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Chapter 451: A Silly Paladin

Chapter 451: A Silly Paladin
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Lu Li carefully read the sentence that was written on the guild chat.

Million Years in a Blink: Does anyone know roughly what a Blue Python Fang does?

There were a few responses after that, but most of them were just people making things up. Everyone knew it was a rare material, but no one could tell him what it could be used to make.

With regards to the distributions of drops, there were currently some customary rules in the game.

If it was an Instance Dungeon or Wild Boss run by the guild using its strategies, any drops belonged to the guild. If it was a Boss fought privately, that was left to the players themselves. If it was a festive Boss, although it required the guild’s coordination, any drops were also left to the players.

Of course, there were some small guilds that ignored these rules.

However, Ruling Sword had its long term interests in mind, so naturally, it wouldn’t take the players’ benefits from them.

Everyone was playing the same game, so if there weren’t some benefits why would anyone join your guild? A stable base salary plus some variable amount in addition to activities and quests that couldn’t be completed alone – that was the general situation for each modern guild.

Today, the Headless Paladin had dropped many items – several Gold equips, dozens of Silver equips, rare materials, skill books…

Square Root 3 and Lu Li didn’t ask anything of the Elite group. Nuo Yu voluntarily wanted to give Lu Li the horse, otherwise, he had no right to take anything that didn’t belong to the guild.

But now, Lu Li wanted to break this rule – he really wanted this rare material.

He couldn’t deal with being surrounding by all these players on this street anymore. Lu Li prompted the Headless Warhorse, which slowly sped up to a gallop and left the crowd behind.

There was a mad dash as the players tried to chase the horse.

"Million Years in a Blink. I see." Lu Li sent him a friend request and awaited confirmation from the other party.

"Dammit, you must be lying. I don’t believe you. Why would the number one player want to add me? Does Dawn allow for players with the same name? There aren’t any special characters in this name either…" His rapid chatter demonstrated his excitement but also his silliness.

"Well, I’m Lu Li. I’m in the same guild as you." Lu Li was speechless.

"Oh yeah. It does say Ruling Sword in front of your name. Wait a second." The communication cut off and Lu Li could already hear the laughter on the other side.

So there were people like this in his guild…he was a little ashamed to meet him.

Back in the guild residence, Lu Li finally saw this silly Paladin. He was one of the first players to respond to Square Root 3’s call to join as a member of Ruling Sword’s Elite group.

Although he had only joined the game on the second round, he was currently level 30 and had caught up with the other players.

"I want to discuss something with you. I want to buy the Blue Python Fang that you have." Lu Li didn’t take the time to soften him up and got straight to the point.

"What?" Million Years in a Blink slapped the table and stood up.

Lu Li’s heart was sinking and he had a bad expression on his face, but he wasn’t so petty that he would hate someone for not selling an item. He waved his hand and said, "Don’t get too worked up – you don’t have to sell it. I’m just asking."

It was unusual for the Supreme Ring upgrade to require 16 different materials. He knew where to get some of these, but there were a few that he had never heard of before.

The Blue Python Fang was one of these, and he didn’t even know where to start looking. As such, it was a lie to say that he was willing to let it go, but he couldn’t help himself when he saw how excited the other party got.

"You looked down on me," Million Years in a Blink said as he became even more excited and pointed right at Lu Li’s nose, "and now you want to buy from me!"

"Uh…" The situation was so unusual that Lu Li didn’t know what to say.

"You are the Guild’s Boss, the supreme leader of Ruling Sword and you actually want to buy something from me. For such a trivial rare material, you raised my hopes like this. You need to apologize to me!" he demanded as he slammed a white item onto the table and wiped his eyes.

"…" Lu Li had no idea what to do. What was wrong with this guy?

His intention was the trade the item for gold or equipment from the guild. He had no intention of treating someone from his Elite group badly.

However, this person was so eccentric that he had no idea how to deal with him.

"You’ve done something wrong, but you won’t apologize?" It was clear that Million Years in a Blink was quite young. He must have put all his attribute points into being eccentric because dealing with him was giving Lu Li a headache.

"Sorry, I’m sorry." Lu Li was so confused that all he could do was pat him on the shoulder and apologize sincerely.

"Hehe," Million Years in a Blink laughed as he scratched his head, "What else do you want?"

Seeing that he was probably going to tell everyone, Lu Li shook his head and said, "This is fine. If there is anything else, I’ll ask you directly."

"Alright, I’ll go do some quests."

After seeing Lu Li act that way, he was thoroughly satisfied and hadn’t even asked for any compensation.

Lu Li had no idea how to describe this person. He didn’t know if he was eccentric or just genuinely kind-hearted, but at least he wasn’t a detestable person.

"Well, did you get it?" Square Root 3 didn’t participate, otherwise, it would definitely have felt like they were just pressuring him with their authority.

Lu Li explained the whole situation simply. Square Root 3 was silent for a moment, before understanding that only Million Years in a Blink could do something like that. It seemed like the other players already knew this about him.

"Find a way to compensate him." Lu Li couldn’t just take this material for free.

This rare material, regardless of how important it was, was still worth quite a lot.

Ruling Sword’s points couldn’t only be exchanged for items from the guild warehouse. In the month’s performance appraisal, unused points could be exchanged for real money.

"Done. I’m going to go and count up the rare materials that the players received. If we’re lucky, we might find another rare material you need. Speaking of which, what do you want these materials for?" Square Root 3 was quite curious.

Knowing how stingy Lu Li was, how precious would something have to be for him to want these rare materials at any cost?

"An Epic equipment," Lu Li vaguely responded. He then ignored Square Root 3 and went looking for his sister for Halloween.

Lu Li didn’t mention the fact this was an Epic equipment that could be further upgraded.

He didn’t want to scare him.