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Chapter 465: Doing Bad Things

Chapter 465: Doing Bad Things
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Moonlight didn’t let Lu Li down; Warriors always countered Thieves. Moreover, the Thief was holding onto the flag so there were skills that he couldn’t use. He only lasted a few seconds before he died.

After Moonlight killed the Thief, he was on low health, but he still turned around and charged towards the pursuers behind them.

Berserkers were always the manliest class!

They had a passive skill that increased their attack damage as their HP dropped. Of course, in this kind of situation, Berserkers would die faster too. Moonlight died before he even completed his Whirlwind.

"Never mind. This is just a waste of time," Wendelian said as she shook her head.

"It just doesn’t feel good to lose to them," Gaze sighed.

Within the trio, the real commander was actually the female Priest. She had followed Sorrowless in the past and stood at the top of glory with him. What she was best at was actually commanding, but because Sorrowless himself was already the best commander, her true ability had been hidden.

Many people thought that she had left because of White Westhill.

Only some people knew that she had left on her own accord; Sorrowless wasn’t someone who would turn his back on his friends.

"We’ll have more chances in the future. Speaking of this, I’ve noticed that you still can’t compete against Moonlight…" Wendelian comforted him as she changed the topic of the conversation.

"Hmph." Of course, Gaze disagreed.

"You’re not as crazy as he is – he is a natural Warrior, a Berserker. He never cared about his own life," Wendelian complimented as she watched Moonlight’s corpse disappear.

Not caring about his own life – this was indeed Moonlight’s play-style.

His style was often despised by others, especially by Moonlight’s previous teams. If they won the match, it was because of everyone’s good team work, but if they lost, many people would blame Moonlight, claiming that his play style was too wild and open.

The system quickly announced that Lu Li and his team had won the match.

After this, they no longer ran into any other formidable opponents. Lu Li and his team easily destroyed their opponents on the battleground.

On the new Hero rankings, Ruling Sword’s points had been rapidly increasing, and it didn’t take long for them to be listed as one of the major guilds. They were ranked around the fifties.

As a new guild, their ranking was rather impressive, especially because they couldn’t even compete against some medium-sized guilds in terms of numbers and elite groups.

Lu Li’s level quickly rose to level 34.

Because of the Halloween event and the release of the new battleground, the average level of the players had seen a sudden spike.

There were many players behind him at level 33 and 32; the top ten-thousand players on the level rankings were all level 32 or above. Most players in the elite teams of the major guilds were all level 30 or higher, and even most of the average players had reached this milestone.

The beginning of the Magic Cup slowly approached them.

The Magic Cup had been around for a long time. The competition wasn’t held by a super group like the Shadow Cup, and it once had been put on hold for 50 years due to war. A previous participant of the cup had gone around to try and restart the competition. After dozens of years, the day had finally come for the old man.

The revival of Magic Cup had only been around a dozen years ago.

Due to some financial shortcomings, the competition wasn’t held every single year, but passionate gamers never gave up on it.

There weren’t a lot of gaming guilds that were participating in the competition this season.

The main team of Glory Capital had already made its announcement. Due to the clash between training schedules, they were only able to send out a few elite teams to participate in the competition. None of their celebrity players were going to take part.

Drizzle Court also gave up on the competition; they didn’t even send out any elite teams.

The judges of the competition were sexist towards female players to a certain degree, so Drizzle Court was never a fan of Magic Cup from the first day they had formed their guild.

Ruling Sword didn’t have to start from the bottom like other guilds; they were the champion of Shadow Cup and were put straight into the top sixteen. The matches during the first few days were not a part of their concern.

Every day, apart from leading the guild members to kill the Headless Paladin, Lu Li was able to allocate the rest of his time freely.

Around sunset, he would always go to Southshore. Unfortunately, the quest for Ravenholdt Manor had yet to be refreshed, so the hostess remained cold to him as usual. Even though the people that stalked him thought that his actions were strange, they were unable to discover the secrets of the Assassin League.

At the same time, the chance for Water Fairy to join the Assassin League had finally arrived.

The spy that she had placed into the Horde faction had finally given her a target. A Hunter player named "Firing at Stars" had gone to speak with the Thief Skill Trainer, O’moulder, many times. Although the content of their conversation remained unknown, his class gave the clue away.

A Hunter who kept trying to talk to a Thief Skill Trainer – this didn’t add up at all.

Even if it was for a quest, there was no need for anyone to approach the same NPC multiple times.

The Ravenholdt Emblem was an item that would definitely drop – as long as the player died, it would have a 100% drop rate.

Water Fairy had decided to mark him as her target, but for security purposes, she asked Lu Li to accompany her.

The two parties had nothing against each other; it very nice to kill someone for their item. However, this was still a game and this tradition had been around for 200 years.

Being set as a target was always unavoidable when you held onto a treasure.

If Lu Li was to say that they shouldn’t take the item because the other player didn’t do anything to harm them, he would be unwise.

The Tarren Mill was located near the middle section of the hills of Hillsbrad. On its Northside were the Alterac Mountains, the location of a campsite that belonged to the Horde Faction. Conflicts often occurred within the Northshore, which belonged to the Alliance and was located on the Southside of this location.

Besides Grey Valley, this was the second-most common area for players of both factions to fight.

However, most players were still lower-leveled, so not many of them had ventured to the Stranglethorn Vale. As such, this area wasn’t as rowdy yet.

Lu Li and Water Fairy didn’t bring anyone else. The two of them snuck outside of Tarren Mill and waited for Firing at Stars to head out to level up.

Most Hunters with pets usually leveled up by themselves.

"He’s out. Follow up – we’ll move when he’s further away from the safe zone," Water Fairy signaled Lu Li after receiving her intel.

Lu Li soon saw the Hunter, who was a Troll. His equipment looked quite decent and he had a wild boar pet following him. There were purple spots on his pet and Lu Li immediately recognized that this was a rare monster from the Plaguelands.

"Someone from Glory Capital." Water Fairy recognized the guild emblem from their opponent.

If it was someone from Glory Capital, then it would be quite troublesome indeed. However, Lu Li and Water Fairy never feared trouble, or rather, they weren’t the type to give up on their targets just to save themselves from some embarrassment. There was no way they were going to give up just because he had a strong background.

"I’ll move first. Then, it’ll be your turn," Lu Li said as he followed behind the Hunter. It was hard for people to detect him with his great Stealth skills.

Wild boars did not have good detection skills. If Firing at Stars was using a panther or wolf, Lu Li wouldn’t have dared to come so close.

"Why is it you first? Ae you looking down on girls?" Water Fairy raged.