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Chapter 442: Halloween

Chapter 442: Halloween
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"Bro!" After she finally got rid of the players who were trying to pick her up, Lu Xin finally saw Lu Li, who was watching her from the doorsteps.

"You should go to bed now."

It only took a sentence from Lu Li to change the happy expression on Lu Xin’s face.

"There’s still a few hours until my game time finishes; the sky only just went dark. I still want to play a little; I’m a trade skill player," she protested.

Lu Xin had already stopped attending her school, which was very considerate about this.

Or rather, the school didn’t want someone with a heart problem to sit in their classrooms – it was like looking after a time bomb.

"Nope." Although Lu Li really loved his sister and wanted to spoil her, he was more than a brother. He was the man of the household since their father had been long gone.

"Hmph. I hate this." Lu Xin was having fun until she got kicked out of the game.

Her brother was too stubborn. Once he decided on something, there was no turning back.

"It’s Halloween tomorrow; you can play tomorrow." Lu Li didn’t want to upset his sister, so he compromised instead. This was something that Lu Xin had been asking for over the past few days.

"Then can I go out to play?" Lu Xin immediately forgot about being upset.

"Yes, but I’ll have to go with you. You can’t go out and play anything that’s too dangerous..." Lu Li continued to blabber on.

"Then can I go and watch other people play?" Lu Xin ran over and held onto her brother’s arm; just the thought of Halloween made her excited.

For the entire group of people who lived in the poverty area, including the Lu Li siblings, Halloween was as unrealistic as Valentine’s.

They could barely survive, let alone have the extra time to care about festivals during the year.

Lu Xin’s understanding of Valentine’s came entirely from books and movies.

She even wrote a poem about Halloween during her class. The idea of the poem originated from a movie called The Witch:

He opened the door,

A bunch of cute children stood outside,

They wore their little wizard robes,

As they laughed and shouted,

Trick or Treat...

He remembered,

A while ago,

The witch that flew away on a broomstick,

You all look amazing,

Happy Halloween,

He cried like a child.

He spoke as he cried,

Sorry, but I have no candy to spare...

The little witches screamed as they ran.

The poem wasn’t refined, but it was fairly decent for a child in middle school. For her efforts, she won first prize, which was a high-class table lamp. Lu Xin sold her prize to her classmates, and the siblings shared a big meal with the money.

Although they were in a game, this was the first time that the siblings had celebrated Halloween.

Halloween was a western festival. It wasn’t as popular as Christmas, since Christmas was a Christian festival that was celebrated in areas that spoke English, for example, North America, Great Britain, Australia and New Zealand.

Regardless, Halloween always had its special place in the hearts of the children.

During the night, children would dress up and go around to different houses to collect candy.

In real life, none of these events really felt like they were properly celebrated. Halloween was even better in the game than in real life.

If you ran into Thalnos or Tyrande, it was safe for you to ask them for candy, regardless of your level and status.

Perhaps you might even be able to ask for a candy from Sargeras, if you knew where he was.

There were people in the past who had tried to ask for candies from bosses in the wild or in the dungeons, but of course, they all died.

"I’m going to dress up tomorrow! I love Halloween!" Lu Xin exclaimed excitedly; she was extremely happy.

"Go offline now!" Lu Li was dedicated to kick his sister offline.

He didn’t mention to his sister the other story behind Halloween.

According to legend, the deceased would return to the living in the hopes of reviving themselves through the living. This was the only hope of resurrection for those who had died. The living feared that the dead might steal their bodies, so on this day, they switched off all the lights and blew out all their candles to hide in the darkness. They also dressed up as different mythical creatures to scare away the dead. Afterwards, they would turn their lights on again and proceed with another year of their lives.

This was a darker way to explain Halloween, and also demonstrated that people were selfish beings.

Lu Xin would likely ponder over if she should trade herself for her parents…

On the other hand, Lu Li wouldn’t bother over these things. In his eyes, his sister was the most important one, not her parents who failed to perform their responsibilities.

A rational person would never hope for the impossible to happen.

After he kicked his sister offline, Lu Li used his time to continue leveling. He didn’t have extra time to level up compared to the others, and his speed of leveling wasn’t that great compared to Mages either. This meant that he couldn’t slack off.

While he leveled up, he also discussed some strategies for the event on the next day with Square Root 3.

"During their free time, I’d like people to participate instead of leveling or doing dungeons. If the game promotes an event like this, there must be some sort of attraction for the players." Lu Li wasn’t able to say too much about it, but he was the boss of the guild, so he was able to influence how the event unfolded.

"Alright. I’ll make sure everyone attends." Square Root 3 had originally planned to tell the others not to forget about leveling and dungeons.

However, if Lu Li said so, then that’s how things were to be done.

"Keep the elite teams on standby and keep ten spots open. If you’re going too, then keep eleven spots open. We’ll group a team of one hundred as soon as possible."

Lu Li mentioned some details about the event and then he began to talk about what was most important.

"What do we need to do?" Square Root 3 messaged.

He knew that the event tomorrow would be important. Events always came with a lot of items, equipment and experience, but he couldn’t think of any events that would require so many elite members.

"A special boss will appear in the Graveyard of the Scarlet Monastery tomorrow, and the dungeon will allow a hundred people to enter. We’re going to enter as soon as possible. I’m going to spend time with my sister in the afternoon, so I’m hoping that the boss will be finished as quickly as possible," Lu Li replied.

Square Root 3 was left speechless – they were killing the boss as quickly as possible so that Lu Li would be able to play with his sister.

"I’ll be in charge tomorrow. This is the guild’s first group event, so make sure everyone stays focused. If anyone performs badly, I’ll kick them out and they can go on standby."

This was Lu Li’s first time in conducting a battle of such a big scale, so he felt pressured as well.

"Don’t worry. Even if you don’t say anything, I will," Square Root 3 promised.

Although some big guilds invested in 100-man teams to fight bosses in the wild, most of these people were actually fighting against other players who were also targeting the boss. Not many of them were actually fighting the boss.

Ruling Sword had a weak foundation, so if they wanted to grow, they needed these group events.