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Chapter 460: An Exquisite Badge

Chapter 460: An Exquisite Badge
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"System: ‘Orphanage’ Quest completed. EXP awarded, Prestige awarded, Gold awarded and the Adventurer’s Exploration Badge awarded…

The EXP was quite decent – Lu Li, who was level 33, received 5% of his EXP bar. He also gained prestige for Stormwind, but there was only two gold, so he had made a loss.

However, the main objective Lu Li had was to receive the Adventurer’s Exploration Badge.

Adventurer’s Exploration Badge (Special): Agility +10%, Movement speed +10%, Special Effect: Instant Cast, disperse all movement-limitings effects and prevent your character from being crowd-controlled. 2 minute cooldown. No equipment requirement. No durability.

There was a small print at the bottom of the equipment.

You have a good heart – you are a hero. Hopefully, you are treated well by this world.

Lu Li gently stroked this six-pointed star badge. He had mixed feelings about it – he had helped willingly and didn’t expect to get anything in return.

This was the badge that the legends spoke of.

As a special item that could be equipped by anyone, the Adventurer’s Exploration Badge was mostly the same. The first attribute would always be the attribute of the player’s profession. Lu Li’s highest attribute was Agility, so naturally it would add to agility. The percentage would always be between 5 to 10%.

The second attribute was always move speed, and it, too, was always between 5 to 10%.

The third attribute was never different. The legendary effect of this badge was to eliminate crowd control, whether it was a stun, sleep, freeze, or a combination of these.

It had a two-minute cooldown time, so knowing how to optimize the badge’s use was a skill of its own.

Lu Li put on the badge and asked whether the others had completed their quests.

Of the nine other players, most of them were done. Many of them had received quest to kill monsters, and as long as the System didn’t give them a Boss to kill, it was pretty easy for the level 30+ players.

As for the attribute bonus of each badge, this was quite varied.

Lu Li had received the best one, followed by Fat Monkey, who got a 9% and 8% increase. Azure Sea Breeze got a 10% attribute bonus, but only a 5% movement speed bonus.

He was slow and that still wasn’t going to change.

Of course, the players currently didn’t know about this badge yet. As such, there was a period where they would have an advantage.

Some players still hadn’t finished their quest, so Lu Li returned to Darnassus and took his sister to the markets to buy some necessities. Additionally, they also needed some flower and plant items.

Lu Xin could plant some flowers when she was free. Lu Li didn’t want her working at the pharmacy for too long; it was quite tiring to deal with customers all the time.

After noon, the last of his teammates had completed the quest. This was just all up to luck – if you were unlucky, you could get a quest that needed 3 to 5 days to complete.

This time, in addition to Fat Monkey, Azure Sea Breeze, Sakura Memories, Moonlight, March Rain, several other players in the guild joined, like Mage Nuo Yu, Thief Cain’s Left Hand, Paladin Million years in a Blink and Hunter Xiao Xiang. They had 10 players exactly.

When Lu Li joined the party, he didn’t accept Party Leader authority. It didn’t really matter who it was; it didn’t have to be him.

Fat Monkey was a little more daring, so he unceremoniously took Party Leader. He then went into Stormwind City to find battlefield officers to queue up for entry.

Because they were in a party together, they would be in the same party when they entered in the battlefield.

This also meant that they wouldn’t get any bad teammates. As for their composition, Azure Sea Breeze or Lu Li could be their flag bearer. Lu Li especially would be a good flag bearer. March Rain’s healing was definitely the best, and there was no need to talk about damage output for a party like this. They had an absolutely ferocious lineup.

Their only regret was that they didn’t have a Druid.

Using a Druid as a flag bearer was quite good. The Druid’s Faerie Fire was also very effective against hidden units. Thieves had the most trouble against Faerie Fire.

However, this problem was basically no problem, as Lu Li and the others could one-shot most ordinary players.

After a couple of seconds, they all received a prompt telling them that they had successfully entered the queue. Players that were in queue could be transported into the battlefield at any time.

If they didn’t confirm within 30 seconds, they would lose their position.

After Lu Li confirmed, he was immediately sent away from Darnassus by the System. While waiting to appear in the battlefield, he could return to Red Leaf Island while he awaited the transportation.

The first thing he noticed was the flag room.

This was not unusual – in his previous life he was a decent Druid and so the Warsong Valley Battlefield was one of the easiest places to gain glory points. However, every time he entered the battlefield, he would see this flag room first.

Both Horde and Alliance players had a flag room, and the structure of both sides was completely symmetrical. There was only a slight difference in the decorative style.

The flag room was a three-story structure. The bottom was where the flag was placed, and had two exits. One of them led outside into the middle of the field and gave you an acceleration bonus when you moved through it. The other led you to the second floor. Then, you could go towards the slope or towards the cemetery, or take an exit to the top floor. There was no way to exit from the top floor, but you could directly jump onto the bottom floor which made it helpful for protecting the flag.

Right at the beginning, the flag room was completely closed. All the outward exists were blocked by an impassable fence.

"I’m not going to explain much; I’m sure we’ve all read the forums. But, I will develop a strategy." Although Lu Li was too lazy to accept Party Leader, he had never conceded his authority.

"Boss, there’s no need," Million Years in a Blink disagreed. "With a line up like this, they don’t stand a chance."

This person was funny, but he wasn’t dumb. What he said was true – in this randomly arranged mode, the likelihood that they would encounter a strong team was not very high.

"If you want to play PVP well, you shouldn’t discount any opponents. We have to use our assets well or else, we risk failure." These were one of the few sayings that Lu Li remembered from his previous life. There were many PVP commanders who used that saying as their motto.

"Alright Boss. Keep going." Million Years in a Blink smiled; he wasn’t bothered at all.

"It’s actually quite simple; there’s no need for a complex strategy. We just need to depend on each other," Lu Li said as he started to organize everyone. "Xiao Xiang, you will be the flag protector. Left hand and I will try to steal their flag. The others will push down the middle.

It was truly simple, and a little crude.

There were fewer participants in the Warsong Canyon Battlefield, which meant that there were faster-pace changes to the tactics. There was no need to use particularly complex macro command. Applying a small range of tactics were far more flexible. It was a good place to develop coordination in a team.

After 30 seconds, Lu Li rushed out of the room, leading his teammates in the charge