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Chapter 470: Professional PVP Player

Chapter 470: Professional PVP Player
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Apart from Moonlight, March Rain and White Westhill also performed well in the battle against Glory Capital. Priests were extremely crucial in 5v5 PVP battles because they provide AOE healing, unlike healing Paladins. The rest of the team consisted of Fat Monkey and Sakura Memories, who was a Shaman that had already learned Lifesteal.

The current meta in group PVP favoured Priests and Mages over Paladins and Warriors.

Looking at the top teams, almost every team contained at least one ranged, magic-damaging class such as a Mage or a Warlock. Other teams contained unorthodox magic classes such as Shadow Priests or Elemental Shamans.

The only other Shaman in the game that had already learnt Lifesteal was Empty from Glory Capital.

Even though Sakura Memories’ mechanics were mediocre, she would still be a major threat in PVP because of her Lifesteal ability.

"I see…" Mu Qiu said, unable to mask his disappointment.

Everyone wanted to join a team that was favoured to win the championship.

No one wanted to be in a team of noobs. He had contacted several other guilds and many had turned him down.

"You’ll have opportunities to sub in for our Shaman because she’s quite unfamiliar with PVP," Lu Li bluntly said, unafraid to reveal the weaknesses of his team.

Sakura Memories was a level grinder and had only recently entered the PVP scene.

Although she had a lot of talent and potential compared to other players, she was still far off from the other professional PVP players.

In reality, Lu Li didn’t need to sign another star player.

However, he was recruiting him for the future of the guild. PVP teams would be very beneficial for guilds in the future, and a team of five players was not enough to dominate the PVP scene.

For future tournaments, such as the Dawn Professional League, a team of at least eight to nine players was required to dominate.

Besides, Mu Qi offered a lot for them in terms of PVP. He was professional, dedicated and had great potential. He had yet to find his playstyle as of now, however, Lu Li could see the potential in him waiting to be developed.

"I just want to be in a tournament. I don’t care what it costs, as long as I get to fight on stage," Mu Qiu sighed.

Unfortunately, he had to be the one that was cut from the group.

"I heard that there will be many opportunities for large scale PVP tournaments at the end of the year," Lu Li revealed in an attempt to encourage him. Water Fairy was surprised that Lu Li already knew about this.

She had only recently heard about this from her various sources and connections. The development team had only recently begun discussing the possibility of holding a large-scale tournament. How did Lu Li know about this already?!

Lu Li was a nobody in real life and had no connection with the developers of Dawn. He only knew because of his rebirth.

At the end of the year, the tournament committee involved in hosting the Shadow Cup, Magic Cup and other tournaments would work together to host the first season of the Dawn Professional League. Because of the increase in the popularity of MMORPGs, the Dawn Professional League would surpass major tournaments such as the NBA and the Asia Cup as the most-viewed tournament in the world.

"What do you mean?" Mu Qiu didn’t understand him and Water Fairy was curious as well.

"Currently, the Shadow Cup and Magic Cup are only hosted in 3v3 or 5v5 settings. However, in future tournaments, more players will be involved in each fight. As such, we will need PVP players to fill the roster and when the opportunity arises, you’ll be on the starting team for Ruling Sword. When that time comes, I’ll sign you for $1 million," Lu Li said.

"Ok. I don’t mind if the salary is less." Mu Qiu could tell that Lu Li was being serious.

"It’s only one million; why would you want less than that?" Water Fairy was displeased with Lu Li’s lowball offer.

Although Water Fairy was a cold-hearted business woman, the PVP scene was where she had made a name for herself. As such, she couldn’t help but empathize with other professional PVP players, and Lu Li’s offer made her very uncomfortable.

"Let me finish." Lu Li was angry because he had been cut off halfway.

He felt betrayed because of the assumptions that Water Fairy had made.

"…." Water Fairy pouted and remained quiet.

"One million might be too low. How about $1.8 million?" When Mu Qiu was signed to Blood Red War Flag, he had received a salary of $1.5 million, which was considered to be quite high among the top PVP players.

Although Lu Li was a good person, he wasn’t stupid with his money and knew how to spend it well. The offer he made was at the right price – not too low and not too high.

Even if he had offered less than $1 million, Mu Qiu would have let go of his pride and accepted. However, he would forever hold that grudge and one day, would use it as a leverage against Lu Li when he performed well. Then, it would make sense for him to request an absurd amount of money when his contract expired. If this happened, Lu Li would end up losing even more money in the long run.

With the increased offer, Mu Qiu felt more than happy to accept it.

"Although I feel like you’re worth more than this, Ruling Sword is still a newly-developed guild, so we don’t have the funds to sign you to a bigger contact. My brother, I’m sorry, but this is all I can offer. I believe that you’ll make everyone regret not signing you to their team," Lu Li said as he put his arms around him.

"Ruling Sword might not have the funds," Water Fairy interrupted abruptly, "but I do…"

Lu Li ignored her.

"Ok, my contract with Blood Red War Flag expires in a couple of days. They’re not looking to re-sign me, so I’m more than happy to come here," Mu Qiu said as he stood up and held out his hand for a handshake. "From today onwards, I’m a member of Ruling Sword."

Although Blood Red War Flag didn’t have the cleanest track record, they were still a guild that preached fairness and justice. They wouldn’t make it difficult for Mu Qiu, even if he wanted to leave.

"Let me notify Square Root Three about this. You should pack your things and go to Gangnam City; there will be someone there to help you settle in," Lu Li said.

"Gangnam City?" Water Fairy was surprised, as if she had just heard a secret. She wasn’t aware that Lu Li lived so close to her.

"Ok. I’ll be there tomorrow." Mu Qiu had mixed feelings, but expressed his excitement to join the new guild.

"Here’s to a bright future for Ruling Swords," Lu Li cheered as he raised his wine cup.

Once, he was a teenager that roamed the streets of the Scum District, begging others for money in order to survive. Once, he was an older brother that worked day and night to provide for his sister’s medical bill. Now, that same man had turned into a leader with a thirst for success and victory.

Water Fairy subconsciously raised her cup as well and cheered.

After finishing the wine, she realised that she had just cheered for something that was completely unrelated to her.