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Chapter 469: A Strong Substitute

Chapter 469: A Strong Substitute

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Mu Qiu picked his clubs carefully.

There was no way he’d consider the clubs that had no future, for example, Star Moon Union and the Imperial Secret Service, regardless of how much money they gave him. This was because he still had expectations; he was still hoping to return to the competitions one day.

As for Drizzle Court, Mu Qiu never planned for Water Fairy to sign a contract with him. Everyone knew how the female only club worked.

Apparently, Stellar Union Silver Radiant from Azure Guard had tried to join the circle of girls in the past, but was turned down by them. They even told him that he would have to go to Thailand first to be considered, and also claimed that they were going to check if he was "cleaned" appropriately after he came back…

When Mu Qiu contacted Water Fairy, he had already set his gaze upon Ruling Sword.

Didn’t the others all say that the two were a couple? Things would be easier with Water Fairy’s help.

Water Fairy did in fact achieve what he wanted – Lu Li invited Mu Qiu over to his place for talk. This was the first time that he had invited a guest, but compared to meeting in a bar, this was a better display of his sincere attitude.

Water Fairy had a lot of time to kill so she came along as well.

When she first saw Lu Li’s home, she opened her mouth and asked, "How much?"

Lu Li sighed discreetly; wasn’t it tiring to always repeat the same line? He was curious what kind of family had raised such a beautiful, yet, strange flower.

Without a doubt, Water Fairy’s beauty was her greatest weapon; it was hard for people to dislike her.

After she set foot on the island, Water Fairy felt like she wanted the place even more. She had spent 6000 gold coins on her little castle in Stormwind City, which was already a very extravagant place, but compared to this island, it didn’t seem so great anymore.

"I bought this for my sister." With one sentence, Lu Li temporarily settled Water Fairy’s desires.

Soon, Water Fairy saw the sister that Lu Li talked about. She was a little girl in her teens, and a bunch of children followed behind her as they chased after an almost invisible fairy.

The little fairy was the "national treasure" of Danassus. The average players would usually stay away from it.

However, the fairy that was being chased didn’t feel offended. It elegantly dodged and weaved, flying fast and slow as it teased the foolish kids.

"No way! You have this many siblings?" Water Fairy was amazed.

She was a single child and her parents were also single children. Even her grandparents didn’t have many siblings.

"Only the one at the front wearing a skirt is my sister." Lu Li was quite shocked himself too.

Things were still fine when he had left in the afternoon. He had left his sister to read some books, plant some flowers and nap for a bit if she was tired. He was only gone for about half a day and their home had became an orphanage?

Yes, these children were orphans.

There was one of them that Lu Li was actually very familiar with – Little Becky from Rattan City. She pounced forward in an attempt to catch the little fairy in the bushes. Unfortunately, the fairy evaded her. Although she landed on the floor, she didn’t cry and got up again while laughing.

Lu Li had spoken about these orphans before with his sister, and they both felt very sorry for them.

He hadn’t expected Lu Xin to bring them from Stormwind City for a visit.

"So they’re orphans. Your sister is very nice." Water Fairy quickly recognized these children – after all, they were different from real humans.

"Xin Xin!" Lu Li shouted.

Lu Xin turned her head to see her brother. She was about to jump into her brother’s lap, but after she saw Water Fairy and Mu Qiu, she changed her mind and attempted to walk to him like a lady.

It was the first time she had seen Lu Li bring a female friend with him, let alone to bring her back home.

"This is Mu Qiu, this is Water Fairy…" Lu Li introduced as he held onto his sister; her curiosity was too obvious.

"Water… Water Fairy… So is it really like what the others say? You guys are…" Lu Xin gasped as she covered her mouth in shock.

We are?

Lu Li and Water Fairy were confused. They were both players who blocked out most of their channels and focused on playing the game. At the same time, most people didn’t run their mouths about gossip in front of them.

As for Lu Xin, she was too bored.

Her passion for working at the potion store had begun to fade, and she had also been banned by Lu Li and her doctors from interacting too much with others. All she could do was read books and plant flowers, but in her spare time, she also enjoyed browsing forums.

If there was any news about Lu Li, she paid a great amount of attention.

Because of what had happened in the past with the treasure map, everyone spread words about the couple, so it was only natural that Lu Xin knew about it too. She even spent time to look up Water Fairy, but she didn’t expect to see the real person with her own eyes.

They were? Of course, she wanted to ask if they were dating.

Lu Li had even brought Water Fairy home. Had they already reached this stage?

"What’s with the pout?" Lu Li said as he pinched his sister’s cheek. "Go bring me some fruit wine for our guests."

Lu Xin ran underground to bring some drinks and desserts while Lu Li brought Mu Qiu and Water Fairy to a summer house located in the center of the island. This was where he brought his guests.

"I’ve heard of the situation from her.Are you interested in Ruling Sword?"

Lu Li didn’t waste time to beat around the bush; he wasn’t the type. Square Root 3 was the type to go around in circles; he had a thing about proceeding with care and order.

"That would depend on the sincerity of Ruling Sword. What position can I get after I join Ruling Sword? Although I’m twenty-five this year, I’m not interested in being a coach, a sparring partner or a trainer for new players," Mu Qiu said then quickly added, "Peerless City asked me to join them as a sparring partner for the price of two million. I declined."

Two million for a celebrity player to join them as a sparring partner – it seemed like the rumors were true of Peerless City receiving a huge investment.

They probably weren’t impressed about their current position and were ready to challenge the seat of the champion.

"Our club was only formed quite recently. Currently, only myself, Moonlight and March Rain are treated like professional contestants. We’ve also had two new players join us, so there are no spots available in our main team. However, if you can come, you’ll at least be a strong substitute." Lu Li clearly stated his intentions; he didn’t give out false promises.

"Only a substitute?"

Mu Qiu didn’t expect this result – from what he predicted, Ruling Sword barely had any master gamers.

What made Lu Li think that March Rain would be a better healer than himself? Although, perhaps he couldn’t compare himself to March Rain. After all, this was a girl who stood on the champion stage of Shadow Cup. But what was with the two new players?

Of course, he had full respect for legend like Moonlight.

Mu Qiu and Moonlight were from the same generation. A few years ago, they had both entered the gaming industry, and after some hard work, they had both risen to their own fame.

However, Moonlight was one of the best professional gamers, while he was only a second string.