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Chapter 445: The Boss Can Fly

Chapter 445: The Boss Can Fly
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There was a very small chance that the Headless Paladin’s mount would drop as loot. In other words, there would be one or two lucky players out of the hundred or so players that defeated it.

Something that was worth mentioning was the ongoing event where anyone who participated would receive a Festival Rewards bag.

Players received three items in each bag.

However, some players who were less lucky might receive gold as a reward.

When a monster was killed in Dawn, it dropped money most of the time.

The Headless Paladin’s mount was called the Headless Paladin’s Reins, which was the same as his Spirit Warhorse, except for the fact that it was smaller.

The most important thing about the mount was that it could fly. As long as you had learned the flying mount skill, you would be able to freely fly around town.

You could even learn the two-player flying mount skill which allowed you to take girls around and show off to the world. Lu Li recalled that the only player who had managed to pull that off in his past life was Sorrowless.

He wasn’t sure if Darkness did that because he had never met her.

There was only one mount riding skill in the whole of Ruling Sword, which was Hachi Chan’s dragon egg. However, it could only run on the ground. Apparently, it would hatch into a baby dragon, and although it could not fly in the air, travelling on any mount was much faster than running around.

The point was that obtaining the mount would be almost impossible.

"Don’t be discouraged," Lu Li consoled his disappointed teammates. "The Spirit Warhorse might be rare, but there are tons of other goodies that can be obtained. Besides high-tier equips, there are also other cool items like the flying broomstick, flying carpet, Halloween Staff and cute pets. If we get lucky, we can sell those items for tens and thousands of dollars."

"Wow!" Everyone immediately became extremely excited

Lu Li had told white lies to encourage his team. The flying carpet and broomstick could only be used in town and not in the wild, and it only had a duration of 7 days.

With the experience from before as well as the desire to obtain these rare items, every guild member bravely charged towards the Headless Paladin.

The first stage was quite easy, and the Headless Paladin only took down two players while it was in berserk mode.

After the Druids casted their Revive and regeneration skills, the two were immediately back on their feet and fighting.

When they entered the second stage, the tanks drew the aggro of the Spirit Paladins impeccably. They managed to separate the Spirit Paladins into groups of threes and led them into three separate areas.

The melee classes then surrounded the Spirit Paladins while the ranged classes continued dealing damage from afar.

"Second unit, take a break and focus on the other two. Remember, all three of them must die simultaneously. Did you guys not learn from our mistake?" Lu Li wasn’t participating in the battle because he was the commander. He had to observe the fight from afar and give orders accordingly.

The second unit had more ranged classes, and Moonlight was also a part of that team. His axe had a special effect that boosted the damage of his teammates. He was too focused and had not noticed that the Spirit Paladin that he was attacking was dying at a faster rate.

"I said stop. Do you want to die, Wolf Fang?" Most commanders were harsh with their words, and Lu Li was no exception. This was unavoidable because some players wouldn’t listen until you raised your voice. You would have to be a saint to remain calm under these circumstances.

"Ah, me? Sorry. Didn’t realise I was in the second unit." Wolf Fang was a Thief with decent gear. He became red from blushing out of embarrassment

"There won’t be a next time. Whoever makes a mistake next will face punishment." Lu Li was rather annoyed, but decided to give him a second chance – Wolf Fang’s mistake was relatively minor.

"I promise I won’t screw up again," Wolf Fang sighed in relief. Everyone that was under the leadership of Lu Li felt the pressure, even if they were star players.

Lu Li’s leadership and reputation was considered to be legendary at this point. Not only had he led his mercenary group to multiple First Clears, as well as the championship of Shadow Cup, but also remained as the No.1 player on the level rankings.

Although everyone was very alert and on their toes, small mistakes were still unavoidable.

One of the Spirit Paladins were killed and the other two went into berserk mode, causing everyone to panic and scatter.

"Ranged classes, focus on the two remaining bosses and kill them immediately. Everyone stay calm; try to run away while dealing damage. If we play it safe, then no one should die," Lu Li’s calm voice echoed across the battle field.

Everyone gathered themselves and remained calm.

The two berserk Spirit Paladins were already on low health, and because they were very fast, the melee classes had trouble dealing damage to them. However, their speed didn’t affect the ranged classes’ DPS and both died within 10 or so seconds.

"Druids, focus on reviving the ranged classes and ignore the melee classes for now," Lu Li ordered.

Although they had defeated all 9 Spirit Paladins, they had lost more than 15 players. Since there were too many of them to revive, Lu Li decided to prioritize the ranged classes as they dealt more DPS from afar.

"The Wheel of Destiny has already started spinning; your attacks are useless. The cleansing fire will devour everything for I am the chosen ruler standing on the throne of victory. Ahahahaha…"

The third stage was even more ridiculous than the last Halloween event. This time, he didn’t summon pumpkins or minions to cause trouble, but instead, flew up into the air with his warhorse.

The melee classes were astonished.

"Ranged classes, continue dealing damage. Everyone be careful of the fire – If it appears, then avoid it at all cost. Healers, keep your distance and focus on surviving before healing others. Sakura Memories, prepare to cast Bloodlust," Lu Li commanded as he took a few steps back to ensure that he was in a safe position.

This was why he had ordered the Druids to revive the ranged classes. The Melee classes were completely useless in this stage.

The Headless Paladin swung his weapons around in the air, casting down a rain of fire beneath him.

The fire fell from the sky very quickly. If they hadn’t be warned of this beforehand, many of the players would have been struck by it.

However, with Lu Li’s warning, most of them were prepared and managed to dodge the fiery projectiles.

The players who were struck by the fire quickly drank potions instead of relying on the healers to heal them.

The Advanced Health Potions that they had stored up were finally being put to use.

"Very good. Ranged classes, continue dealing damage. Activate every special effect and buff that you have. Melee classes can use a bow to deal some damage as well." Lu Li was very pleased with how everyone had reacted to this stage; no one had died so far.

"Damn it, how am I supposed to draw aggro?!" Azure Sea Breeze felt completely useless because he was out of range.