: The Final Fate of Pamela
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"Paladin Carlin, let’s put him to rest," Lu Li whispered as he rushed past Paladin Carlin.

"Rest? Who will give me rest?" The Paladin had a fierce look on his face. With all the pain he had suffered, he had turned into a monster of his own.

"Joseph is a hero; he should die as a hero and not a monster," Lu Li said firmly. "Pamela should be proud of her father."

"He should. That should be his fate." Carlin’s grief was unimaginable – he had lost his brother twice.

"Then let me, an outsider, finish this and you can grieve for the rest of your life," Lu Li said as he rushed towards the Fallen Joseph Redpath.

His reasoning was wrong, but he didn’t want to lose valuable Quest EXP.

Fortunately, Joseph wasn’t too strong yet as he had not been completely corrupted. Lu Li couldn’t kill him, but he could deal some damage.

He had used Gale Steps, Vanish and the other protective effects that he had from his equipment. However, Joseph had only lost a bit of HP; it was probably no less than 10%

Could it be that this was where he was going to die?

Truthfully, Lu Li wasn’t willing to die here. He was even less willing to fail the quest here.


Carlin had finally rushed over to help Lu Li who had almost no HP, providing him with some much-needed space to breathe.

"This is a fight for Pamela, so she won’t have to die to her father’s hands." Paladin Carlin’s face was solemn, just like when Lu Li had first met him.

The fight between the two Paladins was tragic. It was just a moment ago that these brothers were fighting side by side.

The fight didn’t last long, as Joseph strength hadn’t fully come to him, so he was weaker than usual. After five minutes, Carlin smashed his shield and killed him on the spot.

In that moment, Lu Li clearly saw Redpath’s corrupted eyes clear up.

This was probably the release of the corruption.

Unfortunately, Carlin, who was kneeling and crying in front of his brother, didn’t get to see that.

The surrounding battle slowly quieted down as the souls stopped fighting and looked quietly at the fallen Redpath on the ground.

A voice then emphatically cried out, "The Scourge is defeated! Darrowshire is saved!"

The voice was filled with a mix of emotions and Lu Li could feel a great sense of relief.

With a gust of wind, the warriors were scattered like sand. All the suffering and betrayal to come had now dissipated.

At least in that moment, the Darrowshire that they had worked so hard to protect was now safe. The souls could now rest assured in heaven.

Even the death of Paladin Dave was avoided. As he disappeared, he gave Lu Li a bow. Lu Li felt like they would meet again in future.

The corrupted Joseph that had regenerated was now just a shadow.

"I couldn’t save you, and now I have killed you Joseph. How can I face Pamela?" Paladin Carlin whispered softly, kneeling down.

"Do not cry Carlin; remember what father always said. A man should not show his tears," Joseph’s soul said gently. "My eyes were blinded by the darkness but you have saved me from the evil. You saved me, Carlin, so I now beg you… to forgive me."

"It’s not your fault Joseph. You tried." Carlin was still a Paladin, so after experiencing the loss of his brother, he started to act more like the leader of the Silver Dawn Paladins.

"Thank you, my friends, but now I need to go home."

The soul of Joseph turned and walked towards the direction of his house.

Carlin and Lu Li slowly followed him as Chromie’s magic weakened behind them. As time was rapidly passing, the village quickly turned into ruins.

"The battle must be over; I think I can hear my father talking…"

A little girl rushed out of the room and flew into Joseph’s arms. Her cheerful voice had a hint of sadness within it.


Joseph Redpath hugged Pamela and sighed, "Pamela, my dear? Are you okay?"

"Daddy! Daddy! You’re back! Let’s go play! No, tell me a story daddy! No… let’s go pick some flowers! Then we’ll have tea! I found my doll – did I tell you?"

It was like an ordinary, naïve child finally meeting her father after a long time.

"Uncle, you’re here too. Did you find my daddy?" the girl asked as she raised her head from her father’s shoulders and smiled shyly.

"Pamela, sorry."

Carlin opened his mouth but didn’t dare to go close to her. He was afraid that his light would dispel the soul.

After so many years, he hadn’t stepped back into Darrowshire.

"And you, big brother, thank you for helping me mend the doll and finding Uncle Carlin and daddy," Pamela said as she smiled sweetly at Lu Li.

She stretched out her little hand and fiddle with the back of her neck to remove a string of stones.

"This is the stone amulet that I made after losing my doll. It’s exactly like next-door-neighbor Timmy’s. Please take it."

"Thank you, Pamela. I love it" Lu Li accepted the roughly made necklace and smiled bitterly.

"There was also a piece of candy that I liked, but I accidentally ate it. Big brother, do you like candy?" Pamela was tightly holding her father and spoke with her chin on his shoulder.

"I will buy you the sweetest candy in future." Lu Li felt a bitterness that he couldn’t shake.

"I really missed you, daddy!" Pamela exclaimed, as she rubbed her face in Joseph’s arms.

Joseph clung onto the small Pamela and said, "I really missed you my dear. I’m finally home…"

The father and daughter were holding onto each other as their souls disappeared.

Lu Li didn’t know if there could have been a better ending.

The father was no longer burdened with the crime and the daughter was no longer alone. The sadness in his heart slowly became a feeling of peacefulness.

"May the deceased rest and the living exact revenge!"

Paladin Carlin bowed in the direction of the dissipating souls and resolved to be a respectable Paladin even through his tears.

The fact that the dead could rest was perhaps the only quest reward that Lu Li wanted. As to whether the quest was actually completed, Lu Li didn’t really have the mood to care.

"Elf, I know a story about a rabbit and some jam. Do you want to hear it?" Paladin Carlin asked.

After hearing the story, Lu Li was silent for a moment before saying, "Thank you, Mr Paladin."

Paladin Carlin patted Lu Li’s shoulder in reassurance.

"Thank you too, I have nothing to give you. All I can do is promise you a favor. I will return it to you at the right time."

After everyone had left, only Lu Li was left in Darrowshire.