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Chapter 462: Steamrolled

Chapter 462: Steamrolled
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The stalling Druid eventually lost the last of his HP.

"Cain’s Left Hand, where are you?" Lu Li didn’t immediately put the flag into position.

"I’m ready. I went to their base but there was a Paladin there," Cain’s Left Hand texted back. He was also a Thief and was quite skilled.

"Monkey, Million Years in a Blink, you two get ready to intercept Left Hand. Sacrifice yourselves if you have to," Lu Li assigned their roles as he placed the flag firmly in place. "Left Hand, Sap the Paladin and take the flag."

Lu Li had already seen their entire composition and only two of them could Stealth. Both of them had just died here and were probably still reviving. As such, it was unlikely for there to be any ambushes in the other base.

As soon as the flag was placed, the System immediately prompted them that the Alliance side had gained a point.

Immediately after that, there was a prompt that the Horde’s flag had been taken.

Lu Li patted Xiao Xiang on the shoulder and indicated for him to keep protecting their base. He then rushed out of the base, intending to help capture the flag as well.

The opposing players were now smarter, and didn’t openly engage Azure Sea Breeze and the others. Some of them went to lock down Cain’s Left Hand who had the flag.

Just as he was about to reach the middle of the field, Lu Li went into Stealth. He then dashed behind the Healer and started attacking furiously.

The healer had been positioned behind his teammates and thought he was relatively safe. He didn’t expect to be ferociously attacked by someone.

Fortunately, he was a Chain Mail Armored Healer. Otherwise, Lu Li would have finished him off in one rotation of skills.

Lu Li didn’t kill the Shaman, but he had hindered the Shaman’s ability to heal his teammates. No healer would be able to heal anyone else while they were still being attacked by Lu Li.

The tides of the battle turned against them as Moonlight cast a Whirlwind into their Cloth Armor Mage and killed him.

They had experienced another decisive defeat as their players were all killed.

"Help me! I didn’t want to sacrifice myself dammit. Million Years, you actually left me behind." Fat Monkey’s cry could be heard as he was obviously surrounded by the players retrieving the flag.

"Hehe, Monkey, go in peace. We will remember you," Million Years in a Blink laughed as he guarded Cain’s Left Hand and escaped.

Regardless of what he actually preferred, Fat Monkey now had to sacrifice himself.

"March, you follow the flag. The rest of us will push ahead. When they come out, Nuo Yu and I will immediately kill the healer." Lu Li sent two players to guard the flag and five players to push ahead.

"Why are you sending March to protect the flag? Surely it’s not necessary?" Azure Sea Breeze was a meat shield and didn’t have to be as restrained when he had a healer.

If a Hunter’s dream was to have a Druid was a pet, then a Warrior’s dream would be to have a dedicated Priest for healing.

In reality, March Rain could play a bigger role with them as she could heal them in the team fights and prevent unnecessary casualties.

"If we win after this fight, then there will be a lot of EXP awarded. Those who carry and protect the flag get more experience. She is a healer, so she levels up more slowly. She should get more EXP where she can," Lu Li explained, not trying to hide his own selfishness.

After all, March Rain was a dependent Priest and had always relied on her brother Lonesome Flower to level up.

"Hey, hey, I’m just asking." Azure Sea Breeze didn’t have anything else to say.

"I’ll give the flag to March Rain then. I can level up quickly," Cain’s Left Hand offered, giving up the extra EXP.

"Sure." Lu Li didn’t try to talk him out of it.

This time, there wasn’t a Thief or Druid hiding in their base and March Rain was the second player to put in the flag. It was now the third round and was the last chance for someone to grab the flag.

Once they capture the flag again, the battle would end with the Alliance’s victory.

The five of them managed to kill ten players at the cemetery. This sounded very impressive, but Lu Li and the others could do it by rotating their use of Revives. After a few times, the opposing players finally realized what they were doing.

"Monkey, quickly come support us!" Lu Li shouted.

Now that they had figured it out, the next fight would need all their strength for a victory.

"No, I don’t want to. You made me cannon fodder," Fat Monkey arrogantly said. Of course, his mouth said one thing but his body said another. He was already running at full speed towards them.

Now, it was six players fighting ten.

The moment all the players revived at once, Sakura Memories’ Bloodlust was ready, so Lu Li rushed behind the Shaman. He cast Premeditation and Cheap Shot to stun him for 4 seconds.

Moonlight and Azure Sea Breeze both cast Whirlwind at almost the same time as they rushed into the crowd.

Fat Monkey and Nuo Yu cast their Area of Effect skills, dealing just as much damage as a skill like Flame Storm.

Of the ten players, three instantly died, including the Shaman Healer that Lu Li was focusing on. Although there were still several players left, they were all terrified.

The several Horde players abandoned the resistance. They were probably all thinking the same thing: "These Ruling Sword players are so overpowered. PVP is too hard."

Even though all ten of them spawned together, all of them were killed together. Or rather, only nine of them were, as the Thief had quickly snuck away with Vanish.

In this environment, the Thief was the strongest profession because of their mobility.

"Who is going to carry the flag?" There was only one Thief left in the other team, which meant that anyone could safely carry the flag. Lu Li didn’t want to do it as he had done it once already; he wanted to give someone else the chance.

"I’ll go and I’ll bring March. We’ll let them see how strong a Warrior with a Priest is," Azure Sea Breeze said, keen for a fight.

"You go then. Watch out for the Thief’s Cheap Shot," Lu Li warned, although he thought that it was unlikely that the Thief would dare to cast Cheap Shot on them. One look at Azure Sea Breeze’s HP would send anyone into shock.

The remaining seven players stayed at the cemetery of the Horde, ensuring that no one could spawn.

However, they couldn’t just give up like this. Anything was better than just waiting to lose. If they made a desperation play, they might even stand a chance of winning.

With that idea in mind, the Horde players started reviving again…

After a minute, the third flag was placed into the spot by March Rain and the System declared the end of the battle. Lu Li and the others had absolutely won the match with a score of 3-0.

In addition to the Glory Points from killing them, they also received a large amount of EXP. Those who had come into contact with the flag by carrying it or protecting it were assigned even more EXP.

In this battle, the Adventurer’s Exploration Badge had played a huge role.

When Lu Li and the others were under crowd control, they could just activate its effect to be freed. On the other hand, the opposing players could do nothing but watch their HP drop when they were crowd controlled.