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Chapter 463: Running Into An Expert On The Battlefield

Chapter 463: Running Into An Expert On The Battlefield
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The badge was truly exquisite and Lu Li had no intentions of hiding it. After he was done, he immediately told Square Root 3 about it.

It wasn’t that he didn’t want to hide it, but it was impossible to do so.

The quest was just too easy to trigger – as long as you had the patience to sit through ‘Mythology of the Titans’ you could do it. However, this book was quite boring, so not many players did it.

Nevertheless, among the millions of players in Dawn, there was bound to be someone who was bored enough to do it.

It was said that some people were so bored in real life that they could read instruction manuals for fun. These kinds of people would definitely have no problems reading this book.

Lu Li estimated that quite a few players already knew about this secret, but had chosen to stay quiet.

There was EXP and Glory Points rewarded for the battle.

The EXP gain was related to contact with the flag, but the Glory Points were related to kills. Since there was EXP and Glory Points to be gained, they spent the rest of the afternoon on the battlefield.

Occasionally, they would run into a strong team.

One time, they faced off against Gaze, Cloudy Leaf and Wendelian from Gale Legion. They had left a lasting impression since their battle at the Shadow Cup.

Gaze was a Warrior, who was not unlike Moonlight.

Cloudy Leaf was Gale Legion’s number one Mage, and was actually second only to Sorrowless. The Horde wasn’t like the Alliance, they only had three Mages. The Alliance side had Dancing Star Dream, Lucky Southern Persion, Wild, Deadly Green Orange, Fat Monkey and the Mage God Unforgetful Maple.

Wendelian was still a rising rookie, but she wasn’t a new player. She had served in Glory Capital and was Sorrowless’ main healer, until she was replaced by White Westhill.

It was said that Gale Legion had paid a price of $1.2 million for her.

Her performance in the Shadow Cup was quite remarkable and she was showing promise at a young age.

The other seven players weren’t from Gale Legion, but they were all elite players that were at least level 30. Apart than Wendelian, there was also another Druid Healer.

At the beginning of the match, Lu Li went ahead to steal the flag but got ambushed.

Cloudy Leaf had taken the Druid Healer and a Paladin, and hid on the second flag of the Flag Room to attack Lu Li when he came to steal the flag.

In fact, Lu Li had underestimated his opponents. In the match before this, it was smooth sailing, and they didn’t even lose a single flag. He was only told by Moonlight while pulling out the flag that they had run into Gaze midfield.

Lu Li was frozen on the spot; he initially thought that it was a Mage.

A single Mage couldn’t do much to him. Even if it was Sorrowless, Lu Li wouldn’t be afraid. Lu Li had never lost to a single Mage before.

Of course, because he had lost the upper hand, Lu Li had to use his cloak’s effect to appear on the second floor.

When he got there, he was dumfounded.

There were actually three players upstairs. One of them was Cloudy Leaf.

Lu Li wasn’t afraid to fight them, but he had never intentionally fought a lost battle.

"Everyone is here I see. I’ll give your flag back to you," Lu Li said as he threw the flag onto the ground and turned to jump back down. While he was falling through the air, Lu li activated his shoe’s special effect and disappeared with Vanish.

He was simply giving up and was resolutely trying to get away. Cloudy Leaf just stared as Lu Li escaped.

He had never seen an expert act so shamelessly; Lu Li hadn’t even cast a single skill and was already escaping.

"Cloudy Leaf is in the flag room. There are three of them in there. I lost the flag," Lu Li reported to his teammates.

"There are two coming in to steal our flag," Xiao Xiang shouted. It seemed like he was struggling – after all, he was facing off against two players at once.

"Do we want to send two players back to support him?" Azure Sea Breeze asked.

"No need," Fat Monkey said confidently before Lu Li even responded. "What can Gaze do? They have three players in their base and two players in our base. Right now, they are fighting a five-on-eight. I don’t think they can hold us for long."

Gale Legion’s tactics were the classic 2-5-3 composition – two players to steal, three players to protect and five players to fight. Only a particularly confident and highly-skilled team would do this.

It was likely that Gaze’s team had also been winning easily as well.

With a composition like this, the area that was problematic was the midfield.

With only five players to fight, it was clearly more difficult to fight if the opposing side had more players.

Gaze alone was facing Moonlight, Fat Monkey and Nuo Yu’s focus fire. He didn’t dare to move forwards to cast Whirlwind on the Alliance’s team.

If it weren’t for Wendelian backing him up with massive healing, Gaze probably couldn’t have kept up the fight.

However, her healing was also limited as she was being harassed by the opponents.

After Lu Li dropped the flag, he could go back into Stealth. Instead of leaving the flag room, he kept changing his position and occasionally dropped a Sap on the players there.

However, even if he crowd-controlled one of them, he still couldn’t beat all three.

Lu Li’s main purpose was to stall them so that they couldn’t support the midfield.

The System prompted that the Alliance’s flag had been taken by the Horde and that the Alliance should try to get it back. Lu Li saw that Wendelian’s name had been greyed out which meant that she was dead, but their flag had just been taken.

"Get out of here!" Fat Monkey cried out as Lu Li’s teammates were cheering.

Lu Li knew that Gaze had now also died. In fact, the Horde’s whole midfield force had been wiped. All of them, including the Priest Healer Wendelian had been sent back to the cemetery.

It wasn’t impossible to fight a five-on-eight, but this depended on the strength of the five players.

The five were facing Moonlight, March Rain, Fat Monkey, Nuo Yu and four other players. None of them were rookies and their equipment was mostly at the same level, so this wasn’t a surprising outcome.

Now, the Alliance’s flag had been lost, but the Horde had lost more players.

"Advance and suppress their cemetery. Moonlight and Monkey, you two get inside the flag room. Xiao Xiang, follow them when you revive. We want to continue pressuring them," Lu Li instructed as he barely escaped from his corner to avoid the Paladin’s Consecration.

Once the Consecration ended, Lu Li went and Sapped the Druid healer.

Moonlight charged in, along with Fat Monkey who aimed his skills at Cloudy Leaf.

Mages were a Cloth armor profession, so they were undisputedly the first target. Lu Li and Moonlight with Fat Monkey were all targeting him at the same time. The other Paladin hesitated for a moment before going to attack Fat Monkey.

He probably also felt like attacking a cloth armored target was easier.

Cloudy Leaf was stunned by Lu Li’s Kidney Shot, but he never recovered from it.

After the Mage died, Lu Li and Moonlight turned to kill the Paladin. At this point, the Druid was still in a Sapped state and could only watch as his teammates were being killed.

This was what it was like to not have the badge.