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Chapter 455: People With Houses

Chapter 455: People With Houses
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The last was the main city of Night Elves, which was also the place that Lu Li had decided to settle down in.

Although it wasn’t as busy as Stormwind City, Darnassus was a quiet place that people would love to stay at, even for their entire lives.

According to its description, Darnassus was located at the foot of Teldrassil, the World Tree. The description was often questioned because the city was built on the tree itself. The village at the bottom of the tree was Rut'theran Village, and connected the city to the outside world.

"Teldrassil" originated from the language of the Night Elves, and meant "Crown of the Earth".

Teldrassil was located on an island that was raised from the bottom of the sea by Druids with powerful spells.

It was a small island that was eternally shrouded by a purple mist and floated on the The Veiled Sea, far away from the rest of the world. The prideful Elves lived here and passed down their ancient and mysterious civilization.

This city was bigger than the entire zone of Grey Valley. You would need to use a portal to go from the North to South of the city.

Lu Li immediately arrived at the new city with his sister.

Of course, purchasing a house in the game wasn’t going to be as expensive as it was in real life. It usually only costed in the tens of thousands, and would be no more than a few hundred thousand. This was enough to purchase a decent mansion.

Just because they were the first to purchase didn’t mean that they were going to get a discount; the gaming company wasn’t so generous in this area.

Lu Li was worried that the island in the Southside of the city would be purchased.

Darnassus was split into four sections – North, South, East and West.

You could purchase houses in every section and they all came with their special attractions. Other races of the Alliance could also live here too, especially Druid players. Perhaps they were the ones who liked the nature of Darnassus the most.

On this quiet land, the power of nature was something that people sought after.

This city that was located on the big tree had its own lake and island, which showed how vast it truly was.

The lake was named by the Night Elves as Al’Ameth.

The silver lights that reflected in the ripples of Lake Al’Ameth looked like snowflakes as they danced like naughty children. The water was clear, but it was too deep for the bottom to be visible.

Elegant bridges were built on the shores of the lake, and from afar, it seemed as if crystals flowed underneath them.

Lake Al’Ameth was the biggest water body in the location and it branched out across the entire city. Hundreds of islands were spread out across the lake, but only one particular island was available for players to purchase.

This island was beautiful. It wasn’t big, but it was planted with maple trees to form a small forest, and also had a beautiful pond. Under the big maple tree in the center of the island, a small and delicate house stood. It was a house with a white wall and a blue roof. There was also a small Moonwell on the island.

A small bridge reached towards the shore, but without the permission of the owners, no one else would be able to set food on the island.

In his previous life, Lu Li had seen this island from afar and had taken a photo of it to show Lu Xin. The little girl really liked it – even when she was sick, the photo was still placed beside her bed.

In his previous life, he couldn’t afford his sister such a luxury, but in his current life, he was sure that he could purchase this island.

The general hall was located at the Northside of the city in Cenarion section; there weren’t too many players yet.

"Greetings. How can I help you?" Two sentinels stopped the siblings when they entered; this place wasn’t as quiet and free as it seemed.

"I wish to purchase a place to stay," Lu Li said as he pulled his cape to cover up the mark of the Moon Priestess on his shoulder.

There were some debates between Druids and Priests about their ideology. The current leader of the Cenarion, Archdruid Fandral Staghelm, who was also Malfurion’s student, didn’t get along with the leader of the Priests, Tyrande.

"Follow along the hallway and you’ll see the hut of Dra. Good luck, my friend." The sentinel was happy to show the way.

Dra was young female Elf. After Lu Li explained his purpose, she pointed at the shelf of books and said, "This is all the information about properties. You can choose the ones you like, but don’t waste too much of my time."

"I wish to purchase the island on the lake." Lu Li didn’t go through the books, but instead, read out the coordinates of the island.

Dra was caught by surprise. She didn’t need to dig through the information to know that the island was called Red Leaf Island and that it was the only island available for sale.

Although it was close to the Temple of the Moon Goddess and its garden, it was rare for anyone to pass by.

Originally, the gaming company wanted to keep it as a little surprise of the main city.

Imagine if you were walking around Darnassus and accidently came across this island. The red maple leaves, the clear waters, the delicate tree house and the crisp green grass – most people would probably think of it as a beautiful place.

It was hard to imagine that the first location to be sold in Darnassus was this place!

Dra was only an NPC and the system gave her wisdom, but Lu Li wasn’t doing anything against the rules.

"This island is up for sale, but you’ll need…" Dra paused, then continued, "8000 gold coins. Are you sure you want this place?"

Because the game had only been released for two months, it was the first day that Darnassus had been made available to players.

With the current economy within the game, 8000 coins was already an incredible sum. Most players wouldn’t be able to afford this place.

"Eight thousand?" Lu Li actually wanted to ask how was the place was only listed at 8000. In his previous life, the island wasn’t priced so low.

The island was discovered in Darnassus after about a month and a half. The first person who bought it paid 15,000 gold and broke the record for property sales in Dawn.

However, he didn’t lose money – after about half a month, he sold the house for 25,000 gold coins, earning himself a 10,000-gold profit.

After two years, this island, known as the number one mansion in Darnassus was sold again. It was sold to the hidden boss of Seventh Heaven. The man, Guo DeSho had a title of Prince in real life, and had purchased the place with 45 million dollars.

Lu Li wasn’t thinking about reselling; he only wanted to purchase it to make up for the things that he couldn’t do in his previous life.

He thought that it would be priced at 15,000, so he had exchanged a lot of gold coins from the guild.

He didn’t expect the system to only ask him for 8000 gold coins; this was equivalent to 800,000 dollars.

It would be 45 million dollars two years down the track, so in comparison, it was a bargain.

Of course, Lu Li had no objections. He quickly signed the documents and the ownership of Red Leaf Island was transferred to the siblings.