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Chapter 457: The Badge

Chapter 457: The Badge
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"I’ll come after I finish this quest. When we were clearing the Scarlet Library, there were three books. One of them was called ‘Mythology of the Titans’. Have you completed this quest?" Lu Li asked.

"That book was too long so I couldn’t be bothered going through it and threw it in my inventory. Why do you want to do that quest?" Fat Monkey was confused.

Lu Li asked the others and none of them has completed it.

He wasn’t sure what to say; this time he was speechless for real. In his past life, ‘Mythology of the Titans’ was a must-do quest for damage-dealing classes, yet no one had even attempted it.

Was nobody interested in the ‘cleanse’ special effect? Cleanse was an active that removed all movement-impairing and crowd-control debuffs.

There was nothing more important in a PVP battle.

In reality, this wasn’t as unexpected as Lu Li first thought.

When Lu Li first joined Dawn in his past life, the game had already been out for more than a year. By then, it was obvious that someone had discovered ‘Mythology of the Titans’ and most players already knew about it.

However, no one would be bothered going through the entire book like some sort of fictional story. Even if someone managed to discover the quest, no one would share the secrets of how to obtain Adventurer’s Explorer Badge.

"That’s perfect; we’re all do it together then. The quest rewards a very useful PVP equip," Lu Li explained.

"Can we not do it? I already chucked it in the storage," Instant Millennia complained.

You needed to read through the entire book which had hundreds of pages filled with words. Players couldn’t simply skip through the pages and skim through the book because the system examined the brain waves of the player to determine whether they had read it. Therefore, in order to have the option of accepting the quest, you had to read through each and every single word of the book.

"Go back and get it from the storage; we must complete this quest. Don’t tell anyone about this yet." Lu Li wanted to keep his secret unknown to others.

Everyone realised how important this quest was from Lu Li’s serious tone.

As such, they decided to drop everything they were currently doing and focus on it. Lu Li sat in the living room of his new treehouse while reading Mythology of the Titans.

The story wasn’t very exciting and he had already read it once in his past life. The book was long and quite dull so he browsed through it carelessly.

It took him more than 2 whole hours before he finally activated the quest.

System: Successfully read ‘Mythology of the Titans’. You may proceed with ‘the Orphanage’.

The quest description was simple: find Orphan Matron Nightingale at the Stormwind Cathedral Square; he’ll inform you about the rest.

Lu Li said goodbye to his little sister and teleported from Darnassus to Stormwind.

It was obvious that Stormwind was a human city. However, players referred to Stormwind as the capital of the Alliance. Humans, High Elves, Night Elves and Dwarves all called this place their home. Most players enjoyed the multicultural lifestyle and vibes of Stormwind City.

There were Medieval-themed castles and vine-covered towers. The taverns were filled with wild and passionate laughter of Dwarves. You could stroll freely through the streets, or ride on the boats that sailed slowly through the river canals while appreciating the scenery and culture that the city provided.

Lu Li walked out of the teleporter then boarded a small boat and finally arrived at the Cathedral Square.

The open area outside the Cathedral was filled with apple trees. Nearby was a shelter filled with beds for the homeless children of Stormwind.

Nightingale was quite easy to find. When Lu Li saw him from afar, he was consoling a little human girl who was crying.

The little human girl’s loud cries could be heard even in the busy streets of Stormwind. Her cries were as clear and obvious as a firefly in the night, even though she was only 5 or 6 years old.

She looked like a little European girl with her blonde hair, clear blue eyes and fair skin. Her big, beautiful eyes were filled with tears; Lu Li couldn’t help but feel sorry for her.

"Greetings, Mr Nightingale, I have a message here and it says that you needed some help. What can I assist you with?" Lu Li asked straightforwardly.

Since Lu Li hadn’t received the quest from someone, he had to ask what Nightingale wanted him to do.

If Lu Li told him that he had received the quest from reading a book, he would look foolish.

"Would you be willing to help out the Orphanage? Oh, thank you so much, my friend." Nightingale was pleased.

"Hope I’ll be of help to you." Lu Li was slightly apprehensive.

It appeared that the quest wouldn’t be so simple. Lu Li knew this quest was different to those that required him to deliver a letter or escort something; he knew that this quest would take much longer than others.

Time was money…

"Mm, what should I get you to do first?" Nightingale was ashamed to ask for money so he handed a little orphan to Lu Li. "Maybe you can take care of her for a little while and tend to her needs. Please, young man."

"I…" He wanted to decline the request because he wasn’t used to taking care of toddlers.

What if she wanted Lu Li to do something ridiculous like taking stars from the sky? He would fail the quest and would have to read the ‘Mythology of the Titans’ again.

"Ask me for money, man. I have thousands of gold coins in my bag. I’m very rich…" Lu Li thought to himself.

"I knew you were a kind man. Her name is Becky. Poor Becky… sigh… that damned war…" Nightingale patted the little girl’s head and placed her in Lu Li’s arms.

Although she was cute, she cried too loudly.

"Ok, sir." Lu Li had to accept because the quest had already appeared in the system.

Quest: An Orphan’s Dream.

Becky’s parents were killed in the war and she became a poor orphan.

Though Lu Li was a selfless hero, his goal of playing this game was to take care of another orphan. Lu Li knew better than anyone that an orphan needed love and care from others.

It would take some time for him to make Becky happy.

When Becky saw Nightingale leave, she began crying again, even louder this time.

Lu Li pinched her little cheeks and greeted her with a smile.

"Hello Becky, I’m a Night Elf adventurer from another part of the world."

"Night Elf? Oh my, your ears are so long!" Becky had just noticed that the man she saw had long and pointy ears. She was distracted by them and forgot what she was crying about.

"Yes. Night Elves’ ears are always this long," Lu Li said with a smile.

"Hey! Stop touching me so much!"