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Chapter 468: An Outdated Contestant

Chapter 468: An Outdated Contestant
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"As long as it’s not you it’s fine. We have the same class; it’s a clash," Lu Li laughed.

"Quit joking." They weren’t great at joking around with each other. Water Fairy changed her mind and began to talk about business.

At this point, the gaming industry had a 200-year history and had become a mainstay in the entertainment industry.

Under the influence of some important figures, virtual gaming had finally become something of value and professional gamers began to find their place in the society.

Celebrity players not only received the same treatment as entertainment idols, but their income also increased greatly. More and more people were willing to join the industry and they achieved great results.

With the incoming of the new came the disqualification of the old; this was natural selection that worked in all industries.

The income of celebrity players was quite low at the start and rose as they grew stronger. However, after they grew older and their reaction time became more lethargic, their income also dropped.

If they were lucky, they could continue as a coach, but if not, they would have to stick with the money they had previously earned.

Most celebrity players were under a lot of pressure. They were used to their rich lifestyles, so after they retire, many of them faced a difficult life.

Moonlight had these kind of friends. A certain amount of his income was used to help them. Although he was famous and was known as Blood Demon, he actually had very little savings.

"Have you heard of Mu Qiu?" Water Fairy asked after some brief explanations about the disqualification of celebrity players.

"Mu Qiu…" Lu Li frowned.

"Don’t tell me you haven’t heard of Mu Qiu."

Water Fairy was caught by surprise. She expected Lu Li to be excited, and even considered whether she was going to give the player to him if he really wanted him.

"Of course I’ve heard of Mu Qiu," Lu Li said as he shook his head in confusion, "but you were talking about celebrity disqualification. Is Mu Qiu getting disqualified?"

Although he hadn’t played other games before, he was still familiar with the Paladin Mu Qiu. Not to mention, Mu Qiu had risen to fame in Dawn.

Before Dawn, Mu Qiu didn’t have much of a name for himself; he was only a second-class celebrity player.

He had the skill and the gaming sense, but he wasn’t stable. Most thought that his talent was restricted and that this was as high as he could climb.

However, after the first league tournament of Dawn, everyone would remember the name ‘Mu Qiu’. The player that sat in the substitute seat, the Paladin that changed the entire tide of the battle after he got a chance to jump on stage.

He was a healing Paladin who could attack, and was also the founder of the healing Paladin playstyle that revolved around critical strikes and damage reduction.

"Mu Qiu is looking for his next company, however, he didn’t level up his account correctly, so he didn’t even have a chance to show up in the Shadow Cup. He’s now in an elite team of Blood Red War Flag, but he can’t even make it into the top hundred," Water Fairy said.

"It’s his account…" Lu Li finally understood.

Mu Qiu had only entered the game a year after its release in his previous life. People only saw the glory of Mu Qiu, but as for his mistreatment, no one really noticed.

After all, this was Blood Red War Flag. It had a pretty decent reputation and it was rare for anyone to say bad things about the guild.

"Only a million. With the money I paid you last time, you’ll be able to have him. How does that sound? Are you interested?" Water Fairy asked; she was quite proud of herself.

Currently, Ruling Sword was in a pitiful position. Although they had won the Shadow Cup, the guild wasn’t viewed as too much of a significant existence in the outside world. They had a limited amount of master players, and only Lu Li and Moonlight were well known.

If this was an outdated celebrity player, or a real second-class celebrity player with no future, Lu Li might have shaken his head.

He wasn’t a charity donator and he wasn’t interested in taking in the weak.

However, if this was Mu Qiu...

"When can we talk about it? Contact him for me," Lu Li said up front.

Although Water Fairy was cold and proud, most celebrity players kept in contact with each other.

"Don’t you need to consider or discuss this with others?" Water Fairy was surprised by Lu Li’s decisiveness; he was even more decisive than she was.

"The competition ended. Your friend won," Lu Li didn’t answer her directly.

Grand Hegemony had won with a slight advantage, however, they still probably wouldn’t be able to make it into the top sixteen.

Of course, there was no way that they would just suddenly meet with each other. Lu Li needed to understand more about Mu Qiu’s situation, in case he doesn’t have enough information about him when they finally talked.

The three-year contract between Mu Qiu and Blood Red War Flag was already close to its expiry date.

Blood Red War Flag had registered even more celebrity players than Glory Capital. A young guild like Peerless City couldn’t compete against them.

There were plenty of others who could replace a second-class player like Mu Qiu.

Before the Shadow Cup, Blood Red War Flag had signed a contract with Wind Town.

In terms of raw skill, Wind Town wasn’t much better than Mu Qiu, but he was only seventeen this year!

For most famous celebrity players, seventeen-years-old was an age that they were jealous of. This meant that he had potential.

In the long run, he was much more important than Mu Qiu.

In reality, he had replaced the spot of Mu Qiu and became the third contestant that was on stage for Blood Red War Flag.

During the Shadow Cup, Mu Qiu had been removed from the main team and the same occurred for him during Magic Cup this time. He didn’t even manage to get a substitute position, since there were so many master gamers in Blood Red War Flag.

This was a shame for a celebrity player that had been around for so long.

With his own connections, Mu Qiu made his application towards a few clubs that he was interested in.

Blood Red War Flag didn’t intervene; it seemed like they silently permitted his action. After all, it wasn’t beneficial for them to keep around a celebrity player that costed them a fortune but had no future.

"What level is he?" Lu Li asked at the end.

"Level 31, slightly under leveled. Apparently, he’s too busy figuring out his techniques. However, he’s quite cheap; only a million," Water Fairy shrugged. She wasn’t very responsible.

"Only a million…" Lu Li smiled bitterly.

Was a million not money at all? Most people didn’t have a million.

If it wasn’t for the fact that he had given out some shares, he wouldn’t even be able to pay Moonlight and March Rain. No matter how great they were as friends, it wasn’t right if he didn’t pay them at least a million.

"Should be fine for around a year or two. If you guys make it into the top three of Magic Cup, you’ll earn the money back." Water Fairy was truly considering this for Lu Li’s benefit. A celebrity player who wasn’t too famous or too bad would be very suitable for Ruling Sword, a guild that was quite poor and barely had anything.

"Thanks for this time. In the future…" Lu Li was about to slap her on the shoulder, but he held back his hands.

He had almost forgotten that he was talking to a girl…