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Chapter 453: The Twin-Headed Ogre And The Little Girl

Chapter 453: The Twin-Headed Ogre And The Little Girl
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The siblings began discussing about their dream house in the game.

Lu Li wanted to give his sister some hope in life, a hope that their future would only get better and that they would only become richer. He wanted her to know that they would be living in big, clean houses and that they would be able to purchase whatever they liked.

Lu Xin had a more pessimist perspective in mind; she hoped that her brother would remain happy in the game if anything was to happen to her.

This was a sad topic and didn’t match up with the festive atmosphere around them.

The two of them came across a roulette, so they decided to test their luck.

This was a design by the gaming company and all rights belonged to Dawn. If anyone was to make this design on their own, they would be charged with a crime and persecuted by the internet police.

A silver coin was required to participate in the event.

Each player was limited to ten spins, and each spin after that would cost a gold coin. Based on the rewards that the roulette offered, any player that played more than ten times was either a hardcore gambler a or a millionaire.

"Me first! Me first!" Lu Xin was very interested.

She snatched over the joystick and turned her excited face to Lu Li, who obediently tossed a silver coin into the machine.

The joystick moved slightly and the roulette began to spin as Lu Xin stomped her foot. The roulette had begun to spin before she even tried to use any strength; she was certain that she wasn’t going to get anything good.

Her strength honestly had nothing to do with the results.

The needle on the roulette landed on the bar for experience, and a white light covered over Lu Xin as she leveled up on the spot.

This only happened because her level was too low; she was only level eleven.

On the second time, she received a twelve-space bag.

On the third time, she received a level 15 Steel equip.

Her fourth try rewarded her with nothing.

On the fifth time...

After ten tries, Lu Xin still hadn’t received anything decent. Of course, she wasn’t impressed – there was a bar on the roulette with the text "Dark Gold Equipment".

That bar was extremely small; it was almost as thin as a hair.

However, there was nothing more she could do about it; there was no way that Lu Xin would spend another gold coin to continue spinning.

Now, it was Lu Li’s turn, but he wasn’t particularly lucky – he received an experience reward three times. With the experience received from the Headless Paladin event, he was currently half way to level 34.

The only surprise was probably the Halloween Magic Wand – Squirrel. This was an item that was only available during Halloween and had a seven-day time limit.

Lu Li used the item on his sister, and Lu Xin began to see her world grow bigger. Under the effect of the wand, she had been transformed into a squirrel with a nut in her hand.

Lu Li bent over to pick her up and placed her on his shoulders.

This was the amazing part about virtual gaming; it was what made games attractive. This was a world that was entirely beyond imagination.

There were plenty other games like the roulette – for example, riddles, chess and whack-a-mole. The variety of the games aimed to ensure that everyone could find something that they were good at.

The squirrel only lasted for two minutes, and after this, Lu Xin returned to normal. It was a strange feeling to sit on her brother’s shoulder, but she refused to transform again.

Of course, Lu Li refused to transform into a squirrel too; he was used to being the protector.

Soon, they received another Halloween Magic Wand from the event, which was capable of turning its target into an ogre.

Under the request of Lu Xin, Lu Li transformed into a tall ogre.

His body was more than two meters tall and he had two heads.

This was a strange feeling; Lu Li was even able to make his two heads converse with each other, as long as he didn’t make the two heads speak at the same time. After all, he wasn’t a real ogre.

Hence, everyone saw a little girl seat herself between the heads of an ogre with each of her hands placed on a head as she chuckled.

If his sister was happy, Lu Li was happy too. Maintaining an image meant nothing to him.

Their new combination attracted even more attention than before, as the people around them discovered a new way to play with the Halloween Magic Wand.

Of course, Lu Xin also received more candy than before.

Without even realizing, they had already amassed more than 700 candies.

This meant that there were around 700 people who had given candy to Lu Xin.

The amount of candy they had almost allowed them to trade for a cat pet, which was Lu Xin’s ultimate goal. Lu Li had originally planned to ask his guild members to help him.

Halloween was a festival that produced a lot of pets. These pets couldn’t do any damage and had little value, but they were deeply loved by their owners.

The pet system was a good strategy by Dawn that helped their game rise in popularity.

If you kept a pet in the game and you really liked it, you would come online daily to see it.

Besides the entertainment, the Halloween event also offered a great amount of experience. Since Lu Li’s level was too high, the experience rewards didn’t affect him too much, but Lu Xin had already become level 18 after some minor participation.

They went with the flow of the festival for a day. Not only did they relax, but they also received more experience from the event than leveling up in the wild.

Lu Li’s goal was to take his sister around; he wasn’t trying to achieve anything.

He had barely spent any time with his sister in the past two months and the surgery wasn’t entirely without its risks. As such, the siblings treasured the time they had with each other.

"I want to eat this." Like a little Queen enjoying her ride, the little girl pointed at the barbecue on a player’s stall.

It was rare for Lu Xin, who was mostly obedient, to show this side.

"Alright, alright, we’ll eat this. I’ll get it for you," Lu Li said as he went over and bought the item without a single bit of complaint.

"This flower is so pretty; I’ve never seen it before..." You couldn’t blame her for her reaction – these flowers didn’t exist in real life. Apparently, they had gone extinct around 200 years ago.

"These flowers are only found around Feralas," Lu Li explained.

"Since you’re so knowledgeable, I’ll give them to you for a silver coin each." The player who sold these flowers was impressed; it wasn’t easy for someone to recognize them at such a quick glance. After all, the game had only been out for two months.

"Profit lies everywhere; there’s so many ways to make money." Lu Li himself was impressed by the other player too. He took out a few silver coins to purchase a small bouquet of flowers.

A silver coin was worth around a dollar. It wasn’t much, but Lu Li could guarantee that this player had at least thousands of these flowers in his bag. These plants had no value and one space in the bag could contain around a hundred units of these flowers.

"I want to tie them on your horns." Lu Xin had too many things in her hands, so she wasn’t able to hold onto the flowers. As she quickly glanced around, she came up with a new idea.

There was a sharp horn on each head of the ogre.

Lu Li was speechless; he was definitely a shame to the ogre race. If other ogres were to find out, there would be no way out for him.

However, since his sister had made a request, he had to do whatever he could to fulfill it.

Without even hesitating, he nodded his head and said, "Sure. Do you want me to transform again before you tie it? The item only lasts for two minutes."

If the players found out who he was, Ruling Sword would probably be the biggest joke of Halloween this time.