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Chapter 467: Do You Want An Expert

Chapter 467: Do You Want An Expert
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It was often difficult to settle disputes between two major guilds. Regarding the issue of killing noobs, many victims came out and accused Glory Capital of doing the same thing to lower-levelled players. The world chat exploded in mockery and laughter.

To get salty over a PVP fight in the wild was very petty and unnecessary.

Besides, there weren’t any players that could be considered as noobs in Glory Capital. Not only did Water Fairy not receive any hate from the community, but she even gained more fans and followers that supported her.

As for Lu Li, he remained silent and laid low on the whole matter because he didn’t want anyone to find out that he was involved. Otherwise, the title ‘scumbag couple’ would be framed against their name.

Many players were already quite unhappy about their successful treasure hunt.

Water Fairy’s diehard fans were a bunch of weird and stubborn people who hated Lu Li’s guts without any particular reason. If they found out that they were working together, their hatred would be further fuelled by their jealousy and envy.

It had been two days since the Magic Cup has started, and so far, there had only been fights between the smaller guilds. A match between two, top-100 ranked guilds had finally been scheduled – it was between Grand Hegemony Union and Wisdom Villa, who was trailing slightly behind in the rankings.

Theoretically, the chances of these two guilds clashing so early in the tournament was unlikely.

However, since luck had brought them together, one of the giants had to fall to the other.

Lu Li had met Drinking Alone when he first joined the game. Then, he completed first ever First Clear in the Spider Instance Dungeon with Northern Tang Dream and Northern Tang Kitty.

However, it was Water Fairy’s suggestion to come and watch the tournament.

Under the guidance and assistance of Lu Li, Water Fairy completed the Prerequisite quest for Ravenholdt Manor, then invited Lu Li to come watch and the tournament. She wanted to thank him with something in person. No man would ever reject an invitation from a hot girl, especially if she wanted to thank him.

Although Lu Li wasn’t exactly interested in Water Fairy, he still gave up the opportunity to train. Spectating a single match wouldn’t take up too much time anyway.

He wanted to visit his old friend who had been doing well on the Level Rankings recently.

Grand Hegemony Union was running a Warrior, Thief, Mage, Druid and Priest team composition. They were up against a damage-heavy double Warrior, Warlock, Mage and Priest team.

The meta favoured the double-healing from the Druid and Priest. With proper positioning, Druids excelled at supporting and crowd-controlling, which allowed them to shine in most situations.

The Mage from Grand Hegemony Union had already learnt the Transformation skill. Additionally, with the Thief, he could potentially pressure the enemy Priest to minimize their healing potential. Once the Priest was killed, the rest of their team stood no chance.

Obviously, this was all easier said than done.

"What information do you have for me?" Lu Li wasn’t interested in a match of such low calibre; he was more interested in how Water Fairy was going to thank him.

"Watch the game," Water Fairy said as she lifted her mask, revealing her soft and fair skin.

Lu Li had no choice but to continue watching.

Northern Tang Dream had a very agile and slim body. Her heavy and bulky Warrior armor did not slow her down at all, however, it did emphasize her exotic and wild beauty.

Her mechanics were decent, but far from that of a star player.

The stadium that housed more than 100,000 people was completely filled up. Most of these players weren’t interested in the game because they had come here to watch the valiant, yet attractive Northern Tang Dream.

Her popularity could be attributed to something called the Hot Girl Effect.

However, Lu Li’s attention was focused on the many mechanical errors, as well as mistakes that could have been capitalized on to seal the game by both teams.

He knew that if him and his team was in this match, it would’ve ended much earlier.

"Sigh, Northern Tang is my friend. If you’re not interested in these lower-calibre fights, at least pay some attention to the hot girl," Water Fairy said, knowing that Lu Li wasn’t happy.

Lu Li wasn’t interested in any girls, not by choice, but because he simply felt nothing towards these attractive ladies.

"Your friend can’t compete with you." In reality, Lu Li was comparing their PVP skills and hadn’t realise the underlying message that others could mistake this for.

"Uh…" Water Fairy glanced at him, not sure whether he was flirting with her or not.

"Oh no, his Charge is off cooldown. Sigh, does she not time the cooldown of skills?" Lu Li felt uneasy watching this match. Although he had started paying attention to the game, all he did was trash talk the players from both teams.

"Where do you think I rank amongst the top female players?" Water Fairy asked.

Although she always received compliments from others, she wanted to hear it from someone she respected, and was more than happy to hear what he had to say.

"No.1," Lu Li said without hesitating and added, "Because you’re calm, whereas other female players, including your two teammates, are too impatient."

He was referring to Deadly Green Orange and Star Baby. Since they were both expert players and had the Hot Girl Effect, they were considered to be star players by the community.

"Green and Baby are very good; it took me ages to find them." Water Fairy said.

"Don’t you have male players in your guild? Why not poach better male players from other guilds?" Lu Li asked without any malicious intent because he was simply having a casual conversation with her.

"We initially decided not to accept filthy… male players." Water Fairy realised she was sitting next to a filthy man and held back her insult.

"Oh," Lu Li replied, not realising what she had intended.

"Then, because we wanted to expand our guild, we had no other choice but to make exceptions for certain male players. However, in tournament settings, we only allow female players to represent Drizzle Court," Water Fairy said seriously.

"How lame…" Winning was key to making money, other than that, nothing else mattered.

"You’re boring," Water Fairy said with a death-stare. "Apologize. Otherwise, I’m not going to tell you what I was going to tell you."

"Oh, Sorry." Lu Li’s apology was very insincere and casual. However, since he was so thick-skinned, he didn’t care about what Water Fairy thought.

"Hmph." Water Fairy was speechless, but eventually gave up and said, "You previously mentioned something about inviting experts to join the guild. Would you be interested if I told you that there’s a terrific opportunity to add an expert to your guild?

"Expert?" Lu Li paused for a bit and asked, "Do you want to join Ruling Sword?"

"You wish," Water Fairy mumbled. "Who would want to join Ruling Sword? A bunch of noobs gathered together… you’d have to try much harder to get me to join."

Perhaps she was truly thankful that Lu Li had helped her join the Assassin Alliance, because she was much more tame with her insults.