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Chapter 461: Stealing The Flag

Chapter 461: Stealing The Flag
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Of course, of the ten players, he was the only one riding the Headless Paladin Warhorse. As the rode, he left a small trail of flames which was the object of his teammates’ envy.

"What a show off; we shouldn’t have invited him," Azure Sea Breeze said indignantly.

Warriors were often quite slow, but this was further contrasted with the speed of a mount.

Both sides had opted for a similar strategy; they had both rushed out of their flag rooms and onto the middle of the field. There was going to be a head on confrontation!

They were definitely going to trade blows!

The intensity that was experienced in PVP was far greater than that of Instance Dungeons.

However, Lu Li didn’t participate in the charge. He had moved forward so quickly that no one behind him could keep up. As such, if he charged right into them he was definitely going to die.

There were many rookies on the battlefield, but they were mostly on the other side.

Level 30-34 was where the current high-level players of the game were at. Most, if not all players at that level were pretty good, but Dawn wasn’t one of those games where a single player could wipe countless others. Even someone as strong as Lu Li couldn’t fight 10 opponents by himself.

When he saw the enemies from afar, he quickly cancelled his ride and went into Stealth.

Dammit, these guys have no restraint.

Lu Li counted them up and saw that all ten of them were there. There was no one assigned to guard their flag, nor was there anyone ahead to steal the flag. They were all just blatantly charging ahead.

"Those behind me, take it easy. They sent all ten players." Lu Li didn’t bother with them and just moved right past.

The key was to grab the flag; this was the ultimate objective. Of course, fights that were in your favor were important, otherwise, there might not be anyone to carry the flag home.

Lu Li slowly snuck into the enemy’s flag room.

The flag rooms were mostly the same. He took the familiar route towards the flag and pulled it up with some effort.

When the flag was lifted, all players received a prompt that the Horde flag had been taken. It also prompted the Horde players to retake their flag as soon as possible.

"Lu Li, careful, we’ve pushed them back to their base." There was a clear satisfaction in this voice.

The key to their victory was Azure Sea Breeze. They had to fight an 8-on-10, but they still had a decisive victory, with the Alliance side only suffering two losses.

Dead players respawned at their respective Revive points, which was just outside the flag room.

At this rate, they would respawn just as he left the base. If he ran into them now, they would just gang up on him. Lu Li quickly turned around in search of a different exit.

Even if he took a different exit, there would definitely be someone waiting for him.

He also didn’t have time to wait for his teammate’s backup, but Lu Li didn’t panic. He ran around the tunnels and eventually reached a dead-end.

He didn’t want to make himself an easy target, but he was carrying the flag. This prevented him from entering Stealth, and players from either side could see him on the map. No matter where he hid, he would be found in minutes.

The reason he was wasting that bit of time was to get to the ‘shoes’ that were at the end of the tunnel.

These shoes weren’t physical shoes, but rather, were a speed buff. When Dawn first put this buff in, it was very strong – itgranted 100% movement speed and lasted for 30 seconds.

The only bad thing about it was its refresh frequency.

The moment he walked through it, Lu Li started moving at an incredible speed.

Lu Li dodged past the Horde’s Warrior’s Charge and continued running away.

The poor Tauren Warrior had been blown by so quickly that he was left in a daze. By the time he reacted, Lu Li was already far off into the distance.

He ran out from one of the exits and was now on the open field.

A group of players rushed out towards him and were chasing after the flag.

This time, Lu Li really felt like this was just a mob of players. They had no concept of intercepting and blocking, and were just charging straight at him.

However, Lu Li was still travelling at ten times his normal speed.

These players didn’t have any mounts, so they could only watch as Lu Li ran towards his teammates.

"Cain’s left Hand, you go and wait at their base. Hide yourself and don’t get found."

When Lu Li rejoined his teammates, and it was no longer a critical situation, he began planning their next step.

"Alright, I got it." Cain’s Left Hand wasn’t dumb; he immediately understood what Lu Li wanted to do.

When Lu Li got to his base, a new flag would refresh in the Horde’s. Cain’s Left hand could then immediately grab the new flag and save them a lot of time.

"Xiao Xiang, did anyone come to our base?" When Lu Li was rushing back he noticed that there were fewer players.

"I haven’t seen anyone, but my Flare is off cooldown. Should I use it?" Xiao Xiang had been waiting at their base to prevent anyone from stealing their flag.

"Cast it; I’m almost there." Lu Li’s buff had disappeared, but he had other means of speeding up. He was a Thief after all.

He had initially worried that he would be intercepted just before he got to the base, but that didn’t happen. However, when he finally got to the base, he found a Druid, a Thief and Xiao Xiang in combat.

It wasn’t easy for Xiao Xiang to fight a one-on-two, but the Flare he had just thrown out revealed the Thief and the Druid. This costed them their surprise attack, so all they could do was recklessly charge at the Hunter and his pet.

Xiao Xiang’s pet was a gorilla; it was quite big and was more defensive.

The gorilla was quite suited to his playstyle, as he would constantly circle around it and occasionally shoot arrows. It was quite a headache for the Thief and the Druid.

This was virtual reality, so there was no way for them to just move through the pet to get to the hunter.

This gorilla also had a skill called Thunder Trample which was an area of effect stun. Both the Thief and the Druid had already been stunned once, which also made them lose their opportunity to surround him. The Thief was already at half HP.

Even without Lu Li, Xiao Xiang wasn’t necessarily going to lose.

Dawn had truly tuned the game for good balance, yet this balance didn’t stop strong players from exhibiting their natural talent and hard work.

When Lu Li came in with the flag, the Thief and Druid were shocked.

During that moment, Lu Li rushed forwards and casted Gouge on the Thief to stun him. This skill’s crowd control had a short duration, but Lu Li only needed a small window.

With a small window, he was confident that he could cast Shadowstrike with high Skill Completion.

With a high degree of Skill Completion on Shadowstrike, he could deal a 2 second stun. Even if some of the effect was resisted, it would still last for at least 1 second.

The Thief was already at half HP and had now been crowd-controlled.

Xiao Xiang didn’t need to wait for a cue either – he tanked the Druid’s attack and turned to riddle the crowd-controlled Thief with arrows.

The Thief’s HP quickly emptied out as he knelt forwards and died.

The Druid that remained wasn’t too bad; he had quite strong Defence and a lot of HP. Unfortunately for him, he was facing a hunter with a pet and the number 1 Thief on the rankings.