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Chapter 466: Water Fairy Killed A Glory Capital Player

Chapter 466: Water Fairy Killed A Glory Capital Player

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"Of course not; you can do it if you’re interested..."

Girls were always troublesome to deal with.

Not all pretty girls were as easy going as his sister. Lu Li complained slightly on the inside; there was no way he’d admit that he was a big supporter of Male chauvinism.

It really didn’t matter who initiated, after all, they were both strong players.

Two minutes later…

"Oi, have you picked out the spot yet?" It wasn’t as though they were picking a graveyard for themselves – there was no reason for them to waste time on tracking the player. Lu Li was quickly growing impatient.

"There are other players here. We’ll wait until there’s no one else."

There were a few locations in the hills of Hillsbrad that suited level 30 players. The map also had beautiful scenery and was the top choice for most mainstream players to level up.

"You’re scared of other people seeing you," Lu Li laughed discreetly.

They followed Firing at Stars for quite some time and noticed that the Hunter wouldn’t be as easy to kill as he looked. His wild board pet not only had good attributes, but it also had a Charge skill. It was a good pet that could attack, tank and came with a control skill.

When Firing at Stars ran into a team of Alliance Players, he would run away, but if it was a solo player, he would attack them.

All along the way, he had already killed around six or seven Alliance Players.

As such, Lu Li didn’t feel so bad for killing this player, although he wasn’t sure if he felt bad at all to begin with.

After they entered a canyon, Water Fairy jumped on him from behind.


The Hunter was stunned, but his pet wasn’t. The little boar charged towards Water Fairy’s legs.

Water Fairy was annoyed – she hated Hunters.

She also hated Lu Li, who didn’t even try to help. It seemed like she was on her own now.

There was definitely a reason why he was single!

The little boar didn’t charge into Water Fairy; Water Fairy spun around the Hunter and dodged accordingly. Not only did she manage to dodge the Charge, but she also knocked out the Hunter again.

Of course, with the interruption from the little boar, there was no way she would be able to focus on dealing damage.

The Hunter finally woke up, shot an arrow and pulled away at the same time.

Shooting up close was possible, but the damage wouldn’t be great.

No matter which class they fought with, Hunters always tried to maintain their distance. Good Hunters even knew how to kite for the entire battle – they would keep their distance until they tired their opponent to death.

There was no way Water Fairy would let him pull his distance a part like this.

She was a celebrity player, and even if Hunters slightly countered Thieves in the current patch, she wouldn’t be kited either.

After he widened the gap between them, Firing at Stars felt a chill at the back of his head and was stunned on the spot again. This time, Water Fairy managed to deal a huge amount of damage to him since the Charge skill of the little boar was still on cooldown.

"You’re Water Fairy!" Firing at Stars finally realized that his attacker was the famous female player.

He was at a bit of loss, unsure if he was lucky or unlucky to run into such a scary player. In a different situation, he would probably consider himself lucky and flirt for a bit.

Water Fairy remained silent and chased after him.

A delicate mask remained on her face the entire time. Her face was beautiful, but unfortunately, her expression wasn’t.

"I’m from the elite team of Glory Capital. What have I done to Drizzle Court? I’ll apologize for it?" Firing at Stars panicked; his health bar was dropping rapidly. However, the opposing player barely took any damage from him.

After the system update, the experience loss in the wild had been changed.

At this point, he would only drop 10%, and if he could find someone to revive him within ten minutes, he would lose even less.

However, 10% was still experience, and from level 30 upwards, even 1% would require killing a lot of monsters. Firing at Stars really didn’t want to lose his experience; he was hoping that the girl would stop because of his background.

Water Fairy didn’t care – Firing at Stars didn’t care about the players he had previously killed either.

Everyone who died lost 10% experience; he wasn’t the only special one.

He gave up asking for mercy after he saw that Water Fairy was ignoring him and placed a Freezing Trap underneath his foot. Water Fairy was frozen for thirty seconds.

This wasn’t too critical, since it was only a freeze effect and dealt no damage. Once the Hunter attacked Water Fairy, she would be unfrozen.

Strangely, the Hunter pulled away, but didn’t attack Water Fairy. Instead, he drank an Advanced Healing Potion.

"His support is coming. When are you ending this?" Lu Li had already gone above to scout for her.

He wasn’t someone who cared about his reputation too much, but he wasn’t interested in killing an average player together with Water Fairy either.

A few players ran towards them from afar; they were probably Firing at Star’s friends. Perhaps he wasn’t by himself, but was with guild friends instead.

Water Fairy moved and the frost on her exploded into pieces...

Gale Steps!

With the speed increase, Water Fairy became very strong. Her fast attack speed was an eye catcher, and it only took a few attacks from her high-damaging dagger to remove the health bar that Firing at Stars had restored with his potion.

By the time Lu Li had counted to seven, Water Fairy had killed her opponent.

"Got it. Let’s go." Water Fairy wasn’t interested in fighting any longer; she picked up the Ravenholdt Emblem and went into Stealth mode.

The four players who arrived were players from Glory Capital. They had come to support Firing at Stars as soon as they got the message, but unfortunately, he had already became a corpse on the ground.

Since someone revived him, Firing at Stars only lost 5% of his experience.

However, this didn’t lift his mood, as he noticed that his Ravenholdt emblem was missing.

He had received the item after doing a week’s worth of questing and didn’t tell anyone else about it. He had only received more quest information today from the NPC, but he had already lost the item.

If he knew that this item would allow him to join a small faction, he would probably be even more upset.

As such, it was better that he knew nothing about it.

After Water Fairy received the emblem, she followed Lu Li’s instructions and entered the bar at Northshore. In her usual style, she tossed over two level 40 accessories.

The hostess and her quickly got along well.

Because of the items that she gave away, her quests went along smoothly, and the hostess didn’t hesitate to help her kill the Yetimus.

Under the influence of a useless, but extinct recipe, Master Bath’ra totally forgot about his job.

Without taking up too much time, Water Fairy quickly became a member of the Assassin League.

With the guidance from Lu Li, she also didn’t miss out on her new weapon, the Shard of the Defiler.

Lu Li had tried his best to protect and help her along the way, living up to the money that he had received from her.

Of course, the world channel had been spammed by Glory Capital players. Everyone knew that Water Fairy had killed a Glory Capital player in the hills of Hillsbrad, but this wasn’t too important either.