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Chapter 459: Granting Your Wish

Chapter 459: Granting Your Wish
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You sold it to me!

When he heard that sentence, the Goblin Engineer burst into tears. He had thought about it in every way, and it was he who had lost the bomb recipe!

He had the opportunity to become one of the top Engineering Masters and the wealthiest in his goblin family. He was going to have wealth beyond measure…

That was all sold away for 3 gold.

"You sold it to me for 3 gold," Lu Li reiterated. He didn’t know that he was stabbing poor Akare in the heart with these words.

The level 60 Boss Goblin Engineer stared at him then fainted. No one helped him up as the guards that were normally friendly with him turned away and pretended like nothing had happened.

They also saw that these players weren’t here to attack Rattan City, so perhaps this was just a personal grudge.

As defenders of the city, they felt no need to interfere.

For this strange race that would sell out their best friends for a bag of gold, it wasn’t unusual for them to decide to stand by.

Lu Li knew that he was now safe. He didn’t have to worry about the NPCs in Rattan City bothering him anymore. The large group that he had brought today was to intimidate and bribe these goblin NPCs.

There are so many people. What would happen if I accidentally attacked? How scary.

If I managed to earn one gold coin from everyone here, I would be rich!

As for Akare, by the time he had woken up, Lu Li had gone to his shop and made two Fool’s Bomb in front of it. Lu Li gave the recipe back to him, but he didn’t care whether he could use to or not.

At the time, it was a proper transaction for the item, even if the goblin had sold the wrong thing. Lu Li didn’t steal it from him.

This was the biggest advantage for a race that respected proper transactions.

Now that Lu Li had compensated him, Akare was unwilling, but could only reluctantly say that he would no longer pursue the matter.

As for his personal relationship with Lu Li, it was absolute hatred. In the future, it would be impossible for him to buy things or receive quests from him.

Since the problem had been solved, Lu Li thanked everyone and promised them points for their efforts.

The guild members were quite happy as they hadn’t really done much. The whole ordeal was just 10 minutes long and they had helped the great God Lu Li. This was the important point. There were many players in Ruling Sword that respected Lu Li and would help him do some things, even at some cost to themselves.

As he held a high position in the guild, Lu Li had a few points he could give out every month. Every high-ranking guild in Dawn did this – after all, a high-ranking authority deserved to enjoy some of the guild’s resources.

Tranquility returned to Rattan City as a ship was ushered in.

The sailors were running around barefoot as they were orderly calling out instructions. Their conversations were brimming with fondness as they approached land.

The white seagulls were startled as they flew up into the sky.

Little Becky was jumping about, trying to see the sailors on board, but she was too short. From her perspective, she could only see the foamy white of the crashing waves. Lu Li picked her up and put her on his shoulders so that she could see a little further.

This was going to be a fruitless ordeal.

Once the ship unloaded its goods, the sailors triumphantly went to the hotel or tavern, but Becky hadn’t seen her father.

"My father will come back too, right?" the little girl asked timidly.

"Yes. As long as you live happily, he will return on a boat one day. He will bring you many delicious things and many beautiful clothes," Lu Li said.

"I hope he comes home tomorrow," the little orphan murmured.

"Was there anything else you wanted to eat, or anywhere you wanted to go? Tell me; Uncle will take you," Lu Li said as he looked at the time, unable to endure it any longer.

"Uncle, when you grant all my wishes, will you leave me?"

Orphans seemed to be more sensitive. She was only five years old, but she was aware of what Lu Li was thinking.

"Yes, but I will still look for you when I’m free." Lu Li didn’t really want to see her because her dejected face made him feel quite sad.

There were many miserable things in this world – no one lived completely happily. The difference was just how much more miserable they were. This girl had lost her parents when she was five, so of course, her situation was pitiful. However, Lu Li wasn’t the kind of person with overflowing compassion.

He kept reminding himself that this was just an NPC.

As for the commitment to visit her in future, it wasn’t a complete lie. He didn’t mind paying a little time and attention to this child.

Becky seemed to understand that she couldn’t have the good uncle around forever.

"One day, when my guardian let us out to play, I saw a gnome pushing around a car full of toys. There was a doll, a brass car, a ball and a kite," she said quietly.

"Then?" Lu Li let out a sigh.

"When mum was around, she would take me out to fly a kite. I want a small kite, but like guardian uncle said, you need money to buy that," the little girl continued sadly. "I don’t have any money, and I need to grow up before I can earn money…"

"Uncle will buy it for you. You can pick any kind you want," Lu Li offered as he took her by hand to the general store.

Every general store had a set of its own miscellaneous items, but items like kites were popular, so Lu Li could easily buy one with a few gold coins.

There was a dragonfly, a dragon, and a butterfly.

"Thank you." Becky thanked Lu Li quietly while holding onto the kite that he bought.

"Becky, when you grow up, everything will be fine," Lu Li consoled as he touched her head and sighed softly in his heart.

There once was a movie that had this bit of dialogue:

Q: Is life always so painful, or is it only like this when you’re young?"

A: It is always so.

Perhaps they were right. When Lu Li watched it, his heart was heavy, but he refused to believe it. He wanted to believe that things would be better when he grew up, so he could hold on to that glimmer of hope.

He didn’t know what this kind of hope would do for a small NPC.

Lu Li brought Becky back to the orphanage.

The orphanage was set up in a church and was full of children crying endlessly.

Lu Li looked at Becky walk back towards those children, the hope in her eyes extinguished. The System had truly made this game too realistic.

"Can I visit her later?" Lu Li asked the guardian.

The guardian nodded happily and said, "Of course you can. This place will always welcome caring adventurers like you. Rest assured, we will take care of Becky."

Lu Li paused before taking out ten gold coins and putting them into her hands.

With his stingy temperament, Lu Li’s initial generosity to Azure Sea Breeze and the others was to draw them closer together. However, this kind of purposeless payment was very rare for him. If anyone he knew saw him, they would be shocked.