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Chapter 464: Evenly Matched

Chapter 464: Evenly Matched
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Lu Li snatched the flag while Moonlight and Fat Monkey were guarding him. In that moment, both the Alliance and the Horde had the flag of their opponents.

This was not an uncommon situation in the Warsong Canyon. Dawn stipulated that in such a situation, your own flag needed to be in place before you could place the stolen flag to score.

This meant that Lu Li had to take back their own flag.

Lu Li didn’t get to acquire the 100% speed buff this time as he wasn’t alone; it was safer to travel in a group anyway.

The moment the three of them rushed out, they were immediately intercepted.

When it came to players like Gaze, it was unrealistic to think that they could suppress them at the Cemetery.

Lu Li didn’t just run away this time. This wasn’t because he was afraid of being outnumbered, but because he saw Gaze sitting on a Headless Paladin Warhorse. He hadn’t dismounted and was waiting for Lu Li to run.

In Dawn, once you entered the battlefield, you could no longer summon your mount.

As long as a he never got off the mount, or he wasn’t knocked off the mount, Gaze could keep riding it for as long as he wanted.

Lu Li’s movement speed was faster than most players, but he wasn’t as fast as Gaze’s Warhorse.

It was better for him to fight properly than to hope to catch him sooner or later. As such, he was only going to consider escape after he had dismounted. You couldn’t fight from the top of the warhorse anyway, so Lu Li didn’t believe that he would stay mounted.

His target was Wendelian.

This female Priest’s PVP technique was quite good; she easily made Moonlight’s attacks futile.

Lu Li rushed towards the Priest, but before he could even attack, he was hit by an area-of-effect Fear. She was obviously expecting his attack.

"Aren’t you ashamed to bully a girl?" Wendelian was even in the mood to ridicule him.

She was quick, but so was Lu Li.

Shadow Cloak!

The Fear was lifted and for the next few seconds, Lu Li was immune to any other negative statuses.

However, Lu Li only got to hit her twice before he was intercepted by Gaze. Lu Li didn’t avoid his Charge, so he was stunned on the spot.


The stun instantly disappeared and Lu Li slashed at Gaze with his Corrupted Fang, successfully applying a slow. He then turned towards Wendelian and continued to deal damage.

In a fight like this, Lu Li and the other two were at a disadvantage because their opponents had a healer.

Even so, it would be unrealistic for Gaze to beat Lu Li’s group quickly. These three were star players – Lu Li and Moonlight had even achieved countless First Clears which meant they had much stronger equipment.

Suddenly, the System announced something that broke the deadlock.

The Alliance Flag had been dropped, which meant that the Horde had lost the flag.

"Everyone attack Lu Li! Stop him!" Gaze Shouted.

Could they make it in time?

Of course not – Lu Li had already started sprinting and had left them in a cloud of dust.

Gaze charged a second time and stunned Moonlight in place. Fat Monkey then turned to the crowd and cast a Frost Nova. Tendrils of frost spread all around him, freezing anyone who touched them.

This area of effect crowd control skill had been useless until this moment.

The Horde players that were frozen in place could only watch as Lu Li got further away.

The first flag they stole was successful and the System told them they had gained a point. However, they were still a long way away from victory. The Goddess of Luck wasn’t only on their side either, as on their second attempt, they made a mistake which resulted in Lu Li being surrounded and killed.

The battle continued to be a stalemate.

1-1, 1-2, 2-2.

Now, they were 15 minutes into fighting for the third flag.

"Moonlight and Breezy, you guys take the lead. March Rain, you follow them. Everyone else, keep up the pressure at the line. Cain’s Left Hand, you and I will steal the flag," Lu Li instructed as he began to lay out new tactics.

In the defeat that they had just experienced, both sides had suffered heavy losses, so they couldn’t grab the flag.

The opposing team was just too strong. Other than the three Gale Legion players, the others were part of the Peacetime Dynasty’s core group. They had clearly struck some agreement that gave the Gale Legion players authority.

"Do I still protect our base?" Xiao Xiang asked.

Lu Li hesitated before shaking his head and saying, "You don’t need to protect the base; follow Fat Monkey and the others. Fight with them for the first wave, then quickly head back to kill whoever is taking the flag."

They had suffered a defeat in the last round, so there was probably going to be more than one or two players going for their flag. It was pointless for him to defend alone.

The most important thing was to anticipate unexpected results from certain tactics. If your midfield was strong enough to steamroll, they could just turn around and kill whoever was stealing the flag.

With two Thieves stealing the flag, Lu Li planned to do a relay.

They snuck into the Horde’s Flag room and explored the area carefully.

There was a Druid upstairs and Mage Cloudy Leaf downstairs – these were the two players protecting the flag. Their midfield players were probably not very strong, and they had likely sent more players to steal the flag.

"I’ll stun the Mage, you stun the Druid. On the count of three, Sap them, take the flag and run. Wait for me to catch up to you and then pass the flag to me," Lu Li decided.

In reality, as long as the Druid was Sapped, the two Thieves could easily kill the Cloth Armor Mage.

However, Cloudy Leaf wasn’t an ordinary player. He didn’t have weak equipment and definitely had damage reduction abilities.

If they took long for the kill, the midfield players would pull back and the outcome would be a tragedy.

"3, 2, 1…"


Lu Li ignored the flag and immediately casted Gale Steps. He rushed towards the dead end where the ‘shoes’ were, while Cain’s Left Hand jumped from the second floor, pulled out the flag and sprinted out with it.

Their teamwork was quite coordinated.

By the time Cain’s Left Hand’s Sprint skill ended, Lu Li had already caught up to him.

Cain’s Left Hand stopped to put the flag on the ground, but Lu Li didn’t stop running. He had rushed out of the base and headed straight here, so the shoes’ effect wasn’t over…

The players that had tried to intercept them were lagging behind. As for Cain’s Left Hand, he could go into Stealth after dropping the flag, but he charged at the enemies like a moth attracted to fire.

He was going to buy a little bit of time.

The other players had also stolen the flag. Lu Li was aware of this as he had long since received the notification and could see the Thief that was holding it.

The other Thief also saw Lu Li.

The player was very self-aware and immediately tried to go past Lu Li when he saw him, but with Lu Li’s skills, his efforts were fruitless.

He had used Gale Steps to acquire the shoes, but he still had Sprint.

The other Thief also casted Sprint, but he didn’t have any other move speed buffs and could only helplessly watch as Lu Li closed in. Because of their speed difference, he couldn’t escape even if he wanted to.

The two Thieves attacked each other, but no one was close enough to help.

Lu Li’s superiority was clear. The Shard of the Defiler he had could deal high damage, but his only regret was that the Supreme Ring didn’t have the vampirism effect. Otherwise, the other Thief would have had no hope at all.

The first supporter to arrive was Moonlight.

After some fighting, his HP wasn’t very high, but he had rushed over nonetheless.

"You go," Moonlight said, getting straight to the point.

Lu Li didn’t say anything and left Moonlight who was at critical HP to kill the Thief who was also at critical HP. He sprinted straight for his base and put his faith in Moonlight.