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Chapter 449: Dark Halo

Chapter 449: Dark Halo
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"Are you guys going to revive me?" Lu Li had been waiting for 30 seconds, but no one had revived him. From the ground, the dozens of dead players could see the remaining players jumping around. They looked so excited that it was like they had forgotten their names.

"Uh, quickly revive the Boss." They only just remembered Lu Li, Square Root 3 and some others who were still dead on the floor.

"Sorry Boss. I was just too excited."

An Elemental Shaman who had learned Revive used the skill on Lu Li and pulled him up.

After being revived, the first thing that Lu Li did was open up his backpack.

It contained the Headless Paladin’s Reins and a Skill Book. He had received the rewards that the System had awarded them.

Headless Paladin’s Reins!

He didn’t expect that he would one day receive this item!

There were many things that were worth money in Dawn, as tens of millions of transactions were made every day. However, the items that were truly invaluable were the ones that could enhance other things.

The Headless Paladin’s Reins was undoubtedly one of the best enhancing items in the game.

In the earlier stage of the game, most players wouldn’t come into contact with mounts. The first few mounts that were introduced were related to a players’ profession or race, and could be bought from an NPC for some money. However, these were all equally bad.

The Headless Paladin’s mount, on the other hand, was not the same. There was only once chance to obtain it every year and most players weren’t strong enough to kill it. Even if they could, there was no guarantee that it would drop.

The players were slowly being revived, one after another. When they were all revived, they all received a notification that they had received a Holiday Boss package.

Remnant Dream pitifully stared at the Headless Paladin’s body as it turned into ashes; she didn’t get to loot it.

Lu Li took his Holiday package out.

His heart was beating quite quickly; he hadn’t felt this kind of excitement for a long time.

If he got a Headless Paladin’s Steed…

The item in his bag was rewarded by the System, so he obviously couldn’t sell it like it was his own. It was the fruit of everyone’s efforts.

In his past life, Lu Li had gone through a similar experience. He often went to try and farm for a horse, which could be dropped by Instance Dungeons that were level 40 or higher. (Level 30 or higher Instance Dungeons no longer had any level restrictions) He would do this once a week, in hopeful expectation each time.

However, the result was just one cooldown after another. He farmed for two years until his Rebirth and never even saw a single horse hair.

He had often heard the phrase, "Oh no I didn’t get it…"

But now, there was a possibility that the Headless Paladin’s Steed would drop right in front of him. Lu Li’s mind involuntarily wondered about what he would do if he got it. Would he sell it, or maybe use it…?

After taking a moment to ready himself, he opened the package.

There was no point in delaying; it was what it was…

System: You are rewarded with some EXP and 2 gold coins.

That’s it?

Is there nothing else?


Lu Li staggered backwards as his legs went soft. He almost farted as he fell onto his butt.

"Waahahaha!" This was Azure Sea Breeze’s trademark smile. He was holding a plate in his hand as he laughed loudly.

Lu Li really wanted to kick him to death.

While Lu Li was thinking this, Wandering had already kicked him. "You old man, why are you causing a fuss? Don’t you see everyone else that’s around? Don’t you have any shame…?"

As Azure Sea Breeze was being showered in a torrent of abuse, he looked around to find everyone staring at him.

The most annoying thing was receiving the steed and then causing a fuss so that everyone knew.

At first, he was the most popular number one Main Tank, but in that moment, he had become the object of everyone’s jealousy. There was almost a fight over it, even though not everyone could fully comprehend its value.

"Boss, I’ll give this to you," Nuo Yu offered as he came over and sent a trade invite.

He was one of the first players to join Ruling Sword and had started out being undercover for the Gangnam Royals. After swapping sides with the help of Lu Li and Square Root 3, he was released from the clutches of the Gangnam Royals and was now one of the Elite Group’s main Mages.

When Lu Li saw the item being traded, he was shocked.

It was actually the Headless Paladin’s steed!

Ruling Sword had actually received a second Headless Paladin’s Steed!

Most players would have thought that someone out of the hundred players would have got it, but the probability for two players to receive it was much lower.

In fact, as the event progressed, the other guilds would soon find out that defeating the Headless Paladin would leave 80% of the players without a mount. It was even sadder when guilds had sent dozens of groups and none of them received a mount.

"Nuo Yu, don’t joke around," Lu Li refused.

If he accepted it, what would he have become?

Everyone had a fair chance of getting it; you couldn’t be too nice in life.

Despite the fact that it was a guild member offering it, if he accepted it, how could he continue on afterwards?

Even so, it was still a little heart breaking for Lu Li refuse it. This was worth millions, and was by far the most expensive item Lu Li had seen.

He was also a little bewildered thinking about Azure Sea Breeze and his mount, while he himself had only received some gold coins. This guild even had two mounts, and he didn’t get one of them.

Lu Li wasn’t the most miserable one – there was a girl who only received one gold coin and was crying.

However, because Lu Li was the spiritual leader of the guild, he had to endure this.

In reality, other than Lu Li and the other unlucky girl, most players actually received decent rewards.

Square Root 3 collated the data and found that more than 10 players received Gold equipment, more than 30 players received Silver equipment and more than a dozen players received a rare material. There were also a large variety of festive items that were dropped.

The festive items were quite valuable.

The candy was self-explanatory – the Boss dropped these in bags and each bag contained 100 of them. The lucky Hachi Chan received three bags of candy.

The Halloween Magic Wand was one of the most interesting gadgets. You could turn someone into a pirate, ninja, skull, bat, kitten or even a small frog… it allowed you to experience what being a Magician would feel like.

Alien Masks could be put on to appear like another race, but like the Magic Wand, this was a festive item and would disappear after seven days.

There was also a wide variety of Halloween food, which caused a variety of effects upon eating them.

The Pumpkin Bag had 18 spaces and was one of the more practical items.

If you couldn’t get the Headless Paladin’s Steed, there were also the Magic Broom and the flying blanket as consolation prizes. Players who got those two, limited-time items were also objects of envy.

Seeing that everyone was eager to go back to the city to try their new items, Lu Li pulled himself together and announced the closing of the event.